Sudanese Politicians Musical Chair’s Game By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer

Sudanese Politicians Musical Chair’s Game By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer

02-24-2022, 05:59 PM


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Sudanese Politicians Musical Chair’s Game By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer
Author: Faisal Elsayed Ali
Date: 02-24-2022, 05:59 PM

04:59 PM February, 24 2022

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(12 November 2021)

Although this article is written with the above defined title, I am nevertheless planning to discuss other issues within its context and elastic compass. I initially would like to aver that the oodles of political dust in Sudan is still concealing the whole scene and has not yet settled down. Sudanese people are currently very befuddled, remaining at a loss and very mystified about the fast and convoluted ongoing events. They are eager to know what the triangle of power in Sudan is doing on a daily basis when referring to Their Excellences Al-Burhan, Himeidti and Dr. Hamdok. The most pleasant response that they would love to hear is that all demonstrations have been bunged permanently and their children are no longer going to be killed in such perilous events. Those helpless and poor children have been continuously promised to be rewarded generously and considered for brighter futures when they join the demonstrations but those were all turned to be false promises made by a bunch of unethical politicians who were just immorally searching for backups and supports that they needed. Those are shameful endeavors for the unscrupulous politicians who kept on cheating our boys and didn’t care a bit about their safety.

Now that I am shifting to discuss a new delicate issue, I would like to assure all my readers that I wholly embrace and cleave to a very neutral, unbiased and impartial ideology or opinion when examining or evaluating any of our current political affairs. I am only concerned about true facts and not leaning towards any side. Moreover and similarly to the opinions of many old and wise colleagues that I enjoyed conversing with, I have the full courage to state without any reservations that as long as our rulers are Sudanese I have no objection to the types of any new future governments that come rule us. This is simply because we have tried a sequence of unsuccessful, abortive and unproductive types of governments since our independence day and we continued to remain poor and underdeveloped. Who can explain why is our country having unlimited rich natural resources more than even what some of the great countries have and we continue to be lagging behind with the poorest nations of the world and suffering from destitute, deprived and pitiable living conditions؟ My words might represent a very harsh and shocking statement but they are coming out of an awfully sad, tormented and agonized heart that is currently churning out a mixture of blood and tears for his victimized beloved motherland. So, I might get some humane sympathy from nonpoliticians for what I said, but I will never feel sorry or apologize to our politicians for the mere facts that I spewed out even if they felt insulted.

What I intend to highlight, emphasize and accentuate in this humble article is that we are really fed up from the repeated musical chair’s games that our politicians keep on playing. It is evidently crystal clear now that each time the game is over we got the same previous hopeless, vain and unproductive persons, heard the same ugly lies witnessed the same cases of corruptions and underwent the same mode of imposed and callous ruling by our civil servants of the democratic governments or military regimes who eventually turn to be vicious civil masters. We have always hoped that they play their musical chair game without chairs so that they all hit the ground hard enough to disappear from our faces eternally. That explains our unconcern and apathy towards opting for a specific type of government and instead of that we just keep on looking forward and hoping for getting the right people who should rule our nation. We no longer appreciate or welcome such government officials from top to bottom who used to be dishonestly elected or poorly selected to administer our affairs. To provide more explanations for the previous statement, we all know that there were always some unsecured gaps through which wealthy and corrupted people found their ways to win the elections. On the other hand some people continued to be appointed to the government through personal relationships and contacts. All of those above mentioned categories of people jumped to the government’s structures without the slightest qualifications or experiences on how to deal with the public or be productive on what they were chosen for. This was a real pity and unfortunate state of affairs that the public had to reluctantly suffer from and bear with.

We regrettably have to admit that we have a long way in front of us before attaining enough development that improves the statuses of our living and safety conditions. Nevertheless and in conclusion we would like any current transitional formation of a government, different opposing factions and observers from the International Community to know that we strongly demand from both political sides in Sudan to refrain from involving our children in the risks of their continuous demonstrations and to find other means and ways for settling their political differences. As usual I will keep my door wide open for welcoming any queries, comments or remarks that you would like forward to me through my WhatsApp accounts No. 0113489958 or 0923802670.

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