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Dr.Lam Acol Ajawien: A Deadly Antagonistic Personality.By/ Bol Gak

3/31/2006 6:53 pm

March 28, 2006

By/ Bol Gak

Within the growing sense of apprehension about the future the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the Minister of Exterior, Dr. Lam akol visited some Western contries including the United States to represent the Sudanese political relations.During his visit the Minister showed a sign of despair and gripe to the Sudanese people in general and to the Sudan People Liberation Movement ( SPLM) in particular, ignored and debated against the rights of the people of Darfur and all the marginalized areas. As a well known person, he is tragically lethal, nobody could anticipate his malice. Dr. Lam’s vision to the problem that let him to the bush put him in a position of an incessant oppositions, he opposed the U.S diplomatic relation with Southern Sudan. He opposed the appointment of (SPLM) candidates to the Sudan Embassies around the world.Dr. Lam ignored or he does not know that the political system in Sudan is a confederal in its half where the new rules are practicing in the Southern part of the old Sudan.

The U.S president, G.W.Bush realized that the Sudanese may loose the (CPA), he invited Mrs. Rebecca John Garang the first lady of the New Sudan, to the White House to discuss the political development in the country, but Dr. Lam, is known as a man, of no room in politics, whose personality when evaluated, is just a vacuous wimp, odious as psychopathic that leads him no where but cross-roads, he puzzled interrogatively complaining with jealous: “who allowed Rebacca to visit the White House to speak as she did?”
Despite my limited knowledge on Lam Akol,what I observed about him is quite an odium, however, the interdisciplinary of previous open letter by the (SPLM) members to the vice president Dr. Riak Machar and president Salfa Kiir to terminate him, press him to resign or expose his weakness to the public was a good move a way to go so that peace process could be better off without Lam Ajawien.To my awareness in following up the (SPLA/M) liberation theme for the problem of the Sudan, from a to z there was no single national purpose or clear vision about the entire problem of the Sudan and is partial problem of the South that proved Dr. Lam as genuine leader.the man has been a problem that attracted all kinds of political problem around him, nor does he differentiate thing as a PhD holder? But he kept conspiring against his own people. The question, is, does Lam really has a political experience? Yes, but null and void,follow me: Dr. Lam political basis is clear and conflicted, he began as a member of the Sudan African congress (SAC) which was formed by honorable University doctors, amongst them was doctor Kuanijok Peter Nut, and many others.Eventually,Dr.Lam joined the (SAC) and began a conflict as to whether to build the party or immediately participates in the third democratic elections.He won the idea of participation, and to that he could be a determining factor at any time. Akol did not collaborate over his atrocious feelings to know that his party was a part of National Action Movement (NAM) which was established by Southern Sudanese commanders in the national army, one of the the founders was Dr. John Garang , the purpose was to work underground actively to take the action on surface in Khratoum or Juba.But during the activity of the Anya nya II centered in Nasir, one of four Towns: Bor, Aweil, and Rumbek, Jafar Nemiery labeled them with “ red circles” in the map and described them as the most dangerous areas that threatening his government. That was true and vowed that they must be destroyed. Nemiery targated Bor first and attacked it immediately by the army coming from Juba. “ I am clarifying the how the liberation movement was formed and how it became an ideal that Dr. Ajawien wants to destroy it.” The resistance by Karbino Kuanyin commander of Anya nya I unit in Bor, was a mighty when students and citizens joined him to resist and defend the elimination of the Town.
Occasionaly, people marched away including late Dr. John,who was present in the location on vacation. A massive mutiny occurred everywhere in the South followed by marginalized areas, leading to creation of training bases in Billfam and Itang in Ethiopia. Efforts were made to unite the forces of Anya nya I & II and all the forces of Nuba mountains, Darfur, and Easten Sudan, under the commander of Dr. John. Garang. All these randome unites transformed into (SPLM/A) to wage the armed sruggle. The goal was to solve the entire problem of the Sudan , problem of identity, marginalization,ignorance, poverty, and slavery under the symbol of unity justice and equality. Dr. John Garang established a strong concrete movement, rooted deeply to the history of the Sudanese people, the history of the Nile Valley, the movement became attractive all over the country.

Thus, the movement considered and valued the marginalized areas as part of the whole, those who had been fighting the central government, in particular, Nuba Mountains, Darfur and Eastern Sudan ( Beja ) Lam tried to ignore them, were integral parts of the Sudanese people, pinned dawn the South to pull away, meant, the problem of South is a problem of whole Sudan,of the center. Can anyone be a problem to himself? For this reason, the (SPLM) stipulated the Sudan African Nation Union ( SANU) of martyr William Deng Nhial, from which the (NAM) came out too.Then, Dr. Garang entered the bush loaded with the principles and perceptivity of the Sudan problem, having an advancement over Suoth Sudan problem or any part of the country. Once the (SPLM/A) became strong and souning good, it stimulated Lam to join in after 4 years with expression that the movement was not Dr. Garang, but principle, that he did not have, despite his own perception as an open minded to recruit his own people, if he did not realize he lost his pedigree among them, as he was known to have recruiting politicians in Kharatoum to the movement, I wander who they were? Could Lam wind the election amongst the Shuluk people if he competes with Pagan or Oyai or any body else?

