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Who is Telling the Truth? The Sudanese Government or AU By: Elhadi Adam Elomda

1/14/2006 4:40 am

By: Elhadi Adam Elomda

Date: 01-13-2006

I stated in my previous article that the African Union (AU) troops in Darfur are working as reconnaissance and espionage squads by tracing, locating, and reporting the Darfur rebels’ movements to the Sudanese government troops and its alliance Janjaweed. Fortunately, the AU confirmed my allegation implicitly in the statement published on “” website. On such statement, the AU claimed that the Sudanese government troops disguise in the AU uniform and equipments in order to attack the Darfur rebels. However, the Sudanese government said it rent those uniforms and equipments. So, who is telling the truth? The AU or the Sudanese government

Although this question looks simple but it is extremely difficult to be answered. In my perspective, I would say the Sudanese government is telling the truth!! I deducted my answer from the multiple criterions.

First criterion is because of utter consensus of Sudanese government to keep AU operation in Darfur. The Sudanese government repeatedly states that the AU is doing a good job. The phrase “good job” explained what the Sudanese government meant or intended to say. It explicitly intended to say that I control, direct, rent the AU operations in Darfur. As result, the Sudanese government demonstrates its absolute consensus of the AU peacekeeping in Darfur and rejected United Nation, the United States, and the European Union intervention in Darfur. This absolute consensus explains that the Sudan government plays the same game with AU peacekeepers in Darfur. So, it is implied that the Sudanese government is telling the truth of renting the AU uniforms and equipments.

The second criterion is as a result of the persistent, unreasonable, and mammoth needs or demands of AU mission in Darfur. The AU peacekeepers mission in Darfur became like mendicant who live on other people’s charity and donations. This made AU very fragile to be penetrated by predatory traffickers, such as Sudanese government. The Sudanese government exploited the AU circumstances by paying it in exchange for doing or receiving a particular service or services. Those services could be anything such as recruiting the AU troops on behalf of Sudanese government, impersonate the AU character, and so forth. The Sudanese government, as a briber, determines and controls the types of services that will be received and the way of getting it. So, what happened in Darfur is that the Sudanese government managed to exploit the AU needs in exchanged for renting the AU equipments and Uniforms and renting the AU troops on its behalf or interest. Consequently, the AU is not telling the truth.

The third criterion is due to sentimental relations and courtesy policies between the AU leadership and the Sudanese government. The AU leadership demonstrates excessive sentimental relations and courtesy act with Sudanese government by concocting an intrigue to drag the AU summit to be held in Khartoum. The AU attempts to honor the Sudanese government, to improve its image, to boost its morals, and to impede the intentional Criminal court from pursuing its case with Sudanese government. Why did the AU does all these favor for Sudanese government? The answer is simply the AU has a deal with Sudanese government. This deal is Darfur’s Scandal, in which the AU allows the Sudanese government to share its uniform, and equipments to fight its opponents.

To summary, The AU lies, sycophancy, and hypocrisy on Darfur led to security deterioration in Darfur. It led to sow the lack of trust between the AU mission and international community. It deepened the suffering of Darfur people. It emboldened the Sudanese government to continue its systematic genocide in Darfur. It let the peace talk, between Darfur rebels and Sudanese government, to reach impasse road. The AU does not have financial difficulties to perform its jobs in Darfur. Rather, the AU is not morally and humanitarianly responsible to care for the suffering people of Darfur. Therefore, I call upon AU to handover the peacekeeping’s burdens to international force led by United Nation, United States, and European Union.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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