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We can forgive but we’ll never forget by Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfur Friends Association (DFA

3/13/2006 9:57 am

We can forgive but we’ll never forget
Author: Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfur Friends Association (DFA)
March 11, 2006

Hawah, Fattouma, Kaltouma,
Issakh, Abakar, Haroun...
We can forgive, but we’ll never forget.

We can forgive those brainless,
who have been used as mad dogs to attack us,
but their Janjaweed Field Marshal, Omar Al-Bashir
and his accomplices must face trail before the ICC.
Since there’s no impunity nor immunity for crimes
against the humanity.

Our martyrs, good patriots and Darfur friends:
The genocidal Omar Al-Bashir’s dogs
can kill, but they’ll never destroy our will.
We’ll fight day and night for our rights,
we’ll never yield!, even though the coward dictator
takes revenge against our women, elders and sons.
They are suffering indeed and every day our wounds bleed,
but we’ll go on struggling because someday we’ll succeed!.

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
Don’t hide your awful face behind the islamic faith.
And don’t talk anymore about revolution,
it’s a genuine popular reaction,
it’s not a coup nor a movement of a troop.

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
On June 30, 1989 you didn’t bring good news,
you brought Al-Intikas(1) not Al-Ingaz(2),
your coup brought wars, misery, poverty,
corruption and destruction.

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
Don’t sing anymore the boring oil song
like a Bim, Bam, Boom bluz;
the oil barrils you got are much
less than the blood we loose.

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
How many common graves did you dig?
How many oil wells did you drill? And
how many people did you kill?

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
How many tombs did you dig and with
how many bombs?

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
You killed almost 3.000.000 people:
In Beuit Al-Ashbah(3), in Police stations, in interrogations,
in the South and Darfur. Therefore,
the worst criminal genocidal ever to exist on Earth,
after Hitler is you!!!!
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(1) Al-Intikas : the setback.
(2) Al-Ingaz: the salvation.
(3) Beuit Al Ashbah: the ghost houses (they are owned by the regime’s security services in which they torture and kill political opponents)

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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