But, Lam through his appointment by Dr.John,won the position to Politico-Military High Command. The reason might be because of his educational caliber to assist the movement in a distinctive capacity vision of the coplex non-combatant war strategy, and to collaborate to build the struggle rather then to destroy or degenerating it. Now, what the Sudanese people would anticipate from Lam in his membership in the (SPLM/A)? As became so, he started a conflict with his collegues in the High Command circle. He kept raising the destructive points such as democratization in the guerilla movement, and formation of the administrative cabinet, which meant a government of ministers.Occasionally, Dr. Lam was well aware these points were not applicable in a non-combatant war, but he odiously wanted to destroy it than reformed it and submitted to the (INF) government! Having antagonistic controversial thinking, Dr. Lam did not succeed in the movement. Being innovative like others and at the same time created the instability and confusion within the movement that was not established as parliament panel of center-addicting political debate under a tree which was actually for commanding the war. It was a war zone and Lam should have gone to fight.

Facing the reality, as he experienced the failure in the movement, he was appointed a zonal commander in the Northern Upper Nile, but, he ordered the (SPLA) soldiers to go home. And they did. When the most of them entered Jebellen they had been killed buy the (INF) government which was gaining the momentum in 1989. Lam failed as a commander and failed as an administrator. So, the remaining post is the current Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Is he succeeding? In the movement, and in what he called the cabinet,Dr. Lam was given sposibility he likes most to mess around. The post was a vigorous task that tested the man political maturity, success, leadership and reliability.

When the wind of change in the international political system occurred, Lam visited some western countries 1990,he met with Dr. Ali Al hag of (INF) who was very fame in buying the spirits, in Oslo –Norway they were seen depicted together very happy as if beyond them top secret agreement was done. And when the national Democratic Alliance (NDA) prepared the Manofesto,he was sent to Cairo with Dr. Mansour Khalid to correct the Manofesto and to declared the membership of movement in the (NDA) to sustain the Unity of the Sudanese People. It was clear that Lam had no interest to sign the opposition document. The next day, he went secretly to the American Embassy in Cairo for un expected visit to the U.S ambassador to ask for the support, because he wanted to change the movement. When the ambassador asked him how he will do it? He said: ”by coup.” Was that easy to execute? Thus Lam’s motivation was a deadly conspiracy as he declared the coup. It was a massive grave in his announcement of separation. He said through his interview in radio BBC : if John Garang does not step down, there will be bloodshed! And it was. It was easy for him to mobilize innocent Nuer people, including his friend Dr. Riak Machar, Dr.Lam wanted to rule in that nasty way. But, what next since that never worked.Following his announcement, he wanted to use his mind but he could not. He took long under their factious partition, the so called “Nasir Faction” to organize and set the purposes, objectives, goals, and viable strategy. Instead, they came out a dull, ill-considered organization, full of confusion and high degree of atrocity. This Malfunctioned organization was known as The Southern Sudan Independent Movement (SSIM/A). But puzzed and confused, he did not collaborate with DR. Riak to promote their (SSIM) either, instead he ran a conflict with him. This resulted in his defected to INF and established what he called (SPLM/A) United, under the government support to fight the mainstream (SPLA) under Dr. Garang.

It was beyond anybody thinking to hear that it was the INF, that support them to fight the mainstream as the government promised them to be given the south if they won over mainstream! I do not want to excite the gripe but Lam must be accountable by the Sudanese people during the interim period. The United group cam back to government as they suffered shame on them as they failed to bring about the peace in the south. In that Dr. Riak went back to SPLA when the rest of the united group SPLA soldiers were killed. They were clever to come in when the CPA is materializing.

Based on all these decisions, the question are how and why Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin appointed as minister of foreign affairs in the central government? If his alliance with the government to execute one more thing that he failed to do before CPA. Dr. Lam termination must be affirmed because in this case it’s not with the SPLM. SPLM has enough candidates, more qualified for foreign affairs job. Examples include Commanders: Yasir Arman, Pagan Amun, Nhial Deng, Deng Alor, Recebeca Garang … etc, there is a need to nuture the comprehensive peace agreement to facilitate the establishment of the New Sudan. Lam seems to oppose this process. He is a thorny obstacle in the CPA implementation. He must be discharged.

Bol Gak (Salt Lake City, U.S.A)

Email:[email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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