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Koffi Annan continues harassing Sudan By: Adam Mohamed Ahmed

1/22/2006 3:57 pm

From: Alwifag Arabic Daily newspaper
By: Adam Mohamed Ahmed
Personnel of public defense forces
And unionist at ex- printing and publishing house

Koffi Annan in English jargon means, the baked coffee , made from coffee and this is in abundant in Kenya and Addis Ababa. However this coffee tree has no any existence in Darfur in the far west of the Sudan. But coffee is the adornment of the people in the far east of the Sudan., they love it to the extend that ,they don’t offer this coffee to their quests, but instead they can lend money to their quests to buy their own coffee and prepared the way they like. Now the most important question which the Sudanese must find clear answer to it is; why Koffi persists and claim that the women in Darfur are raped by government soldiers and the Arabs whom they call Janjaweed. This as if women are perished in Sudan and no woman is left only Fur women, and then all people are hurrying to Darfur to satisfy their sexual need from Fur women. Although Fur women, are not beautiful at all and nothing on them to entice and lure the men to compete on them. And if any beauty contest is held in Sudan none of the Fur women will win the contest. So, since this is the fact , why Koffi Annan is directing his war horses towards Sudan? We remember and witnessed in seventies, when the former commissioner of Khartoum province Mr. Mahdi Mustafa Al Hadi closed the bars and prostitution houses , it was very clear that 80% of the prostitutes were from Fur women and 20% from the African neighboring countries. Also the all homosexuals were from the Fur tribe, even wine makers and sellers were Fur women.
With all these true and confirmed historical facts, and those who have witnessed are still alive in their middle ages. Today Koffi Annan is claiming that the government troops and Arab milisas named Janjaweed women in Darfur. Now the duties of Sudan are; to forgive itself seventy times before God , for giving its’ vote to Koffi Annan to win the UN secretariat elections, also to wash its’ hands seven time for greeting Koffi Annan in hands, and at last Sudan must rub its’ hands with the earth eight times for God may forgive for the sins committed against itself. Now Koffi is a lost cheep among African cattle and found by the Jewish wolves and American lions to be used as a bit to catch the rest of the cattle. Koffi for his weakness and lack good mental power that , exceeds the ostrich has become a shame for the entire continent of Africa. Therefore he is not qualified to hold the post of the General Secretary of the United Nations. He is not even qualified to be the general secretary of a small shop of snuff in Sudanese public markets in Khartoum.
The cursed Koffi Anna, he may meant that the women of Fur tribe were the one who raped the men of Sudan, although it was difficult for him to say it. Now the question for the children of Darfur who are fucked on their asses by Koffi Annan and the white men and their assistants for very cheap gains is; Do you agree with what Koffi has said? Or your fucking graves are blocked.

Translated by: Izzadin Abdul Rasoul

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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