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Garang The Glimpse of Hope that Vanished Quickly &Mysteriously by Makki N. Turkawi

8/10/2005 6:06 am

Garang The Glimpse of Hope that Vanished Quickly &Mysteriously

To most Sudanese people and foreigners as well John Garang was known as a stubborn gorilla - war leader who kept fighting vigorously for more than two decades. Throughout that period he was known for his bitter defense for his thoughts and claim of what is called “New Sudan” both politically and militarily. So it is assumed new Sudan where people are treated on equal bases, Sudan where people can have the right to govern themselves regionally with a degree of autonomy within the united territory, it is Sudan that doesn't differentiate between its citizens on bases of regions, political affiliations, or even ethnicity. It is Sudan that gives priority to qualification and loyalty to people and land.
To many people what Garang was preaching during his long struggle was just mere propaganda aiming to support his political address to the population. The chance for the real test of all that literature of the SPLM was when Garang came to office as Vice-president after assigning the peace - treaty with the existing Sudanese Government. Although he stayed in office only 21 days and died mysteriously without having enough time to implement any of his movement’s programs, but still he was able to express himself as sincere and loyal to his beliefs of unity of the country, having impressive personality, easy to deal with and has a high sense of humor
What is more important was his real intention of realization of true economic and social development associated with provision of reasonable package of services nation – wide that can lure people in the south to vote voluntary for the unity of Sudan as one country, as well as making people of the northern part working hard to attain the unity goal. And that was what he used to call Attractive Unity.
So it becomes apparent that the man was faithful and sincere when he launched his first mutiny and when he signed the peace – treaty with the dream and intention of formation of “New Sudan.” If these were the principles and ideologies that Dr. John Garang was advocating throughout that epoch of time, is there any room for fears and worries after his mysterious and sudden death?
Now since Garang has gone forever the most important question is to what extent his followers believe into what he was thinking and the degree of loyalty to the terms of the peace - treaty and their readiness to carry it out.
Anyway Garang became case in point both as a warrior as well as a peace seeker, so we can name him the Man of War & Peace that vanished quickly.

Makki N. Turkawi [email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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