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A GIFT OF STRUGGLE By: Agok Anyar Madut and Mayiik Ayii Deng
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Jul 14, 2006 - 7:09:00 PM



Agok Anyar Madut and

Mayiik Ayii Deng



History the world over is made and written by human being and its existence as well needs the oversight of its makers.

Revolutions stormed the world from France in Europe to North America and the rest of the world took the same means to achieve there freedom and for these revolutions to succeed they had to be led by visionary leaders like Napoleon Bonaparte in France, Gen. George Washington, Rhode Cicely and the North Vietnam we have Ho Chi Min. These Leaders led their Countries out of the York of oppressors.


Many African Leaders who led there Countries to Political independence from there colonizers were selfless leaders who did put the interest of there people before there own interest these, made them to be highly respected and venerated across Africa not only in there Homelands.


Other Countries went further on how to remember there Leaders and these countries are United States of America, Vietnam, etc, they decided that it is not enough to proclaim there Leaders like Washington and Ho Chi Min just Heroes but they moved a step ahead and name Cities after them and declare them the Political capital and develop them to its status of a Capital.


SPLM/A fought a long protracted and destructive civil war for 23 years, which led to lost of many lives, Refuges, IDPs. Col.Dr. John Garang de Mabior who painstakingly led these historic struggles never lived to realize its fruition went he lost his life in the Museveni’s chopper just three weeks after his heroic entry to Khartoum.


Prof.John Mbigu a Religion Scholar once stated that Famous Leaders are living death went they die and therefore Col.Dr. John Garang de Mabior is a living death within the life of the Sudanese people. As followers of such a great son of Africa as stated by Kalonzo Musyoka during his funeral, we do add our voices to that of like mines to make Chairman Garang the leader that will remain in the mines of folks as that greatest of all given to us by God of the Sudanese people.


Fellow Compatriot and Patriot, lets standup and make our legendary Leader Chairman Garang the great to for ever remain with us and our geography. The Leaders of SPLM/A lets be counted in making the history of our Leader move to higher level.


In making Dr Garang a legend for generation to come, we have a suggestion that a place (RAMCHIL) be established and name after him i.e. Garang City and the Government should move and make it a political Capital of the South Sudan with no any tribal claim to it not even the family as Chairman Garang was above them.


SPLA did name so many bridges and streams in South Sudan after its Commanders. Therefore, naming a City after our greatest Leader in the modern time can be of a greater respect to his struggle than groaning in nostalgic.


Dr. Garang a larger than life military cum Politician deserve more than just a nine gun salute but a more ever lasting remembrance because a person of his characterization is a rare species in this World of paranoid Politicians. Dr. Garang stands shoulder – to – shoulder along Wartime Leaders like Gen. Washington, Sir. Winston Churchill, Gen. Lafayette, Gen.MacArthur, nearer home Dr.Garang is a comrade who can stand with Leaders like Dr.Mondalane, Machel, Dr.Juluis Kamberage Nyerere, Dr. Milton Apollo Obote and Mzee Jomo Kenyatta who stood against the Politics of Divide and rule practiced by the Colonial Masters and Champion there respective Countries to Independence. However, In Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, Dr.Garang had the patience and will and zeal to Command and lead his compatriot for the last 23 years of the most deadly war ever fought on African soil.


Not only that, Dr.Garang had had a rare eloquence on how to explain the reason for an arm struggle in the Sudan and the ultimate creation of a New Sudan thereafter. Therefore, these characters are not common it comes once after many generations. The French had Charles de Gaulle, Ugandan Museveni, Japanese Kozuima, Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser and Amilcar Cabra of Guinea Bissau among others stood fame and let their Nation to achieve a goal for there prosperity.


Comrades, Ladies and gentlemen, Dr Garang the great is a Leader that the Sudanese will remember in eternity just like the Unification champion of the United States of America President Abraham Lincoln.


Given the above noble vision that the late Leader had for his Nation- State, the Region and the Continent in general, SPLM/A and all the Peace loving South Sudanese in particular, we ask you to stand and be counted in uplifting the name of our Great Leader Comrade Col.Dr John Garang de Mabior as he once said “like Rams who wants to fight, they move backward to gain a momentum before they lock horns” Lets reflect and discuss in sobriety this idea of making him remain in our hearts for ever.  


Agok Madut can be reach at [email protected]

Mayiik Deng can be reach at [email protected]








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