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The Racist Jallaba Haidar Shalgami Encourages Darfurians to hate each other By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, a Darfurian Computer Engineer, a Writer and a Fighter for Freedom.

2/4/2006 4:26 pm

By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, a Darfurian Computer Engineer, a Writer and a Fighter for Freedom.
E-Mail: [email protected]
February 5, 2006.

This article is an answer to the article entitled Do the behaviour of Debi, Khalil and Mini led to the suicide of the Zaghawa tribe (the article was written in Arabic and published on the website by Haidar Shalgami, dated 2006-01-17).

Unfortunately, some Sudanese people of Arabic origin consider themselves superior than the indigenous Sudanese from South Sudan and from Darfur. They call them Abied (slaves) and they use to say nihna awlad aarab (were sons of Arabs). Nevertheless, when they go outside Sudan, not only to Europe or the US, but also when they go to their brothers countries like Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, etc. they realise that they arent Arabic or at least they considered as second-class Arabs, because their appearance is more African than Arabic. Since theyre persons of mixed native Sudanese and Arabic ancestry.

Long time ago, when I was living in Sudan, almost thirty years ago, there was racism too, but it was not so exacerbated like today. Because, The other day I read a racist article written buy somebody called Haidar Shalgami, related with the conflict in Darfur. It seems to me that his heart is full of hatred against the Zaghawa ethnic group. But, the most outrageous is his attitude; he explicitly called the Sudanese people in general and the Darfurians in particular to hate them, too, and even encouraged Mr. Abdul Wahid Mohamed Nour (the former President of the SLM) to fight against Mini Arko Minawi (the current President of the SLM).

So, this is not freedom of expression, its an Apology of Racism thats a crime recognised by the International Law and by many countries, except those who are governed by dictators, criminals and racists like Khartoums regime. Some words kill like bullets, when they used to encourage people to hate each other, because hatred can provoke atrocities. Precisely, the genocide committed by the Janjaweed militia in Darfur against certain ethnic groups like Zaghawa, Massalit, Fur, etc. and still going on is thanks to hatred, because is a racist motivated.

Some Rwandan journalists have been trailed; accused of accomplices of the genocide that took place there, more than a decade ago. Because they use Mass Media to encourage Hutos to kill people belong to Tutsi tribe using similar arguments like that you (Haidar Shalgami) used in your article to inject your poison in the hearts of the Darfurian people and the Sudanese in general, against the Zaghawa ethnic group.

The director of Al-Wifaq newspaper, Mohamed Taha Mohamed Ahmed INTIKASI(belong to AL-INTIKAS regime) has propagated the same hatred against the Zaghawa tribe: he said that this tribe has a Jewish origin, without any evidences. Do you know whats the purpose of this kind of declaration and particularly in this moment? Its simple, he wanted to be the Hitler of Sudan and encourage the Janjaweed militia to continue their atrocities against this ethnic group and the indigenous Darfurian in general. Because, the AL-INTIKAS supporters like Al-Wifaqs director, when they talk about Jewish and in this tone they mean the worst enemy to fight. Therefore, the fascist and racist Jallaba (Haidar Shalgami, Mohamed Taha Mohamed Ahmed and their supporters) they want the atrocities in Darfur to go on, so as to destroy it. And they want the Darfurians to hate and fight each other, forever.

Honestly, independently of the controversial number of the Jewish people who had been murdered by the Nazi regime, theres no doubt that there was a genocide committed by Hitler against Hebrews ethnic group (Jewish).

Racism and hatred are not religious values. However, AL-INTIKAS regime is full of racists elements, such as the head of the regimes negotiators in Abuja (Nigeria), Majzoub Al-Khalifa whos negotiating with the Darfur rebels. This element is proud to be a racist, specially against Darfurians and this is the reason why hes been assigned by the genociadal Omar Al-Bashir to lead the governments negotiators. Hes well known by his racism and openly declared his hatred against Awlad al-gharib (the Darfurians), therefore, the Khartoum regime is horribly hypocritical and fake like its leader, the genocidal Omar Al-Bashir is a merchant of religion who uses Islam as commodity so as to obtain personal and political objectives. And call to Jihad (Holy war) to protect his regime.

First of all, you mentioned that youve compromised with the Darfurians and the Sudanese in general to be objective and independent. But, when somebody reads your article discovers that youre a liar and without any credibility, because youre not objective nor independent, and its so evident; since your questions are full of hatred, poisoned and written with malice:
1. You asked why the Darfurians reject the northern Jallaba from Khartoum, even though, theyve experiences in governing. But, they accept what you called new Jallaba who came from N'djamena without any experiences in governing.

