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Arrest Warrant Will Negatively Affect Neigbouring Countries, By: Mona Al-Bashir
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Aug 10, 2008 - 9:07:10 AM

Arrest Warrant Will Negatively Affect Neigbouring Countries,
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Salva Kiir Tells US Envoy


By: Mona Al-Bashir


US Special Envoy to Sudan initiated his visit by meeting First Vice President, Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit where they discussed the situations in Abyei, Darfur issue, and the ICC Prosecutor Generalís decision. First Vice President told the US Special Envoy that the arrest warrant for President Al-Bashir is not for the benefit of Sudan

and the CPA besides it negative reflections on the neighbouring countries which live instability; adding that the issue requires a deep study over the ICC decision.
On his response to US Envoy question on the situation in Abyei, Salva said that the GoNU formed an administration to the area and the citizens started their voluntary return affirming that the local administration will be formed besides the deployment of police forces to keep the security and stability in the area.
For his part, US Envoy, Richard Williamson affirmed that Washington is not part in any decision issued by the ICC over Sudan.
Williamson considered the presidential decree to form an interim administration for Abyei as a positive indication to resolve the problem, but at the same time he asked about the arrangements for the return of the IDPs and the relief operations for those affected.
US Envoy expressed appreciation of President Bush to the wisdom of CPA partners in overcoming Abyei crisis and containment of the tension that took place recently.
He disclosed that he discussed with the First Vice President the developments in Darfur and the efforts exerted to arrange for political dialogue to resolve the crisis affirming that he will visit during the coming days each of Juba, Abyei and Darfur.
It is to be noted that the US Special Envoy to Sudan arrived in Khartoum Yesterday in his second visit which will last for one week.
Sudanese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ambassador Ali Al-Sadiq stated that the visit of the includes intensive meting with the Sudanese officials, visits to Juba, Abyei and Darur.
He affirmed that the return of the US Special Envoy to Sudan means USA acceptance to Abyei road map and resumption of the talks over normalization of relations between Khartoum and Washington.

Ali Al-Sadiq expressed hope that the US Envoy has come this time with proposals which will assist in relationsí normalization



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