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Elias Nyamlell Wakoson
I have been overwhelmed by personal tragedy that has been compounded by the tragic events in Cairo, Egypt, beyond what my fragile stature can cope with. Because I have been away from home for over two weeks and no access to a computer, I am quite ignorant of what you all are doing. I arrived home yester night and this morning tried to check my mails, but found out I cannot go through the accumulated mail before sharing my ideas with all-3780 and 800+ mails in two different accounts. For this reason, I will venture to share my views on the events in Cairo, Egypt, without looking at what has already been said. But first, I share with everybody the gravity of tragedy that has befallen all our people in Cairo. If I am repeating what others have already said, please consider this as my support for all that has already been done, including the various petitions and condemnations. I think we have no appropriate words to describe the pain of the massacre of our innocent brothers and sisters in Egypt, we can only feel it. Let us all be strong and fight to deal with the barbarity, savagery, and inhumanity of what befell us. We are fighters, and we must fight this Egyptian Government's barbarism to the end. First and foremost, we should never allow the Egyptian Government to revert to the Pharaonic barbaric times of oppressing and killing refugees (the Israelites in Egypt documented by the Bible) with impunity. The International Community must punish Egypt

We have plethora of cases where International action has been taken against governments who senselessly commit acts of genocide against their own people or other nationals. We also have cases of International concerted action against rogue regimes, ranging from sanctions to lawsuits in the International Court of Justice. In other instances, some countries have taken military actions against rogue regimes in alliance with countries of similar thinking to punish them for human rights violviolations is one example now. Without taking valuable space to enumerate all these cases, we must use this precedence to bring the Egyptian Government to justice, and of course, punish its leaders, and in specific terms, President Husni Mubarak must be made to answer for what happened to Sudanese and other nationals in Cairo. Public condemnation is not enough because will be akin to condoning international terrorism and calculated genocide

Since the 1920s, Egyptians have considered South Sudan as a hunting ground for slaves, ivory, and gold. Based on this concept of South Sudan, the South Sudanese are considered by Egyptians as slaves, at best, but actually as animals-"haywanat." It is, therefore, easy to understand why the Egyptian security forces, under orders from the high authorities, were able to kill South Sudanese without any hesitation. The killing of South Sudanese was a premeditated government action against animals occupying space in the country of the Pharaohs. The killings have nothing to do with the usual inconveniences, which refugees create in any country, nor with the fact that there is peace in the Sudan and Sudanese must return to their native land. If this were the case, the Palestinians, who have lived continuously in Egypt and other Arab countries since 1948, should have been the first to be killed or forcefully repatriated. The Palestinians cannot be deported because they are Arabs and Muslims. Why did the Egyptians ruthlessly kill our people? The plain truth is because Egyptians consider our people as: ANIMALS, SLAVES, NON-MUSLIMS (KAFIR), and NON-ARABS. In plain terms, what happened in Egypt is the plain and clear manifestation of Arabist hatred of Africans, Arabism's disrespect of Africaness, and naked Racism. Is the International Community going to tolerate the barbaric manifestation of these ideologies of hatred? We must remind the world and impress upon all nations of good will not to turn their eyes from this barbaric act

Short of calling them "culprits," the accused in the genocide case of South Sudanese are: [1] The Egyptian Government-the butt stops at Husni Mubarak; [2] The United Nations Organization-Kofi Anan must answer all questions; [3] The UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) as the specific organ of the UNO; and [4] The Government of Sudan-for complicity and complacency, and negligence-Omer Al Bashir must answer all questions. All four suspects collaborated, conspired, and explicitly contributed to the killing of South Sudanese in Cairo

The UNHCR, the very UNO organ that should protect refugees against inhuman treatment, initiated the mistreatment of the Sudanese refugees and encouraged the Egyptian government to deal ruthlessly with our people. The UNHCR degenerated into corrupt practices by denying refugee status for Sudanese refugees and worst, the UNHCR engaged in selling the approved resettlement places to those who did not need it. Whatever is the situation, the UNHCR should never encourage forced repatriation of refugees because that is against the principles of the UNO. The UNHCR has never done this to any other nationals, except Sudanese refugees, why this different treatment

The Egyptian government has been aware of the abuse and killing of Sudanese in Egypt for all these years, and the government kept quiet. Why this overlooking of serious abuse human beings? The use of brutal force against innocent, armless, and defenseless people is unacceptable by any government. Most devastating is the removal of human organs for sale-an inhuman crime of no example in human history. All these have been going on with the knowledge of the Egyptian government without any action

The Government of Sudan also knew about all the inhuman treatment of Sudanese in Egypt and it kept quiet. Worst is the Government of Sudan's encouragement of the Egyptian government to force Sudanese refugees out of Egypt. The Government of Sudan boasts peace in the Sudan, and hence encourages the Egyptian government to forcefully repatriate Sudanese refugees for political capital. In reality, the Government of Sudan knows that there is no real peace yet in the Sudan because it is still engaged in genocide in Darfur and Eastern Sudan, and that very government ignored the massacre of South Sudanese in Khartoum after the signing of the CPA and when Chairman Garang was killed in a helicopter crash on July 30, 2005. The refugees are aware of this insecurity that is why they did not want to go back home. How could the Government of Sudan try to forcefully repatriate the Sudanese in Egypt without working in concert with the Government of South Sudan and the Repatriation Commission

The UNO, under Kofi Anan knew the ordeal of Sudanese in Egypt, but chose to ignore it. The UNO even ignored to deal with the corruption of its refugee agency the UNHCR. How can the UNO Secretary General do this in the Twenty First Century?

Our appropriate action is to sue all these suspects in the International Court of Justice, and this we must do in concert with other governments. We need to retain a group of qualified lawyers to represent the people of Sudan in this case of senseless massacre. My belief is that, mere condemnation is not enough. We must take the precedent to show the world that this kind of barbaric government action should not be left unpunished. If our case is sidetracked by the world community, then Saddan Hussein, Molosevich (?), and the people in Rwanda must be set free because they are being tried for the same crime which others are not being made to answer for. This is our course of action, and I hope the GOSS plays a leading role in taking this case to court. I know that this will be a very complex process because the Government of Sudan is also involved, but we have no choice

In my mind, the Egyptian Government must pay at least $100,000,000 (one hundred million dollars) to the relatives of each person killed in the Cairo incident.

The Egyptian Government must be made to pay each person injured in the Cairo tragedy $50,000,000(fifty million dollars)

The Egyptian Government, after all the verifications for those killed is completed, must be made to transport the bodies of the dead to their relatives in the Sudan
Our lawyers can determine other measures as they see appropriate
The dismemberment of human bodies for sale of parts will also be treated as a separate case
We must work to get this case into motion. It will take time, but we don't want to allow governments to kill innocent and harmless people with impunity. This is my idea I want to share with all, if it does not make sense, please just discard it. We have precedents of concerted action against rogue governments, so we are not doing something new for others to call us crazy. We were able to put pressure and bring lawsuit against Canada's
Talisman, for complicity in killing our people, till it succumbed and discontinued its business operations in the Sudan. We have the ability to do the same in this case too. We are angry, we are bitter, we are devastated, we are dehumanized, and this is the only way for us and also, amongst many others, this is one way of turning our tragedy into something positive for the rest of the world. We still have many refugees in the Arab-Islamic countries and we don't want to allow them to use the method employed by Egypt to deal with our people. Later our government will have to devise appropriate diplomatic measures to deal with Egyptian imperial interests in South Sudan. God Bless all of us to deal with our tragedy, not lying down, but standing tall for humanity's sake