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80% of Fur tribe women are prostitutes and their men are guys By: Izzadin Abdul Rasoul Mohamed

1/31/2006 11:55 am

By: Izzadin Abdul Rasoul Mohamed

The headline of my article is an accusation that was hurled on Fur tribes’ men and women, on Alwifag newspaper dated 18/1/2006. The title was Cofi Annan continues battering Sudan, by Adam Mohamed Ahmed. However I still doubt that this is the true name of the writer may be a code name for a plot. This article is written to coincide with AU summit in Khartoum, however it was planned to anger the Fur tribe people, to demonstrate in the summit and be an excuse for the Sudan for loosing the AU chairmanship. But they have forgotten that Fur tribesmen are from the royal family they do not precipitate or rush out about such trivial things like this, we always use the high wisdom, not our emotions especially on things concerning our family and Sudan in general.
Dear readers let me give you a very brief historical background of the Fur tribe. I said very brief because it will be a book if in details. Geographically, we are in the west of the Sudan having boarders with Egypt, (the boarders of 1956), Libya, the Republic of Tchad and the Republic of Central Africa. We live along all these boarders but we do not have any branch in any of the neighboring countries. Fur or any one from Darfur did not write the history of Darfur but European travelers and Arab traveler wrote it.
In Arab countries, and let us begin with Palestine, we have land registered by the name of Darfur, in Jerusalem, may be it was in the time of prophet Jesus or Moses peace be upon them, in Iraq there is an embassy with the name of Darfur in Samara, in an indelible carving on it, in Egypt there is a place for Fur tribe named Umbaba where the children of Sultan Terab were deported, in addition to Ruwag Darfur which was like a compound of the embassy and also a house for the students from Darfur. Lately this Ruwag was given a part of it to the Sultanate of Sinnar as a house for their students. I have to mention this because when I was studying in Egypt the student from Sinnar claimed that this place does belong to them and that, they have hosted the Fur tribe men. When they went to Sheikh Al Azkar, he told them, oh my children, now you are people from one country leave the problems aside. But those from Sinnar persisted that they have the upper hand on Al Ruwag. From the documents presented by Al Azhar, it was very clear that, Sultan of Darfur gave the part of the Ruwag for the Sinnari people. Now, I challenge anyone who want to open this file, I myself will travel with him to Egypt. In Saudi Arabia, we had a Tekkiya a place for our pilgrims in Makka, and it is also documented, most of the Sudanese live in Saudi Arabia know this very well, in Jeddah we have two places, one where the Sudanese consulate is located and the second in a place called Bab sheriff where the mosque of Sultan Ali Dinar is located. In Medina, and before a one get to Medina there is a place named Abar Ali the wells of Ali, Ali Dinar dug these wells, for the pilgrims to drink from it, he did not dig for the Fur tribe or people of Darfur or just Sudanese, but the pilgrims from around the world.
Now I will tell you that Fur people were Christians with prophet Jesus, Jewish with Prophet Moses, and now Muslims with prophet Mohamed peace of Allah be upon them all. In Jabal Mara the mortality rate is one hundred and fifteen year and down. In Fur fairy tales stories one can listen to stories of prophet Moses, which are not mentioned in holly books, examples; we nick name the person ask so much as Moses, and we name any of our boys borne very dark, Moses or Aroun. The story of king pharos we had it differently from the books we are told that pharaoh is not a name of person but A title. The name of the pharaoh of Moses was Phir, prophet Moses one day found Phir correcting the Students of Moses on their studies then Moses said; with the names of God this phir is some times Aoun which means helper or a teacher, then phiraoun was a name for Pharaoh. Then for Christianity, at the beginning of any new year all the fires in the all villages of Fur tribes are extinguished and old men and young men assemble, under the big tree and bring two peaces of woods small and big we make small hole by knife then by friction of the small wood on that they generate. Then every body come and takes the fire from there. Also in our circumcision ceremonies or any ceremonies, we are sprinkled by water mixed with grain flour and cross is but on the brow of the circumcised child. It is local baptizing, and for the Islam I can not answer it, because I think brother Adam who called us so nova-beaches, he know us better than we do. And I assure you Adam if all these prophets peace of God be upon them, were a live today they must have come to Darfur to see the people of Darfur in IDP camps, headed by prophet Mohamed because we now are his people. Thanks God, for your favor on us. All great men and women of the world came to Darfur to see us and find out what has happen to us, Cofi Annan, The States Secretary Colin Powel And Condoleezza Rise, and the Europe in general, all these people sat down on the earth of Darfur with our dirty mothers, children and father to listen to their problems look at the humbleness and humanity of the great men and women, who came to Darfur. And this is a great favor from God which Adam and Mohamed Taha are blind to see. All people who came to Darfur for their humbleness they sat down on the ground with our families in the camps. Can you tell me who came from Islamic world or Arab world to sit down with our dirty mothers, fathers and children?
