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Arop Pledges to Restore Confidence Between Messeriya and Dinka By: Al-Sammani Awadallah / Mona Al-Bashir
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Aug 12, 2008 - 9:23:03 AM

Arop Pledges to Restore Confidence Between Messeriya and Dinka



By: Al-Sammani Awadallah / Mona Al-Bashir


Head of Abyei Interim Administration, Arop Moyik pledged to work hard and cooperate with all citizens to restore the peace coexistence in Abyei besides developing the area. Arop, in his first statement after his appointment, told Sudan Vision that the decree represents an honour to him and will lead to restore the confidence in the area to achieve the required development.

He affirmed that the Dinka and Messeriya are citizens of the same area and were living in coexistence for decades, but the politicians created the tensions in the area.
Arop added that the relations between Dinka and Messeriya are extended relations affirming that he will work in harmony with his deputy Rahama Abdul Rahman to remove all the obstacles which resulted to the non-confidence between Al-Messeriya and Dinka.
He pointed out that the Administration will form in the coming few days its structure in accordance to Abyei Protocol, affirming that the council of the area will be chaired by one of the area’s sons who belongs to the NCP.
Arop disclosed that he will conduct intensive consultations with citizens, leadership in the area to find out their views over the administration formation calling for patience in order to achieve the aspired goals.
A number of Messeryia leaders have welcomed the republican decree appointing Arop Moyak as chairman of Abyei administration and Rahama Abdul Rahaman as his deputy. The leaders regarded the decree as a crucial step and indication for an ultimate solution for the crisis of the region.
General Fadel Allah Burma Nasir, a leader of Messeriya and prominent figure in Umma party, said that they welcome the formation of the administration because the region has suffered and is still suffering insecurity. He added that we want an administration that would truly represent all residents, stressing the importance of actual existence of the people of the region in the would-be executive authority so that reconciliation could be achieved.
Nasir added that if representation is ideally made, no doubt it will have positive impacts on the interests of the people of the region. He calls on the new administration to work hard, considering the rights of the people of the region.
For his part, Mohammad Omar Al-Ansari, a leader of Messeryia too, welcomed the decree, which he regarded as an indication in the right way and a real phase for existence between the people of the region, affirming that solution of the issue of Abyei would be in the hands of its own people, without any intervention from other parties.
He said that we would surprise all parties by the solution, adding that they would owe the government of the national unity a favor so they would live in peaceful coexistence by inking the document of coexistence.
Al-Ansari, Chairman of Abyei Liberation Front, declared that the name of his front has been changed to ' Abyei Development Front'. He said the front will endeavor to realize economic, social and human development, vowing ' no more arms'.
NCP responsible of Abyei file, Al-Dirdiri Mohammad Ahmed, it's a long waiting step, but now we can confidently say we finally pass this obstacle in the way of implementation of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). He described the step as a considerable achievement, regardless of being late.
Al-Dirdiri explained that the new administration has two weeks left to form the executive authority and the council of Abyei. He affirmed that the two parties agreed yesterday on the general bases to form the two councils, something helps in appointing the chairman of Abyei administration and his deputy within the period of time agreed upon, pointing out that the administration will assume its executive responsibilities today. The way has been paved for its work by establishing a financial fund for unity and development where large amounts of money are allocated and joint forces are deployed in the area to realize security. Thus, the administration is ready to implement the implement the Abyei protocol in accordance with its texts so that the people of Abyei can benefit from peace.
Al-Dirdiri said NCP will name today the foreign experts, agreed upon, to commence implementation and represent it in ICC in the Huge. He declared that a delegation will leave on Friday for the Huge to file the names of the arbitrators of each party.
For his part, Luka Biong, Presidency Minister of GoSS revealed that the two parties agreed that three out of the five administrators will be from SPLM and the other two will be from NCP, pointing out that the administrators will be from Dinka Ngok and the executive authority will be formed in accordance with the texts of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA): 20 members, 12 from SPLM and 8 from NCP, four of them from Dinka Ngok, the executive authority chaired by SPLM representative.
Biong said that appointment of the administration will be carried out according to certain manipulation of suspended issues and activation of issues of distribution of wealth in the region.
The republican decree on appointment of Abyei administration came in culmination of a series of successive meetings of the joint Political and Executive Committee throughout the last week and consultations conducted at the levels of the presidency of the republic.
Arop Moyak the new chairman of Abyei administration, occupies the post of deputy DDR commissioner. He is from Dinka Nigok in Abyei. Being SPLA leader, Moyak is widely accepted among both Dinka and Messeryia.
Rahama Al-Noor, deputy chairman of the Administration of Abyei, is the NCP president in Abyei. He is a leader of Messeriya in Abyei.



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