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It would be unwise to abandon the vision and needs of having a new Sudan By Simon Riek Gatluak

10/30/2005 9:59 pm

By Simon Riek Gatluak

His excellence, the Late President of Southern Sudan and First Vice President of the Sudan Dr. John Garang had clearly defined the problem of the Sudan. He stated millions times that Sudan has no problem that could lead it to be two separate states. For this reason, he led one of the most deadly war ever fought in the story of the Sudan for 21 years. His objective that is the liberation of the whole Sudan and create a new Sudan which all Sudanese belong were clear; and thousands of Southern and a few Western and eastern Sudanese sacrifice their lives to free all Sudanese from marginalisation and injustice created by Islamic regimes in Khartoum. Dr. John Garang was not objective less when he was fighting and there is no reason that few should say today, there was no objective. Our late President did not take thousands to die for nothing, but truth and ambition of freeing all Sudanese from bondage and offering them equal opportunities.

As the saying goes “by staying rooted in our commitment, today vision’s becomes tomorrow reality”. Dear Friends, the vision of Dr. John to become the first southern Sudanese president for the whole Sudan and offering all these equal opportunities was nearly come to reality. His arrival in Khartoum proved to all humanities that his vision to rule the whole Sudan was only two years away. However, this expectation did not materialized because unknown forces took his life three months ago. Dr. John over come many difficulties in his life as the leader of the SPLA/M because he was deeply rooted in his commitment and vision. His firm leadership and intelligence led him to squeezed the enemy and accept the self-determination for the Southern Sudanese that the Islamic regimes were highly opposing. Today we are delighted that the late President and first vice president left an invaluable gold for us that he excellently called as comprehensive peace agreement

It is indeed comprehensive, however, for this to materialized and become more comprehensive, we need great care to preserve the ambition and vision of Dr. John that is new Sudan for all. While with us Dr. John said “the vision of the SPLA/M will continue whether I am there or not”. This means that, all Sudanese endorsed the liberation for the whole Sudan and his absence in person should not exterminate this. Dr. John only defined the objective and the solution for the Sudan’s problem and that solution is to uproot unwanted regime so that all Sudanese will live together as brothers and sisters in one country. It was the objective that we all took up arms and sacrifice ourselves and lost a huge numbers of brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers. Today as veterans, we should think deeply why did our comrades die in many wars and how did they die. All the people who are today living in the south and all part of the world should ask this question.

It is with no doubt that few Southern Sudanese did not understand why there is a need for new Sudan. This few individuals would some how think that the absence of Dr. John is the death of new Sudan. Should we think the same way as such? To me I think no, no, and here is why our campaign should be intensify to save the vision of the SPLA/M.

We are aware how complex the term new Sudan now becomes. During the lifetime of Dr. John, this was not very complex because we believe him as our candidate for the presidency with nothing that could hold him back to take it. Now he is gone, should this be a reason to divide the country? To me again is no, no, because the stage we are in it now is where all Northern Sudanese believe we will not be beaten or marginalized again.

However, because the current NIF is cunning, it would be unwise to advice ourselves to vote for unity which would not benefit us the Southern Sudanese. For this view, we should be very careful and plan how we would be able to have new Sudan. Dr. John was not fighting for new Sudan that should be led by any body else. He was fighting to lead all the Sudanese as president and implement the objectives and visions of the SPLA/M or one person in his movements could lead it. At this time it happens that he will not, but any new Sudan that its leader will be somebody else and not one of the SPLA/M is invalid and this will be a valid reason to make the great and the last mobilization to have new Sudan by force or any mean.

SPLA Oyee, SPLA Oyee

New Sudan Oyee, New Sudan Oyee

One SPLA, One leadership

SPLA shall win. SPLA shall win

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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