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Drama of Profound Pain in Darfur by Ahmed M. Mohamedain

5/15/2005 8:45 pm

Drama of Profound Pain in Darfur

Standing up for the rights of all, particularly the right of existence for defenseless children, innocent women and men, is the responsibility of us all. Millions died at the hands of Natzi during WW II; thousands were deprived of their lives in Kosovo; the same happened in Rwanda and now Darfur experiences similar grave crimes that should not have been allowed to recur. Although the international community exerted some efforts to combat crimes against humanity and war crimes, tangible actions still need to be taken to denounce that such horrendous crime will “ Never again” happen.

The deployment of only 2300 AU forces and a few civilian police in Darfur the size of France with a mandate just to monitor and report violations in respect to the ceasefire agreement of April 8th, 2004 is, by all measures, inadequate. The inability and powerlessness of AU forces were clearly depicted when recently the Sudanese government forces with Janjwid militia committed horrendous crimes in Khor Abeche on Apri 7th. Even to carry out their monitoring mention AU has to ask Khartoum regime in advance for permission which might be obtained days later if they ever succeed in getting it.

Canada’s decision to send troops to assist AU forces in addressing humanitarian and security issues will be a giant leap towards reducing the atrocities that are still being committed by Khartoum regime and it’s aligned Janjawid militias. Observing Canadian plan as a threat to it’s reluctance to the settlement of both security and humanitarian issues in Darfur, Ali Osman was quick to react that Khartoum regime’s “ unwavering position, in this connection, is categorically rejecting any deployment of non African military personnel in Darfur region.” Nevertheless, PMO spokeswoman Melanie Gruer emphasized that “there is no change to the plan….” Deployment of Canadian troops will not only give an element of efficiency to AU forces but also deter governments desire to openly continue with the ongoing atrocities.

According to SUNA news agency on May 14th, 2005, the Sudanese government stated that the troubled western region of Darfur is witnessing calmness and reconstruction. On the contrary, the Sudanese forces, located in Argi, and their aligned Janjawid militias in Fono about 40 km to the west of the town of Kuttum were engaged in deconstructing the remnants of the villages, pillaging and impounding the animals left behind. On the same day, minister of insecurity and instability, Abdel Rahim Moahmmed Hussein, was in the meeting with the architect of the atrocities in Darfur Ail Osman Taha. After the meeting, Abdel Rahim said that he will tour some areas of Darfur as parts of the efforts to realize security and stability. Last time he toured the area of Khor Abeche just a week after the adoption of UNSC resolution 1593, brutal attack of the city and it’s residents left UN & AU envoys with complete “ shock and disbelief.”

Abdel Rahim M. Hussein said that camps in the area of Garcella have vanished and the displaced people there have been sent back to their villages. Compelling the displaced people from relatively save camps to the villages still heavily occupied by Janjawids and government forces is not different from sending them to the ghost chambers of torture, raping and killing.

Without UNSC mandate for protection of the civilians facing mass killings in Darfur or peace enforcement operations supported by member nations, “Never again” remains synonymous to more again to the victims of the gross atrocities as:
Genocide happened to Jews
Never again will it happen
It occurred in Kosovo
Never again was reiterated
It replicated in Rwanda
Never again was never again
It is occurring in Darfur
When will Never again be Never again any more.

At The Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, senator John McCain said “Today we know what is happening and the world must not stand by and do nothing.” Could the world give a genuine significance to the phrase “Never again” by putting in action what Sen. MaCain said or following the lead of Canada to protect the innocent civilians of Darfur until the implementation of UNSC resolutions 1591 & 1593.

Ahmed M. Mohamedain
[email protected]

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