Report of Sudanese security violations against protesters and politicians

Report of Sudanese security violations against protesters and politicians

08-20-2021, 01:50 PM


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Title: Report of Sudanese security violations against protesters and politicians
Author: نسيبه عبدالله
Date: 08-20-2021, 01:50 PM

01:50 PM August, 20 2021

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رير انتهاكات الامن السوداني ضد المتظاهرين والسياسين
بقلم / نسيبه عبد الله

Report by: Nusiba Abdalla
On 18 August 2021
Link to the full report as electronic book (pdf) Which contain pictures:؟usp=drivesdk

In December 2018 Protests took held in response to rising bread costs, which were exacerbated after the government ceased to provide assistance in this area.
In an attempt to put an end to weeks of anti-government rallies, Al-Bashir announced a state of emergency and fired the government and state governors in February 2019.
April 2019: Al-Bashir is deposed by the military, which then begins talks with the opposition regarding a democratic transition.
Security forces opened fire on protestors in June2019, killing at least 500 people and leaving other people missing until now.
September 2019: As part of a three-year power-sharing deal between the military and civilian officials, as well as opposition organizations, a new administration led by Abdalla Hamdok is formed.
This report will look at what happened when Al-Bashir was deposed, and if Sudan has since become a safe and democratic country where freedom of expression and justice are guaranteed by law.

We expected that after the new government there will be safety and peace. But what happened was the opposite; lots of people killed, and others got lost, some of missed people:

Almotaman Alfatih Alataya
Missed: 22, 6 2021
After 8 days was found dead with clear signs of torture
Reason of death: A strong blow to the head

Motwakil yousuf Ahmed
Missed 24, 6 2021
Not found yet

Mohamed Ismail (Wad Akar) Political Activist Active member of Algeraif resistance committee He disappeared in April 3, 2021. After 16 days a corpse was found under the iron bridge, it was later confirmed that this corpse is the body of Wad Aker. Wad Akar speaking on media Report about Wad Akar

Bahaa Eldin Nori 45 years old An active member of resistance committees According to local media, In 16 December 2020 he had been kidnapped by men in civilian clothes by a car without plate 5 days later, He was found dead with signs of brutal torture. Fingers were pointed at the rapid support Forces.

Mohammed Ahmed Dirar
Missed and found dead

Next you will see a list of missed people, their date of disappearance and the situation wether they have been found dead or not found:

Bahaa Eldin Nori 16/12/2020 - found dead
Alaa Eldin Nasr Eldin 04/08/2020 - not found
Mohamed Ismail (wad Akar) 03/04/2021 - found dead
Almotaman Alfatih Alataya 22/06/2021 - found dead
Mohamed Izat Mohamed 29/06/2021 - not found
Yasir Salah Ali Bilal 15/04/2021 - not found
Faraj Khamees Faraj 03/02/2021 - not found
Osman Ali Alhaj 29/06/2021 - not found
Osman Ali Alhaj 29/06/2021 - not found
Mohamed Bilal 18/06/2021 - not found
Mutwakil Yousuf 24/06/2021 - not found
Mazin Ahmed Hassan 08/05/2021 - not found
Mohamed Aarif 20/05/2021 - found dead
Mubarak Hassan Altahir 20/06/2021 - not found
Edrees Ibrahim Adam 30/06/2021 - not found
Mohame Hassan Yousuf 16/07/2021 - not found
Hassan Abdulquom 18/04/2021 - not found
Sami Mohamed Issa 17/07/2021 - not found
Mohamed Ahmed Sulieman November 2020 - not found
Saif Aldin Sirag August 2021 - not found
Khalaf Hatim Albashir June 2021 - not found
Nada Ahmed Altayeb June 2021 - not found
Altayeb Hassan June 2021 - not found
Ayman Ali Sati May 2021 - not found
Yousuf Emad July 2021 - not found
Azzam Salah July 2021 - not found

All the detalils could be found on facebook group called: Missing
Link to the group:؟ref=share؟ref=share
In conclusion: the government may have changed but the mentality of the new governors is the same as the old one; From suppressing opponents to killing dissenting opinion not only that, but even worse when you have an opinion about this new government, you must fear that one day you will be lost.