ANSWER: First of all, you should know that the Zaghawa tribe is a Darfurian indigenous tribe like Fur, Massalit, Dajou, etc. and the meaning of Jallaba is slave traders. Secondly, the Darfurians were not stupid as you think, weve rejected the Jallaba who come from Khartoum and from other part of the north, only when they treat us like slaves in our homeland. We stood up for our dignity and for our rights, so, when we get our goals, our beloved Darfur will be governed by a Darfurians, independently of their origin or tribes. But, dont worry about the experiences; it seems to me that you dont know the history of Darfur: It was an independent great Sultanate since 1445, well known all over the world, at that time the majority of your admirable Jallaba from Khartoum were Christians or their ancestors hadnt yet entered Sudan (what is today is known as Sudan).

2. With regard to your second question directed to Mr. Abdel Wahid Mohamed Nour, Im sure that my brother Abdel Wahid knows very well whos his enemy, the genocidal, racist and criminal Omar Al-Bashir or his brother Mini Arko Minawi.
3. You asked that did the Darfurian tribes just keep waiting and receive what you call new Jallaba (your refer to Zaghawa people) with flowers?

ANSWER: Id like to ask you, too: what do you suggest them to do? I can guess what you want them to do, and to whom you directed the question. Of course, this direct message is directed to the Janjaweed militia and not to the honourable Darfurian people. Since you want them to continue their atrocities killing more innocents and burning more villages, so as to complete their macabre job. Fortunately, they (the Janjaweed) face difficulties to do so. Thanks to our fighters for the dignity of all indigenous Darfurian, the NGOs, the AU and the UN soon IN SHA ALAH.

4. The last question you made was directed to the reader, you said: Arent all these questions are dangerous enough to make the Sudanese nation and our Darfurian people to affect their conscience, specially when their great revolution has been stabbed with a poisoned knife, isnt enough whats happening today?

ANSWER: Im really stupefied, I dont know who are you and what are you? Are you a Janjaweed militias member, a secret service agent, who dedicate his pen for the Janjaweed Field Marshal, Omar Al-Bashirs regime, a member of a Chadian rebel group or just a RACIST JALABA FROM KHARTOUM whos thirsty of bloodshed and his heart is full of hatred? HAIDAR SHALGAMI, you are a liar, you dont consider our struggle in Darfur as a revolution, you just use this term as a mask so as to hide your real identity (a racist Jallaba) and encourage Darfurian people to hate each other.

The rest of your article, not even deserve to be commented, because its just NONESENCE.!!!!

In your article youve adviced the Sudanese people in general and the Darfurians in particular about the hypothetical danger that would come from N'djamena (you think so), but why you didnt say anything about the real danger of the shameful occupation of our land, the Halaib Triangle by the Egyptian forces for fourteen years. Moreover, the coward genociadal Omar AL-Bashir is keeping a shameful silent regarding this issue. However, he feel very brave killing many children and women from Zaghawa, Fur, Massalit, etc. using Antonov planes, but he doesnt dare to force the Egyptian to leave our land. Therefore, theres no doubt that hes either coward or accomplice of the occupation.
HAIDAR SHALGAMI, the previous danger is real and shameful for all good Sudanese, except the FALSE PATRIOTS like you. Im afraid, that you arent even a Sudanese citizen or maybe youre so brave like your master Omar Al-Bashir.

AL-INTIKAS regime has invented this abominable deceit as a tactic of divide and conquer, so as to weaken the indigenous Darfurians. For instance, during the civil war in South Sudan AL-INTIKAS said that the SPLM/A doesnt represent the Southerners, its just a Denkas rebel group, the same argument that its using today to divide the rebel groups in Darfur. It always says that tow rebel groups only represent Zaghawa tribe. And at the same time propagated false rumor saying that this ethnic group wants to revive their ancient kingdom alongside with Chad. In spite of the fact that, theyve never mentioned such dream. I think its just a propaganda used as weapon so as to weaken and divide the Darfurians.

Id like to ask all those who believe in such propaganda the following questions: Why you dont accuse the BEJA CONGRESS to be a secessionist and why you dont accuse the Beja people of planning to create THE GREAT BEJA COUNTRY alongside with Eritrea? And, why they accuse the Zaghawa people, in spite of, they havent even a rebel group or a political party called THE ZAGHAWA CONGRESS or ZAGHAWAS LIBERATION MOVEMENT that demand the right of self determination for DAR-ZAGHAWA?
HAIDAR SHALGAMI, I think you should ask your consciences, Im sure that the reason of all these accusations is just hatred, and your questions are racist motivated.

