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Alsalkeen Charitable Organization General Secretary. /By Al Sammani Awadallah
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Aug 4, 2007 - 12:03:20 AM


Alsalkeen Charitable Organization General Secretary .


Alsalkeen has established 802 mosques .


Relief and Da awa Convoys named after Late Majzoub Al Khalifa sent to Sudan states .


A Five -year plan for poverty eradication projects .  


By Al Sammani Awadallah



National charitable organizations have been doing great jobs and participated greatly in development and services in areas of catastrophes .

Alsalkeen charitable organization established in 1995 and since then has been building mosques and medical centers .


The following is an interview with the Director General of Alsalkeen charitable organization, Osman Abdel Gadir Al Fadni

He affirmed that the organization is planning to send some convoys in the memory of Dr. Majzoub Al Khalifa .


Q : Firstly tell us about Alsalkeen charitable organization and its efforts in the field of charitable work .

A: It is one of the voluntary organizations which work in humanitarian domains in different Sudan states. It has constructed 802 mosques, and will continue to increase the number to 1706 .

The organization is currently implementing 10 charitable schemes in memory of Dr. Majzoub Al Khalifa who sponsored the schemes of since its establishment until his death .


The organization has sent a big convoy to River Nile State , and now caravans are underway to Sennar, and White Nile States to assist the victims of the flood stricken areas. In the coming days, a big convoy containing food stuff will be sent to the victims of flood in Sennar and White Nile States . The total cost of these convoys is a billion SDG whereas presidential advisor, Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie contributed greatly and so did Al Zakat chamber which extended assistance also .

In the second project for Dr Majzoub Al Khalifa, 100 mosques will be furnished and equipped with solar energy, 100 production means which include mills, sewing machines, and pastries machines will be distributed to the needy. These projects will be executed during this year .

Now another big project is being executed in memory of Dr. Majzoub Al Khalifa and it includes Islamic complex which contains Khalawi for memorizing holy Koran, small complexes for lodging students and a big conference hall .


Also in the memory of Dr. Majzoub Al Khalifa, a 3 billion SDG project will be implemented which will contains inauguration of 10 mosques and 10 medical centers in Sennar State .

In this respect, I would like to thank governor of Sennar State Engineer Ahmed Abbas, Minister of Social Affairs Khidir Osman, General secretary of Al Zakat chamber at Sennar state Abdel Hakim Ali .


Q:   Has the organization set plans for health and other charitable schemes ?


A:   We have a 5 -year well controlled plan which covers a number of States, that will start at the beginning of the new year to include services projects in cooperation with the Al Zakat Chamber and other concerned parties involved in development and service projects .

The organization focuses rural and peripheral areas where development and services projects contribute to productivity and hence the social welfare .


Q: Do you coordinate with the Voluntary Organizations operating   in Sudan ?


A:   There is much coordination with many charity organizations, such as Al-Munhal Organization   for Social Development, Al-Hoda   Society for Quran and Al-Ghaith Charity Organization. We coordinate with them on a number of development and social service projects .

We are still endeavoring to coordinate with more domestic and foreign organizations. At present we have coordination with the Kuwaiti International Charity Organization, Sudan Office .


Q: Does your Organization receive any domestic or external support ?


A: There are some quarters that extend support, particularly from the Kingdom of Bahrain , such as the Charitable Work Committee, Reformation Society, Education Society and the Islamic Society .

Some Kuwaiti parties also support us, such as the Zakat House, Shiekh Abdallah Alnori Society, the International Islamic Corporation and the Islamic Heritage Rival Society. Some Qatari organizations also contribute to our projects as well .

We likewise receive much support from benevolent Sudanese   individuals .


Q: Does the Organization sponsor orphans? and what is the number if any ?


A:   The Organization now sponsors 300 orphans from many Sudanese States.   In cooperation with the Al Zakat Chamber, one hundred out of the said number will be provided with production means to turn them contributors   to   development rather than dependent on social benefit or aid .

Moreover, we are striving to increase the number of orphans accommodated up to 500 in our 5 -year plan .

Within the scope of orphans support, we have distributed school bags to orphan student in the peripheries of Khartoum State , in addition to small gifts to 50 others .

We would like to extend our gratitude to Al Zakat Chamber Projects Director, Abdul Rahman on behalf of the Chamber, for their contribution to the implementation of many social service projects, particularly handicapped and orphans support schemes .


Q: How would you like to comment while wrapping up this dialogue ?


A: I would like to address the benevolent parties at home and abroad to contribute to the Orphans Sponsorship Projects .

Our headquarters is at Block ( 9 ) Jabra Residential Quarter, Khartoum and we are ready to give advice and guidance on how to approach the issue in any of the Sudanese States .  

We hope to see much more Sudanese contribution as at present the said 300 orphans are sponsored by foreign parties, particularly benevolent ladies .


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