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To the sudanese president: Your hideous crimes In Darfur come home to roost!! by Tajeldin Abdalla Adam, Belgium

3/3/2006 6:07 pm

In one of his latest speech ,the head of the sudanese regime Omer Albashir told his ruling NC supporters that he won't allow the looming UN intervention in the war-torn region of Darfur to take place and vow to "turn Darfur soil in to grave-yard" as he put, and this ,bytheway, very similar reminiscent to his previous defiant rejection to a UN resolution calling the sudanese regime to co-operate with the International Criminal Court ,to bring those behind the crimes against humanity commited in Darfur to justice,to that demand Omer Albashir swore three times in God's name saying he wouldn't hand-over any one of those involved to the ICC. And the question here;can the sudanese dictator,really keep his words by defying the inernational community and carry on his brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing in Darfur, what does he mean when thearten to turn Darfur in to grave-yard ?! this kind of empty-rhetoric and muscle-showing act ,at this particular time, is not only reveals the real bloody nature of this fascist regime which proves its dis-respect of human life and dignity,but also shows its contemptible conduct toward the outside world by openly threatening to mobilize the poor sudanese people to stand against the UN peace forces have they been deployed in order to protect the few lucky civilians who left in the camps and survived the barbaric deeds of the government -sponsored militia of Janjawid.
Moreover this Bashir's irresponsible knee-jerk reaction to the possible participation of UN backed peace keeping mission forces in Darfur and his empty thread is very disappointing and sad development; it is disappointing because the sudanese regime still has learned nothing from its previous mistakes, both at national and international level,and unwilling to seize any opportunity to redeem its poor human-right record despite the repeated caling from various sudanese plotical groups ;including its partener ,the SPLM, the AU and the international community to implement the CPA and put an end to the brutal acts of ethnic cleansing in Darfur and bring the peretrators to justice; something the regime failed to do, it's sad to hear the bloody-minded dictator talking about more death and graves in Darfur,as if the genocide and the destruction he inflicted on the civilian population there is not enough! , Omer Al Bashir must realise that what at issue here is not his hollow words about sovereignty, national pride,.....etc what at issue is simply a matter of death and life and to be or not to be. And for those who ,desperately, counting days and nights and praying for help ;no matter from who or where they get ;sovereignty and national pride are nothing but cheer nonsense, and here, dear readers excuse me to make it a little bit more clear to our "clever president" who has to know for the people of Darfur at this moment their priority is to stay "a live" - which is the first rule of nature- on this planet before they start to feel pride or see them selves as part of a sovreign nation.
our the head of the this despicable has to realise that the UN has responsibility and duty to protect human life and dignity from their own government and thus it will ,eventually, intervene on behalf of those victim whether their government likes it or not as it was the case in former Yogoslavia, Sierra Leone, Eastern Stimo in Indonesia....etc moreover, one doesn't need to go far away to justify that ,because the UN already has two separate peace keeping mission in our country ;one is in Nuba Mountain area in west Kurdofan and the other in the south in order to protect the one year old peace deal between ruling slamic elite government and the SPLM , so the existence of a UN peace keeping troops in the Sudanese territory is not a new story and it took place under the current government accord and support! ;but why not Darfur? and the answer is that ,for many reasons the sudanese regime in the past could manage to get away with similar crimes of genocide and systematic humanright violation campaign in the southern Sudan and the Nuba mountain ; but this won't be the case in Darfur ,and the regime will not escape unpunished this time and the perpetrators can't avoid the long arm of justice ; a team from the ICC is currently in Sudan to interviw those their names mentioned in the list of 51 suspects in connection to Darfur atrocities provided by UN last year and needless to say that the name of the sudanese dictator Omer Albashir is on top of that list ; and psychologically speaking ;the hysterical reaction and paranoid rejection from Albashir to the long waited UN intervention in Darfur explains what is beyond his words , because it is the UN peace keeping forces who will pursue and arrest any one involved and hand them over to ICC for trial; so for the sudanese dictactor it's very obvious that the time for leaving the luxurious presidental palace on the River Nile in Khartoum and heading to the Hauge in the Netherlands is closing in.
And to him i say; It is nobody to blame but chickens come home to roost.

Tajeldin Abdalla Adam, Belgium,

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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