As I remember at the beginning of Darfur crisis, on Al Rai Al am newspaper one wrote, the European and west in general misunderstood the name Fur, they might been mislead that the word fur means four in English, that is why they are rushing to Darfur. But also our man was blind to see Allah favor on us, because we are his people and no body knows only him. But I would like to tell you that, there might be a good reason for English people to be aware of Darfur problem not because they have colonized Sudan but because we have common words in our languages with the same meanings like these words derma, which means, skin the study of skin dermatology is from it, it reads in Fur language darma, the plural Karma, crow is crow in Fur language, attenuate the grandson or daughter reads in Fur language ateni and there thousands or such words.
For the beauty contest that Non of Fur women will win as he has said, beauty for us as African is different, the length of the woman is a sign of beauty in Denka tribe, A women without hair on her head is a sign of beauty for Massai tribe in Tanzania and Kenya, and the sign of beauty for Fur tribe shifted with shift that is taking place in their daily life, in Jabal Marra the women who do not recite Quraan was difficult to find husband, so she had to work the day in the farm and study in the evening, for my place the signs of beauty in woman is to be tall and well build body, so as be able to carry the children in the times of danger and hardships .one day my grandmother who was one hundred years old was provoking on my brother who got married with a short and slim woman, she said my son your wife can not be able even to keel or mix the borage. Why you did not marry a strong women who can protect you either in the time danger or serve you well.
Now brother Adam the Arab boy, what are the signs of beauty in your Arab world, the color, the nose the hair what are they? All of these are not on you my man; in comparing you with your brothers in the gulf, North Africa or they are not original Arabs as you always use to repudiate them. Adam if you remember the Arab singer who came to Sudan and made concert I don’t know his name, But when he was asked about the beautiful girls in the Arab world not ugly girls he said openly that the most ugliest girls are Sudanese and the most beautiful the Lebanese, of course, he did not meant Fur girls or Shilluk or Nuba girls he meant your Arab girls whom he met. Do you know that those who attended his concert were; your most beautiful women in the capital city Khartoum, the Arab girls. For our girls to attend his concert if they like, and I am sure they didn’t like it, was very expensive for them, which cost four hundred SD as some one told me. Adam I think you do not take a look at yourselves in the mirror to compare with your other Arabs people wherever they are, and this is your problem.
Adam spoke very ill about Cofi Annan the General Secretary of the UN, he resembles him as being more coward than ostrich, and that he is a shame for the entire continent of Africa. The very unpalatable truth is that our brothers Arabs in Sudan, not all but the majority does not read to know the history of other people rather Arabs. And that is why they know zero about others. Historically Cofi Annan belongs to a royal family, this is first; and secondly his family is the example of African struggle toward freedom. Hence to write about all his biography if necessary, one can write books about Cofi Annan and his family. There fore Cofi is like an Icon for Africa, not as a shame as brother Adam has depicted him in his article.
However do not get angry Adam for calling you brother, by saying how dire this AAB (the slave man, as use to call the Africans when you are alone) calling you brother. Simply I want to show you that, I am from the Royal family and I was taught since the childhood not to use insulting or defaming words even for a dog, not Just Human being. In the Culture of Fur tribe as I was raise up, we are taught not to give or call the bad name or an insult. To the extend that we are told not to give it or call even to our dog, if you have neighbor who is from Fur tribe ask him he will tell you this truth.
My man we are Sudanese and we will meet one day and you will know us more, even if you hear some one insult us, you may slap him on his or her cheek. And the history of Fur tribe as I wrote in brief is just the one written after the messengers of God, but what about the history before? Let me give you little examples; Aswan pharos language means, waiting the whistle, in fur language means waiting the whistle. Geza, mean, I made it for you it is the same meaning in Fur language, in Fur it reads Gess aa, Nifartiti; the beautiful deer has also the same meaning in Fur language it reads; Nifer iti. The conclusion is that the Fur sultanate was continuation of the Nilotic kingdoms brother, we have a common words with Dinka in numbers for example Dinka say (tok) one, Fur say tok, and in Dinka language (rau) two, in Fur is Au. In the Far north we Have common words with Mahas, Nubis, and Danagilla, So Adam when you spoke ill About Fur, so you spoke ill about all Sudan, including Alsadig Al Mahdi, AL Turabi, Wisal and the children of Abdul Muta Afi, and you know what I mean. I think Adam you have applied on us the Arab example that says; what you cannot be or reach through it with stones. But I will give Fur tribe common example that say; the dried shit never sticks on clean clothes.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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