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التحية و الانحناء لشهداء الثورة السودانية ...شهداء ثورة ١٩ ديسمبر ٢٠١٨ المجيدة
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Re: كتاب عنف البادية فتنة المجاز عند اليسار ب�
Author: الفتاح
Playing the blame game is not going to stop the Sudanese genocidal wars
Or stop the institutionalized racism in Sudan. The problem must be correctly
defined , if we're to find the right solution for the Sudanese political, economic
And social crisis. The political and economic aspects of the Sudanese politics
is dominated by the islamo-Arabist's political, theological ideology
Which has been termed as Islamo-arabist ideology. This ideology is based
on a nomadic mindset. Where the thinking is of romantic nomadic life
style where they passionately and poetically praises and uphold the hostile,
belligerent and violent behaviors. The nomadic mind is not a mind for settlement
It's a mind that's still a wondering mind, and it's yet to enter an agrarian stage
Make no mistake , this is not a stupid mind, this is a very cunning
Mind that's very hungry for power and it will do whatever it takes to obtain it
Remember, this mind is a mind that has mastered the psychology of animals
And it only thinks in an animalistic term or ways. To deal with it, you
Must precisely know its psyche and its workings. Mother nature is not
Stupid. And the universe only respect and reward the intelligence
You see the nomadic, foxy mind has already done its survey and assessed the situation
And it has already seen
The big picture. it's has already mastered wilderness, hahah
Hahahaha, if you're a pampered city cat, hahaha, you stand no chance
against the wild nomadic mind, you will probably die of thirst, hunger
or eaten by wild creatures , before your battle with a nomadic mind
As I said before, the nomadic mind has already done its survey of
wilderness and the so called civilized culture, the metropolitan lifestyle
and he knows exactly what it's and he very covet it and very much desire it
Hahaha, hahahaha, aow, aow, lo' and be hold, the nomadic mind , like
All human minds, it's not immune to pauperism, pampering,lifestyle, and
Decadent life of pleasure. However, nomadic mind being a cunning smart mind
It has to the smart thing that mother nature will be proud of it
Remember mother nature and universal father only reward intelligence
They don't rewards stupidity, so the nomadic mind struck a deal with its
Nomadic cousins in the wilderness, he told them that
He will go to the city to play a civilized fox and they stay the in the wilderness
And play by the laws of jungle and they should cover for each other
The loots and plunders of this agreement will be divided among them
This is nomadic , hostile, belligerent mind that's anti-progress, and
Anti-development because development takes away its wilderness
and its life styles. The so called civilized, agrarian and progressive mind
is caught off guard , it has been caught in the pauperism
Of the decadent, pleasure seeking city lifestyle. It is dull and dumbed witted
It doesn't matter if the nomadic mind is in a city or wilderness it just reverted back
Into its savagery and do what the nomadic mind does, savagism

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