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Someday Israel would be Arab Leagues member By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfurs Friends Association (DFA)

3/27/2006 5:41 pm

By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfurs Friends Association (DFA)
March 27, 2006

There will not be any Arab-Israeli war in future. Moreover, someday the Arab League would admit the Jews State as a member, and it would be treated better than some members like Somalia, Sudan and Jebuti. This isnt a prophecy; its just my analysis and my point of view.

In Sudan, the dictatorial regime of the tyrant Omar Al-Bashir and its parasites use the term Israel as political weapon against their opponents, since Israel is considered as a big enemy in our country, talking about it is a taboo and no Sudanese citizen is permitted to visit it. This prohibition is explicitly written in our passport with the phrase all countries except Israel. For this reason, theres a psychological wall built between us and Jews for years. This wall is even stronger and higher than those built in other Arab or Muslim countries.

During the civil war in southern Sudan the regime has accused the SPLM/A and Dr. John Garang in particular, that he had good relations with Israel. Recently, the regime and its parasites had a big campaign on government TV and pro-governmental mass media against the Darfur rebels, they accused them of getting arms from Israel, through Jordan. But they didnt say anything about Jordan that has full diplomatic ties with Israel.

Mr. Sadiq Al-Mahdi, the Imam of the Ansar sect also has suffered from their poisoned arrows. He has been accused of having committed a great sin, because he shacked hand with Mr. Simon Peres, the leader of Israeli Labour Party. When they met in Madrid to attend an international conference. The hypocritical and opportunist regime of AL-INTIKAS (the setback) used this simple human attitude of Mr. Sadiq Al-Mahdi to get political benefits and to defame him, in order to make him lose his popularity among Ansar. Five months ago some of the regimes supporters have asked for the death of Mr. Mahdi, because he publicly supported the UNs resolution 1593, that gave green light to the ICC to trail the responsible of Darfurs atrocities.

This coward regime and its accomplices only use this negative propaganda against the Sudanese who reject the tyrant Omar Al-Bashirs atrocities in Darfur and in other parts of the country. But, they shut their mouths like hens and became deaf, blind and mute in front of their masters when they go to Egypt, Jordan, Mauritania, Tunisia, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, etc.

Egypt has cultural, economic and full diplomatic ties with Israel for twenty six years, thanks to Camp David Accords which permits it to recover the Sinai Peninsula. Moreover, last year USA, Israel and Egypt have signed a trade partnership to create Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZs) in Egypt, allowing for duty-free export to the USA of certain Egyptian goods that contain Israeli inputs.

Egypt received $815 million each year in economic assistance up to 1998. During the period from 1975-2001, cumulative USA aid to Egypt reached $24.7 billion, since its the second country in the world in receiving American aids, after Israel. Because the US consider Egypt stability is vital to Israel security, since Anwar Al-Sadat had signed with Menchem Begin in 1978 the Camp David Accords. But Mr. Sadat had paid a high price for his visit to Tel Aviv and for his signature of the Camp David Accords, because he has been considered a traitor by many Arabs and Egyptians. The Arab League Headquarters had been transferred to Tunis and many Arab countries withdrew their Ambassadors from Cairo. And in 1981 hes been assassinated by some extremists. Nevertheless, his successor, Husni Mubarak followed his policy and even went further in improving the Israeli-Egyptian relations. Today Egypt is the best friend of Israel in the Middle East. But, Husni Mubark is not considered a traitor, neither by the hypocritical dictator of Sudan, Omar Al-Bashir who accused the Darfur rebels of having relations with Israel, without any evidences, nor by the rest of the Arab leaders.

Today, all Arab countries have full diplomatic ties with Egypt, the Arab League Headquarters had been transferred back to Cairo and Egypt is considered as the most important member of the League. Moreover, many Arab countries have established diplomatic and economic ties with Israel, such as Jordan, Mauritania, Qatar, Tunis, Oman, Morocco, etc. all these countries followed the same way that has been paved by the traitor Anwar Al-Sadat, twenty six years ago, why? Are they traitors like him or theyre just hypocrites? Was Sadat a traitor or a hero?

Whats the next country that will join the new Arab-Israeli League? Will Sudan someday join this League? Nothing is impossible, but I think itll be the last country to do so. Nevertheless, if Southern Sudan decided to secede, then Im sure that itll establish diplomatic, economic, cultural and military ties with Israel like Egypt.

Someday, there will be an independent State called "Palestine" in the Middle East. There will be a Palestinian ambassador in Tel Aviv, many Palestinians will go to work in Israel and Israeli tourists will go on vacations to Palestine, theyll "occupy" rooms in Gaza Strips hotels. The Palestinians will have better relations with the Jews State than with their brothers in the Arab League. Now, Moroccos relations with European Community is stronger than its relations with the Arab world.

