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The Nuba Short Changed by The Nuba Short Changed

3/16/2006 1:35 pm

Majok Nikodemo Arou comment on the Nuba Used and Dumped make an interesting reading. It is a confirmation of the fact the Nuba were used and dumped by the SPLA/M. They were used to fight the war on the wrong side. The guns are silent, but are still smoking. The Nuba need to think on what happened. Were they marginalized? . Who was enslaving them?

The Nuba were and still are the solid rock on which the one million square miles Sudan was built. In history the Jihadiya zurug, and those who deserted from the Turko-Egyptian armies formed the fighting force of Elmahi who librated the Sudan. Remember Hamdan Abu Anja and Alzaki Tamal the Nuba Generals of Mahadiya. The national heroes, Ali Abdelateef , Abdel Fadeel Elmaz , Abbas Barsham, Abdel Rahman Idris and down to Ibrahim Nayil Eedam are names history will never forget. They are Nuba and Sudanese.

The gallant Nuba people as Majok rightly wrote and confirmed, were used and dumped. He could not help but admit that fact. He wrote ( Naivasha agreement may not be ideal to meet all Nuba aspirations.) Ah, so the Nuba were short changed!. The Naivasha agreement excised Abiyei from South Kordofan and brought Elfoola , Elmojlad and Babanusa to dilute the Nuba numerical strength ,yet this is only (transient obstacle and hiccups in the way). Majok are you honest!

He went on to say (the people of southern Sudan will never never never (note never repeated three times) leave the Nuba people in the cold.) Indeed you will not do that, because you have put them in the “hot“ frying pan. You do not want them to jump into the fire, your new Sudan. What a new Sudan! SPLM/A could not see it appropriate to appoint a single Nuba as a governor in the New Sudan. SPLA/M has nine governors in the South “ New Sudan” but could not deem it fit to see a Nuba Governor there. Yet “the people of Southern Sudan will never ever forget the Nuba.” You could NOT appoint even a Regional Minster. Is that the New Sudan.

Why not include the Nuba in the referendum after six years of Naivasha. Your love for the Nuba made you to excise Abiyei from Southern Kordofan leaving the Nuba alone. Abiyei was taken from the Nuba because they cannot be trusted with this pearl of a land rich with oil and honey. Yet Majok calls this “a hiccup”. Indeed the Nuba Leaders will be licking their wounds.

Naivasha gave the southerners the post of the First Vice President with veto powers over the President of Sudan. What did Naivasha give the Nuba? Is it governorship, which they enjoyed before the war or the first SPLA governor who failed to even appoint a cabinet a year after the Naivasha?

Majok are you there? Who is cheating whom? If that is not the new Sudan you want, Elhillou must be licking his wounds.

Or have the Nuba been short changed !!

The Nuba Short Changed
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اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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