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AHLAM CALL by Ahlam Mahdi Salih Abdulmahmoud

2/21/2006 8:06 am

Brothers & Sisters
Ahlam Charity Organization highly appreciates your sacrifice for Darfur.
We must bring peace immediately to Darfur .
Women and children are the most affected groups during wars, in Darfur when war started women and children and the innocents civilians have suffered and still suffering now in refugee camps and the IDPs camps. Wounds can be treated by medicines , bullets can be taken out from the human bodies by surgical operations, but how can we treat the psychological damage that change the life of the Darfurian.
We as Darfurian with our different tribes , cultures and religions must sit down as one family to plan for the coming generations .We must create a good environment to improve the psychological grounds of the citizens.We must look at Darfur with mere eyes irrespective of our tribes ,just look at the children and the women in the camps ,they are physically disposed to violence and terrior by nature and because they are taken as the means of pressure.
I am an eye witness during this conflict sharing with our people the suffering in the camps. I am not preaching you or giving you a recommendations, but I am one of the victims .
The fruitful planning for the future to create the social peace to forget the bitterness and build the nation in Darfur depends on the gathering of the data , the urgent needs and how to meet these needs, accordingly the signing of peace accord is the priority .
If you meet please meet for Darfur, and for Darfur any difficulties can confronted with unity .
In the name of Darfur women , the displaced women and the children we must lead peace caravan to build the social peace and security .
In the name of all the Sudanese I appeal and crying for peace agreement to be signed very soon because the situation is very terrible and peace can be achieved by your will.

God bless you

Ahlam Mahdi Salih Abdulmahmoud
Chairman of
Ahlam Charity Organization for
Maternity and child care

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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