The Fragrant Memory of the late Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed Ghazalah will remain with us forever by Mahmoud

The Fragrant Memory of the late Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed Ghazalah will remain with us forever by Mahmoud

05-09-2021, 06:31 PM


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Title: The Fragrant Memory of the late Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed Ghazalah will remain with us forever by Mahmoud
Author: Mahmoud A. Suleiman
Date: 05-09-2021, 06:31 PM

07:31 PM May, 09 2021

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Dr. Ahmed Al-Sayed Ghazali, may God have mercy on him
Dr. Ahmed Ghazalah, farewell at the mercy of God Almighty, Glory be to Allah SWT

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sayed Ghazala, may God have mercy on him
Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed Ghazalah, an Egyptian national and a Sudanese Fancy and Identity, died today in the City of El Fasher. He was a specialist in ultrasound and was the director of the Saudi Hospital in El Fasher. The late Ghazala’s presence in El Fasher was since the 1970s and he did not leave it even after his retirement except for occasional visits to his homeland, Egypt.
If there was a symbol of the Egypt of the people and a pyramid of humanity walking among the people, then it is Dr. Ahmed Ghazalah, who is a man of mercy and its heavy clouds, and a drop of fragrant richness in its quality, eminence, skillful hand and knowledge, which he made it to the field of medicine for the people of Al-Fashir and gave his care and attention to them whether they were poor and rich.
Dr. Ahmed Ghazalah, that good man who was adapted by the people of El Fasher, so he adapted with them, so they made him eaten and their Egypt spread, so they eat with them the wicket and the porridge, he shared their joys and their feasts and walked in their funerals.
Dr. Ahmed Ghazalah is a pure product for the people of El Fasher, that city that gives you the name if you do not have a name and gives you the tribe if you need it and provides you with the clan and even the sons and daughters if you want and you will never feel lonely or that you are a different creation than them. This is Umm Terab Fasher of the Sultans, where all human genes are concentrated and it fuses them to give the highest level of human ability to coexist with others, regardless of their shape, color or mother tongue.

Dr. Ahmed Ghazalah singled out the people of El Fasher to provide them with the harvest of his knowledge in medicine, and the people of El Fasher extracted him as a son for everyone who lives in a cottage, a hut, and (a room built of clay) or a house of stone and red bricks.
Doctor Ahmed Ghazalah was the man who was Sudanese despite the stamp of his papers and seals, and he was as if belonged to all the ethnic tribes as if he were a Furawi, Zaghawi, Bertawi, Fallati, Ziyadi, Tamawi, Sennari, Sanhuri, Donglawi, Araki, Ja'aliya, Shaiqi, Moroccans, Kofout, Kaira, and Amazigh as he desired, and from Al-Kinin. Ahmed Ghazala, a man of us from the people of the West and from all the people of Sudan was a man whose circumstances was made by the eyes of the people of El-Fasher and was from them as they wanted him. He walked among them with joy, wandering and sadness with them. A melody as they compose. Speak to the male. He also speaks with the male to describe medicine for them and understand them. His specialty, and he appreciated and understood it, and gently guided them towards their goal, and they were kind.
Dr. Ahmad Ghazalah is a man of the good guys with the generosity of God in his goodness and kindness. He is the Most Exalted and is the one who used him to serve the people and fulfill their needs publicly in his clinic and secretly. A sincere entrance enters it, and a sincere exit takes it out, and makes for him from his authority a helper on the day that neither money nor sons benefit.
We, the people of El-Fasher, his family, condole ourselves, and we will never grave his humanity, as humanity will not be buried.
We pray to God Almighty to have mercy on our deceased, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sayed Ghazalah, who is a humane doctor and a brilliant patron. I learned many of his medical and surgical skills from him, which he used to master with great merit. And Dr. Ahmad Ghazalah considers a fragrant memory in which time or place is not good, and we pray to God Almighty to make him who is among those whom he pleased with them and make his resting place in the highest paradise.
And unto God and to Him we shall return.

اللهم آمين يا رب العالمين الله يرحم دكتور احمد غزالة ‎

اللهم آمين. و نسأل الله الرحمة للمرحوم ألدكتور أحمد السيد غزالة صديق و زميل المهنة الذى تعلمنا منه الكثير من المهارات الطبية التى هو كان يتقنها بجدارة و قد زاملته فى مدينة الفاشر و استلمت منه العمل فى مستشفى زالنجى. إن دكتور احمد غزالة يعتبر ذكارى عطرة لا يوجد بها الزمان او المكان و ندعو الله سبحانه و تعالى أن يجعله ممن رضى عنهم و يجعل مثواه الجنة. إنا لله و إنا إلية. راجعون.

Amen and we ask God for mercy to the late Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed Ghazalah, a friend and colleague of the profession, from whom we learned many medical skills that he was well-versed in, and I joined him in the city of El Fasher and took over from him the work in Zalingei Hospital as a Senior Medical Doctor. Dr. Ahmed Ghazalah was considered a fragrant memory in which there is no time or place, and we pray to God Almighty to make him among those whom He is pleased with them and make his resting place in Paradise. We belong to God and to Him we return.