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THE ISSUE IS DINKAPHOBIA by Mack Awer, from Cairo

11/26/2005 6:02 am

The Union of Nuer Community in North America, UNCONA is so critical about the GOSS ad Salva Kiir Mayardit, simply citing the unrepresentation of Nuer in the South Sudan Government. I want to know how many positions that your community want? The council has been issuing serious decrees, but did not provide the solution to the impasse it is crying of. Nuer UNCONA is trying make nonexisting history, by visiting the unknown past of the animosities between them and Dinka. There is no any documentation that sheds light on how Nuer subdued Dinkas or conquer Dinka land or of any assimilation.

The Union and its Council must ask first, How Dinkas came to stage and why. I'm not going to discuss your article in details, but I can remind you, that resorting to violence will not solve the problem, invented by you. The formation of GOSS is relevant and credible. Top three important positions have gone to Nuer and if you need more as you beat drums of insurrection, then say, otherwise, the move from the Council is jealousy and Dinkaphobia. Don't fail Southerners again as in the early 1990s, brothers. UNCONA should not act as a government that gives directives to Nuer who are absolutely under the GoSS otherwise I will accuse you of being another outlaw grouping, trying to undermine the CPA as you did SPLA/SPLM. But SPLA/M prevailed untill CPA is achieved of which the figures the Council mentioned as advocates of freedom and justice are enjoying its delicacies,but not ashamed of what they did to Southerners in 1991.

The council must be selective in its decrees if it uphelds the principles and aspirations of Southern Sudanese. provocation will just only breed contempt and schism and of which UNCONA will bear responsibility for its defiance and arrogancy. The council is calling upon Southern tribes stand behind them, they are minded people that cannot be hurried along by the barbaric minded people like council members. No one is losing CPA as you claim, but maybe UNCONA members who are power hungry.

Mack Awer from Cairo
[email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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