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Is the Al-Zaghawa Tribe a Troublemaker or are there Reasons for Its Revolution? By: Elhadi Adam Elomda

2/5/2006 7:01 pm

The Al-Zaghawa tribe revolution in the Darfur region of Sudan is considered one of the controversial issues among the Sudanese people. Wherein, the officials and ordinary people are divided in their viewpoints to comprehend it. For instance, the proponents consider the Al-Zagahwa tribe revolution as a method to obtain rights in Sudan, as a result of imbalanced policies in Sudan, and due to the prejudice policies against the Al-Azaghawa tribe. However, the oppositions describe the Al-Zagahwa tribe members as troublemakers, plunderers, and have bully-like characteristics. They regard the Al-Zagahawa revolution as a blueprint to establish the Al-Zaghwa idealistic country.

Although the opponents and proponent reach to the different assessment to predict the Al-Zaghawa motivation, I would like to say that there are two basic dimensions that founded the Al-Zaghawa revolution. These dimensions are environmental catastrophe and prejudice policies against the Al-Zaghawa tribe.

The Al-Zaghawa tribe has been encountered by serious environmental catastrophe, which was caused by drought and desertification. The drought and desertification robbed the Al-Zaghawa tribe members of their assets, properties, and natural resources that could them to live in their tribe territory, Dar the Al-Zaghawa, in the North Darfur. Drought and desertification force the Al-Zaghawa tribe to choose one of two choices to either, surrender to the drought and die or to flee to other tribes’ territory to look for fertile land and a little money to by food, clothes, and drink.

Think about this, people have kids and zero money to buy food, medicines, and clothes for their kids. The kids yell day and night asking for food to halt their empty abdomen and/ or seeking for medicines to relieve them from prolonged pain. I would like to say this situation not only let those people to flee their territory to look for morsels of food or a bit of money though it also will make them behave like a hungry dog that licks the garbage can or like a hungry wild animal looking for prey everywhere in a jungle. Consequently, the Drought compels many of the Al-Zaghawa members to influx to other parts of Sudan, which are divided to the tribal territory. Unfortunately, some Sudanese people do not understand why the Al-Zaghawa tribe members migrated to other tribes land. Others considered the Al-Zaghawa migration as an attempt to occupy other people’s land. Therefore, they refused to give the Al-Zaghawa tribe members land to plant. This procedure coerced the Al-Zaghawa tribe members to resort to forcefully take part of their opponents’ rich lands or money and cattle to feed their hungry people.

The other Dimension that contributes to inflame the Al-Zaghawa revolutions is a prejudice and wrong policies that implemented against the Al-Zaghawa tribe by Sudanese government. Government of Sudan deliberately neglected to elevate the Al-Zaghawa catastrophe. This is because it did not consider the Al-Zaghawa tribe an Arab tribe. Therefore, Sudanese government wished the drought and desertification to get rid of the Al-Zaghawa tribe. Furthermore, the Sudanese government instigates the other people of Sudan against Zaghawa tribe migration. It describes the Al-Zagahwa tribe members as plunders, Zionist, and outsiders, not Sudanese. It directs the tribal mayors and local authorities in order to not give the Al-Zaghawa tribe members land to plant, not to register them for any government assistants, and not grant them any citizenship. Additionally, the Sudanese government emboldens the Arab tribes to burn down the Al-Zaghawa villages and to kill its prominent leaders. Accordingly, the Al-Zaghawa tribe members face serious challenges to remain in the territory and die of hanger, thirst, diseases, and fighting to death to gain their rights as a Sudanese citizen.

In a nutshell, I would like to say that because of the drought, desertification, and prejudice policies of the Sudanese government the Al-Zaghawa tribe revolution was erupted. So, it is imperative to stand beside the Al-Zaghawa catastrophe by supporting their revolution and by elevate their catastrophe via providing food, water, and work for them. It is duty for any Sudanese to help the Al-Zaghawa tribe members who were forced from their lands. Responding to the Al-Zaghawa disaster is not only the humane thing to do, it also resolves and quenches the Al-Zaghawa revolution. Additionally, it offers the Sudanese government an opportunity to build trust of aiding oppressed and deprived peoples. Furthermore, if the Sudanese government acts effectively and fairly, the turmoil and rebellion in Darfur will be stopped. Indeed, Sudan like one body; if there is any part of this body suffers the rest of the body also will definitely suffer. As long as there are some Sudanese people suffering and the government neglects them, this is not only empowers them to fight for their survival but it will create vital hatred among the Sudanese. The hatred will minimize the patriotism and maximize the country’s dismantling.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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