Hemedti is Putin's strongman in Sudan Written by: Osman Gasm Alsaed

Hemedti is Putin's strongman in Sudan Written by: Osman Gasm Alsaed

03-13-2022, 02:59 PM

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Title: Hemedti is Putin's strongman in Sudan Written by: Osman Gasm Alsaed
Author: عثمان قسم السيد
Date: 03-13-2022, 02:59 PM

02:59 PM March, 13 2022

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The introduction to this article, dear reader, was presented by a number of opening questions in order to put you in the heart of the matter in the sudden visit of the most powerful man of Sudan, Lieutenant-General Khalla “Hemedti” to Russia at a time when the whole world is witnessing the Russian-Ukrainian war, which was met with condemnation and condemnation by some countries and reluctance to condemn it from other countries, including Sudan .

Here, the discerning reader asks some questions that come to his mind, namely, how did Hemeti benefit from his relationship with Russia؟ What is the secret of gold in their relationship؟ Is the Russian military base in Sudan in the interest of Khartoum؟

Hemedti is Russia's first undisputed man after the ousted Bashir in Sudan. On February 23, 2022, hours before the Russian attack on Ukraine, a high-ranking Sudanese official from the Sudanese leadership meets with Russian ministers in closed meetings in Moscow. This official is Lieutenant-General Khala Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo "Hemedti", Vice President of the Sovereignty Council and Commander of the Rapid Support Forces.

He stayed in Russia with his auspicious delegation for about a week in consultations and meetings with the Russians. If these meetings are intended to serve the people of Sudan and the country, we are among those who support them, but after these meetings, he comes out with a statement condemning and condemning the artificial attack by America and European countries on Russia and Sudan’s abstention from voting against the sanctions imposed on it.

And he was not satisfied with that, but upon his return to Khartoum, he announced, in a press conference reported by local and international media, Russia's intention to build the largest Russian naval base in Sudan and Sudan's non-objection in return.

How did Hemeti benefit from his relationship with Russia؟ First, the “looted Sudanese gold” in the year 2017, the deposed Bashir described Sudan – “the key to Russia to Africa” concluded with it. Military and economic agreements, including an agreement with the Russian company M INVEST, which obtained the priority to explore Sudan in Jabal Amer. At that time, Hemedti and his "Rapid Support" forces were in control of the gold mines for the "Al-Junaid" company owned by Hemedti's relatives and the Rapid Support Company.

Over the years in secret, Hemedti’s companies cooperated with Russian companies to smuggle the looted Sudanese gold to Russia, estimated at 30 tons annually. Publicly, a number of Sudanese government officials complained about smuggling operations, and there are no official figures available until writing this article about the amount of Sudanese gold smuggled to Russia. A Sudanese official in one of the gold companies confirmed to the British Telegraph newspaper, “The gold is smuggled in small planes from the military airports in Sudan to Russia.”

Coming in second place is that Hemedti benefited from his relationship with Russia, “The Wagner Group of Russian Security Companies.” Gold was not the only privilege obtained by Russian companies, but rather it had an important role in deploying “Wagner Special Forces” to protect gold mining and exploration operations.

The European Institute of Foreign Relations confirmed that “the Russian Wagner special forces trained Hemedti’s Rapid Support Forces. And then I started rendering. Military and political aid to the Bashir regime. In 2018, Wagner's forces were accused of deploying 500 Russian soldiers in Sudan, training the army and rapid support to quell the revolution against the ousted regime of Bashir (source, Al-Monitor newspaper).

“After the fall of the Bashir regime, the Russian Wagner Special Forces relied on their relationship with the Rapid Support Forces to obtain political cover and devoted themselves to managing disinformation campaigns in favor of Hemedti,” the source, the European Institute.

I say it frankly that thanks to the Russian business of gold and Wagner, my Hemeti has controlled the largest political budget in Sudan.. Money can be spent on security or any commercial activity without the need to present an account. After the fateful coup of Al-Burhan and Hemeti, European countries cut off their financial aid to Sudan, so Russia was the best alternative to obtain Financial and military support for the coup regime.

“Hemedti’s statements in support of Russia are a heavy price he is paying in exchange for all the Russian support he has benefited from so far.” The source, Al-Monitor newspaper…

Sudan has now become, in the eyes of the United States of America and its European allies, the largest supporter of Putin in his war against Ukraine, and thus we have opened doors that we are indispensable thanks to Hamidati’s lame policy, and it is better if we remain neutral and not supportive

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