Ten years after the declaration of the Palestinian State, Israel would ask formally to join Arab League, Egypt would support it and Israel will manage to be a member, invoking the blood relationship between Arabs and Hebrews as cousins and their destiny is to coexist and live in the same land.

Ten reasons make me believe that there will not be anymore Arab-Israeli war. I mean, Arab countries would never join together to fight against Israel:

1. The project of " Al-uma Al-arabia " (the great Arabic nation) based on the Arabic blood has been buried by Abdel Nasir's death and by the invasion of Iraq by the United States, independently of the future of Sadam Hussein. The Syrian regime is controlled by the "Bath" party (Arabic renaissance) party that based on the same ideology as Sadams Bath party, but itll not last for much time. Since the winds of democratization and freedom are blowing around the region will affect it seriously. The sudden and precipitated withdrawal of the Syrian troops from Lebanon is a clear indication that the regime is no longer capable to spread its ideology and influences outside Syria. And even inside the country political opponents are starting to demand democracy, and the regime is facing some difficulties from USA pressure.

The ethnic minorities in Arabic countries that live for long time as second class citizens, such as Kurds in Iraq and Syria, the Berbers in north African Arab countries and the different indigenous African ethnic groups that represent the majority of the population in Sudan and in Mauritania. All these ethnic groups have woken up and ask for their rights as citizens, demanding justice and equality for all, independently of their origin. Citizens of Arab origin have monopolized the power and the economy of these countries for centuries.

2. The Arab countries are no longer talking about the liberation of whole Palestine, forcing Israel to disappear. In fact, only some Palestinians groups who still fighting Israel. The rest of Arab countries are just watching them on TV from their sofas. Theyve changed their messages and their tones against Israel. No country of the Arab League call Israel " the Zionist enemy ". Even the Palestinians call Israeli troops "Quat al-ihtilal al-Israili" (Israeli occupant forces), and theyre no longer claiming territories that became part of Israel since 1948, they only claim those have been occupied after the so-called the Six-Day War in 1967 (Cis-Jordan, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem East). In 1948 Israelis were in a weak position, they were looking for the recognition of their new State that has been created inside Palestine, but the Palestinians and Arab countries have rejected their claims and denied to recognize it. Fifty seven years later, the equation has been inverted: today, the Palestinians are asking Israel to recognize their right to have their own State ( Palestine), but Israel is reluctant to do so.

3. The Arab League has left the embargo against products and commodities produced by Jews companies, like Coca Cola, Ford, etc. today, Coca Cola is drunk even in Sudan and many Jews companies have invested directly in many Arab countries. And, therere many Arab leaders who want to have diplomatic ties with Israel; but theyre waiting for the proper moment to do it.

4. The Arabs have lost all the wars that theyve had against Israel.

5. Therere many Palestinians who work against their own people, as Secret Agents, who works in favour of Israels Armed Forces. This is not any secret, because the Palestinian National Authority has already executed some of them. Others have escaped to Israel and they live under its protection. But, there arent any Jews who work in favour of the Palestinians as Secret Agent. Why?

6. Israel has nuclear weapons arsenal and very advanced conventional arms. Moreover, it gets full support from US. Im sure that, if Israel had lost the war against Arabs in 1948 and its existence as a State had been in danger, USA had not hesitated to use atomic bombs against Arab countries.

7. There isnt any Arabic country that got nuclear weapon and if one of them managed to build a nuclear reactor so as to get atomic bombs, it couldnt defend it from Israels Air Force. Sadam Husein couldnt defend his nuclear reactor in 1981 and its been destroyed by Israeli planes. Conventional arms in Arab countries dont bother Israel, because theyve been bought from Israels friends: USA, the European Community, etc. and normally they used to use them against their own citizens and their Arabs neighbours.

8. The Arab world hasnt got advanced technology in computer engineering, telecommunications, robotics, aeronautics, genetic engineering, etc. Therefore they will not be able to compete in the space, which will be vital for the national defence in the future. The advanced countries would use their technology to put satellites in the space and remote controlled planes so as to spy and control their enemies.

9. Nowadays, many Palestinians go to Israel to get their "bread", in spite of the critical situation between them; therefore, Palestinians will depend economically on Israel for long time. Even after their independence.

10. An Arabic proverb thats very popular among pessimists, or perhaps realists, those who think that the Arab League is good for nothing, it says: Arabs have agreed that they would never reach any agreement.

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