The significance of the timing of the Rafale deal By Mohamed Al-Faramawy

The significance of the timing of the Rafale deal By Mohamed Al-Faramawy

05-12-2021, 09:18 PM


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Title: The significance of the timing of the Rafale deal By Mohamed Al-Faramawy
Author: محمد الفرماوي
Date: 05-12-2021, 09:18 PM

10:18 PM May, 12 2021

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As part of the strategic partnership between Egypt and France in all fields, a new deal was concluded between the Egyptian Armed Forces and the French "Dassault Aviation" company to supply 30 multi-role Rafale fighters to Egypt. The deal value amounted to 3.75 billion euros in the form of a loan repayable over 10 years, thus reaching The number of French Rafale fighters within the Egyptian air strike is 54 fighters, and this deal comes at a time when French and Egyptian interests are intertwined in a number of strategic directions, whether in the eastern Mediterranean or Libya, as well as in the Sahel and Sahara region, and facing the threats of extremism and terrorism, and this new deal for the armed forces The Egyptian supports the Egyptian strategy to modernize and raise the efficiency of its military systems, whether by developing the air or naval armament system to protect the state’s capabilities and support the foundations of Egyptian national security, and to raise the efficiency and capabilities of the Air Force and the Navy that gives Egypt a long arm to confront threats in all directions, especially that the state has a strategy based on deterrence and war. Pre-emptive, the Rafale fighters have high-precision combat capabilities in carrying out long-range missions, which achieves Ast Deterrence strategy to preserve the state’s capabilities without facing the threat of conventional wars, as the combatant possesses modern weapon systems and has the ability to carry out all tasks without being hindered by its electronic warfare system and has the ability to confront ground and air targets, and it also gives the Egyptian armed forces an operational advantage with the range of the aircraft that It reaches 1850 km, which makes it a long arm that covers all threats. The Egyptian state, with its consistent policies that are based on protection and not on threats, preserves and does not disperse, relies on the deterrence strategy as a fixed strategy to preserve its national security by possessing capabilities greater than the enemy's capabilities, whether they are combat, military or Scientific and its recent trends towards strengthening its national economy, and this deal supports its ability to confront the dangers surrounding the country, whether terrorist threats to its national security are exposed or open files, especially the Renaissance Dam file and others.