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Darfur: 21st century holocaust by Ahmed M. Mohamedain

3/25/2006 10:12 pm

About half a million innocent civilians have been slaughtered over the past 3 years. Other three million have been displaced from their homes either as refugees under squalid conditions in the neighboring countries or as internally displaced persons who constantly face Khartoum regime’s abuses.

Numerous UNSC resolutions particularly 1591 & 1593 were passed but none has been implemented. The simplistic believe of the international community that the implementation of the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) signed between the government of the Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) will contribute positively to the situation in Darfur. On the contrary, the government of the Sudan has exploited the good faith of the international community. The thinking of the international community has encouragingly given the government of the Sudan a golden opportunity to dramatically decrease the focus on the ongoing negotiation in Abuja and massively increase its scourged earth policy in Darfur.

The mass killings, rapes and destruction of livelihoods of black Africans in Darfur count less in the human conscience of both Arab and Islamic worlds. Arabs in particular concern about their political brotherhood of Khartoum perpetrators as Arab league secretary general puts it “Sudan is a sovereign country and deployment of any force in Darfur should be consented by the Sudan.” in totally disregard to the suffering of the civilian population and the loss of human lives.

The unconditional support of the Arab league to the obstinate Khartoum regime has reinforced Khartoum’s obstinacy to continue committing crimes against humanity and war crimes unabated, now inside the IDPs camps, with absolute impunity. On 07 March 2006, armed militias in military uniforms attacked and assaulted 3 girls from Seraif IDP camp, West Nyala. On 15 March 2006, Janjaweed militia numbering more than 900 attacked and looted Tibon IDP camp and other 3 villages, namely Daya, Turra and Kindo in Jebel Marra. During the attack, more than 26 internally displaced persons were killed and many more injured.

The pathetic 7000 AU troops, without strong mandate, conspicuously demonstrate their utter inability to reduce the atrocities of Khartoum and its proxy wing the Janjaweed against the Darfuris. On 23 March 2006, special Representative Jan Pronk told the Security Council "I feel no joy in adding the towns of Sharia and Graida to Aro Sharow, Tama, Abu Sorouj, Tawila, Labado, Hamada and Khora Abache, which all stand witness to cruel atrocities, terror, killings and rapes."
Indisputably genocide will only proceed in the upcoming days, weeks, and months due to African Union reluctance to hand over the mission of securing the region to the United Nations. Donor fatigue is another factor that will enormously worsen the humanitarian situation as humanitarian efforts experience quite critical shortage of funding.
The situation described by outgoing UN humanitarian coordinator, Mukesh Kapila, as “.. an organized attempt to do away with a group of people” where “the only difference between Rwanda and Darfur is now the numbers involved.” will only exacerbate severely.

How many lives will remain clinging to the far fetched sense of security and peace before UN commences its operation in Darfur “with a robust mandate and a strong force not just to preserve lives but to ensure that all Darfurians can choose to live wherever they want to and their children can look forward to a future that their parents were denied," as stated by UN representative Jan Pronk? Or will the international community remain watching the unfolding human tragedy of our time, hoping for an approval from the Khartoum’s pathological despots?

Ahmed M. Mohamedain

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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