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Dinka of Upper Nile of Sudan By Ahmed Elamin Ahmed

12/14/2005 4:06 pm

Dinka is the largest population tribe in Sudan, they settle widely in most parts of Baharelghazal area, Equatorial and the Upper Nile where they live in Madding Bore ,Kadok up to the southern parts of the Blue Nile region, far from the Agnail ,east of Malkal city ,Dinka of Abla ,Abew and Gair settle N\E of south Jblain city to 10 miles of Salem tribe north of Karshol near Adar Ditch .
Nile Dinka of Bier and Nigel live in the eastern part of Dangol where they move in groups with their cattle in summer ,south of Malkal they live near by Shuluk Folos Ditch to a bong on So bat River where they share the land with Fajak tribe and Gagon and Lao of Nueir tribes –here they live in Doug ,Fed it and Douk Fay oil up to kangor till Baria boundaries on the eastern bank of the White Nile where is known as Bahr Eljabel "Mountain Sea" .
Dinka who lives in northern part of Upper Nile are called Madding people who are divided in to Dongol"Abang' ,Log according to their story they had emigrated from Boer area around two centuries ago under the leadership of their leader "Akwi kakap" ,it seemed that they had crossed areas like Giraffe Island ,Me ban ….etc reaching this area but they moved eastwards after a dispute with Shiluk where they touched the so called Arab tribes in Kawa area.
Dinka land resembles the Nueir, s in many geographical features ,it is plain and flat covered with many swamps with some islands in the southern parts of the region while the northern area is flat ,plain and rich in meadows in winter ,dry in summer thus they return to the low area generally Dinka of the northern depends mainly on agriculture more than the other tribes in this region. .
The factors which govern the social life of these Neolithic Tribes is similar with differences in some details ,the Shuluk and the Anwak are relatively settlers while the others like Dinka and Nueir are pastorals, who move behind their large herds according to the climate ,grass and water . . land in Boar is plain rich in grass ,bushes and ditches known during the dry season as 'Tog", in s common Dinka habits differ largely from the Nueir, s and the Sholok,s ,Dinka normally marry by paying an average of 15 cows and 5 oxen or 100 ones in case of richness to the parent of the bride.
We notice some differences among Dinka tribes due to the number of population ,area of the land and the closeness with other tribes,Dinka who lives near Elrank,Galahak cities and their surbupls had integrated and largely in to the so called Arabs and affected by them in language ,social values and living conditions.
Dinka usually mark their foreheads with 6 short horizontal cuts, three over each eyebrow and their myths and legends root back to "Garang" who had two sons "Teing"and "Abiding" and they normally optimist with the first one whom they consider responsible of good, rain and herb, they assume that the second who is the origin of them and theNueir ,when had decided to divide the cattle between his sons ,he gave "Jang" an old one while a calf to the other "Nueir".
On his death the first claimed that he is the "other" and took the "calf" then traveled away starting to distribute the land between his children till lastly settled in Giraffe island .
Aioli is the grandest father of Dinka of Boar in the Upper Nile but in Drink's ancient religion he is the grandfather of Men Dior only.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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