Debi was a keen supporter of the genocidal Omar Al-Bashir, since the beginning of the conflict in Darfur. In spite of there are many Sudanese Zaghawa people have been massacred by the Janjaweed militia and their Field Marshal, Omar Al-Bashir. Moreover, you should remember that some months ago, Dr. Khalil Ibrahim, the president of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) has rejected the Debis government mediation in Abuja negotiation; accusing it of partiality, due to its friendship with the AL-INTIKAS regime. But, when Debi discovered that the genocidal Onar Al-Bashir is a traitor, then hes changed his mind. Because, the Khartoums regime was arming the Chadian rebel groups who attacked east Chad, last month. So, its just a political tactic: if you help my enemies, then Ill help the yours (eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth).

During the civil war in South Sudan, the hypocritical regime of AL-INTIKAS that use Islam as slogan, has allied with a Fundamentalist Christian Rebel Group, The Lord Resistance Army (LRA), which accused of using children to commit atrocities and torture them using repugnant means, just because Uganda was helping the SPLM/A at that time. Is it a religious regime or just a criminal regime that uses Islam to stay in power?
I think this huge campaign of negative propaganda against Zaghawa tribe is due to their leadership and their determination to go on struggling with their brothers from other tribes for the rights of the indigenous Darfurians and the disadvantaged Sudanese citizens in general. For this reason they suffer a lot from the Janjaweed Field Maeshal, Omar Al-Bashir (many people belong to Zaghawa tribe have been murdered, tortured, etc. by the regime just because theyre Zaghawa). Im sure that all the Darfurian rebel groups want a united Sudan, but, with a real democracy. This means that Sudan should be for all Sudanese, independently of their region, religion or ethnic groups.

HAIDAR SHALGAMI, at the end of this article Id like to beg your pardon, if you feel offended by my sharp! Answer, and Id like to tell you that: maybe, therere more Zaghawa all over Sudan than in Dar-Zaghawa itself, so I dont think that theyre interested in any kind of an absurd project of Dawlat Zaghawa Al-Uzma (great Zaghawa Land). Anyway, I hope that someday we forget the term JALLABA, ZURGA, etc. and all the Sudanese people can live together, peacefully, without any kind of superiority or inferiority. And even a Sudanese Zurga (black) from the South, East, Centre or Darfur can be the President of Sudan.

The following words I cant call them a poem, but, believe me my brother (if you dont mind) they reflect my real feelings:

I cant Conceive my life without Dignity

Every child has the right to dream:
Ill be a fireman, Ill be a nurse,
a lawyer, a judge, a doctor, a sailor

Everybody has the right to love and
everybody has the right to be loved.
Everybody has the right to live,
everybody has the right to believe,
but nobody has the right to kill kids,
to commit Genocide, killing youths
and elders like the autumn leaves.

I do believe in justice, equality and
F R E E D O M.

Freedom of expression revives
the democracy and refreshes, like sea breeze.
But the tyrant Omar Al-Bashir must
leaves right now! Like summer, so as to
receive the spring of real democracy.
And only then well enjoy the breeze and smile
to the spring, like flowers and trees.

I love the nature: animals, birds, trees
I love peaceful people and peace,
I love all the human beings, except
the dictators, the tyrants, the despots, the racists,
the cowards and the cowardice.

I want all the nations to be declared
I want to see all the nations without
misery, without poverty and without
crimes against the humanity.

You and me should help all poor people:
Wipe their tears, alleviate their pains and griefs.
You and me should help child-soldiers:
give them books, chewing gums
and take away their guns.

Tell them tales and let them play all the day.
You and me should help innocent prisoners:
Defend their case, independently of their race.
Call for a fair trail and justice for them. Nevertheless,
if the laws of the country dont respect the basic human rights, then dont respect the laws, use the force: destroy the jail, break the chains and set them FRE E, FREE, FREE

We should unite our voices and our forces
to fight against the ignorance, against the injustice,
against whole dictatorships and lets have
only one human citizenship.

Let Darfur be the last Genocide and the last atrocities
that might take place on the Earth.
And lets should very loud: NEVER AGAIN,

Let the solidarity be the engine of our society
and lets act like animals: DO NOT HATE.
Let all the human colors unite, like those in the rainbow,
let education and tolerance replace the racism and
all sorts of discriminations. And let all the nations
convert into one nation.

Im a peaceful man but Im not a submissive.
I swore thrice in the name of Almighty Allah that
I shall never kneel down to the dictator Omar Al-Bashir*.
And Ill never give up, Ill fight day and night for our rights.
I know that Im risking my life and I deserve to live,
but I cant conceive my life without D I G N I T Y.

* On April 2nd, 2005. The dictator Omar Al-Bashir said: I swear thrice in the name of Almighty Allah that I shall never hand over any Sudanese national to a foreign court (he meant that hell never hand over any of the suspects of the Darfur atrocities to the International Criminal Court (ICC), even though The UN Security Council Resolution 1593 forces him to do so) .
In the same day, I swore not to kneel down to the dictator and Ill never give up fighting meanwhile the tyrant still in power.


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