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The sentimental attack of Ulang, Nasir. by Choul Dugak is an Engineer student he can be reach this email

4/21/2006 12:56 am

The sentimental attack of Ulang, Nasir.

I would like to enlightens all Nuer community leaders to unite themselves on this very crucial time, and constitute strong teams that will be sent back home to convey our people with strong messages that we, in the western world have comprehend that the SSDF is using the Nuer commanders and other white army to fight against SPLA. So we don’t want you our people to support them, we want you to stop being equivocated by NIF agents whom their tasks are to deface the South destiny.

GOSS strong action on traitors

On April 9 2006; Ulang Country was attacked by some wicked militias whom were reinforced by the NIF regime to kills their own people for the lack of excogitations. The attackers killed 38 people in Ulang County. And wounded more; The fighting started from 3 - 8 AM in the morning, six hour long for fighting until the enemies of peace were defeated. The SPLM/A governments have responsibility, and legitimate power to protect the South civilians for any thing that may confront their live. However, even under the government of the southern Sudan; the militias were not intercepting to commit atrocities among Ulang civilians. Where were the SPLA soldiers whom we all proud in western world to instituted the situation in South?
SPLM/A leadership and the national unity government have to elucidate that tragedy to the Nasir citizens as well as the entire Nuer community. It was really very harsh for me to believe that it was some SSDF militias who actually carried out this attack and killed 38 people comprising 6 innocent women. And if it was SSDF forces, from where do they get their
support and how do they escaped to avoid the SPLA on the ground, and why do they do want to killed innocent civilians if the unity government is there to stop any chaos that might occur again in the country! I have a fear that in next couple of months we will comprehend that the SSDF have committed the same atrocities or disbarment else where in or any part of Southern Sudan. I would like to exhort the SPLM/A leadership that the lethal killing of innocent civilians that happened in Ulang, Nasir display that the (GOSS) is not capable of protecting its citizens from external threats.
And it is time for the SPLM/A leadership to actuate any efforts that will please its entire citizen, and it is willing to bring stability in South. We all want to have a precise understanding that the GOSS has a legitimate regulation of the condition on the ground, the SPLM/A leadership should disclose to us that its position power on the ground to make sure that the security is in
all parts of the Southern Sudan.
The SPLM/A leadership have to ensure that the whole security in the south is in their hands, and they have to deliberately prove to the world they are willing to bring flexibility in South. All in all, I have a feeling that the national Islamic regime still controls the security in South nowadays; If not who actually in the real regulate of the security in South, SPLM/A or the ruthless regime? I have to sternly put this blame on SPLM/A leadership because if the GOSS work corporately with the national unity government there are no ways that the NIF could deluded the GOSS and advocated those militias to alter comprehensive peace agreement. SPLM/A leadership have responsibility to ensure the security in south. Here are tough spla officials who have lost his life for no reason whatsoever (Francis Wiw Riek) Dupty commissioner of Ulang County. (Biel NguotCommander) (Gatkek Bagit Joak Captain). My blame would go to south Sudan government because I have perceived that it is the only government that will terminate the agonies of South Sudanese citizens.

Choul Dugak is an Engineer student he can be reach this email [email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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