Towards boosting the change process in Sudan By: Taha Daoud

Towards boosting the change process in Sudan By: Taha Daoud

11-03-2020, 06:02 PM


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Title: Towards boosting the change process in Sudan By: Taha Daoud
Author: طه داوود
Date: 11-03-2020, 06:02 PM

05:02 PM November, 03 2020

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The Sudanese peaceful revolution against the former autocratic regime which out-broke in December 2018 and ended up by ousting Ex-president Omar Albashir and his ruling party, the National Congress in April 2019, has surprised and continued to surprise people in different countries worldwide for its tremendous victory, despite of its nonviolence, in toppling down one of the most powerful dictatorships in the African continent.

Yes, some hundreds of brave youngsters were brutally killed, injured and arrested during the uprising, but their courage, enthusiasm and insistence were the main factors behind the victory of the Sudanese civil revolution of December 2018.

This great change with its vital impact on the political future of the country gives lessons to all concerned parties that these teenagers, whom we once had ignored, are the actual leaders of December revolution, and the honest makers of the country's future.

This change has proved to everybody that the life experience of the elderly has no any advantage when it comes to mass movements, and when the youngsters insist to be on the front line and lead the battle no matter how cruel and violent the ruling regime is.

Moreover, this revolutionary movement tells us that false and unfair treatment of citizens by corrupted regimes wouldn't work forever. For instance, the ousted regime of Albashir continued to adopt a religious speech in an attempt to restore, the once lost, confidence and credibility among different sectors of society, but failed to convince the people about such alleged purity and sincerity.

In my view, this change on the Sudanese political scene resulting from December revolution, is not only a mere change in the methods and mechanisms of how to rule the country, rather, it is an historical and conceptual change that goes further towards redefining the old political and social structures in the country.

This conceptual change is mostly associated with the youngsters who have grown up in the long lived regime of Omar Albashir. For thirty years the ousted regime spared no efforts to create a new generation of young boys and girls with absolute loyalty and devotion to its approach and methodology.

For a while, the young girls and boys were heavily overwhelmed by an official speech adopting the implementation of the Islamic laws and teachings on all aspects of life, but it was rather a theoretical assumption than a real exercise of said teachings in day-to-day life. In other words, the essence of the ousted regime’s official speech broadcasted via different media outlets was in contrast with the actual behaviour of the key members of the regime and its ruling party.

Also, our young girls and boys were repeatedly addressed by the former regime propaganda that the civil war in Darfur, South kurdufan and Blue Nile is for defending the Islamic values, but, again, people instantly discovered the falseness and fakeness of such assumptions.

Based on the above, the December revolution should be viewed as a conceptual change that stood against deception and injustice. It is a revolution against arresting and killing of innocent people under alleged religious and patriotic slogans.

This conceptual change revolution has produced short and long term results on all aspects. The following could be considered as part of the short run consequences.

The scene of the Ex-president and his senior companions sitting powerlessly in the police vehicles on their frequent trips between prisons and courts, sends a message to the minds and hearts of all concerned parties that it is impossible to beat the will of your people, and from now onwards, the people will never tolerate with any conspiracies or military coups against the new civil system of rule.

The members of both the Transitional Government and the Sovereignty Council have been selected from most political parties as well as the armed factions and religious minorities to send some symbolic, yet strong gesture to the Sudanese communities that no more discrimination and no more segregation will exist in the new Sudan. Every citizen has full and equal rights irrespective of his color, ethnic origin or faith.

In conclusion, I need to confirm that our dreams and expectations for a new Sudan, where the values of differences, tolerance, diversity and cooperation are recognized and respected by all, will not be fully accomplished in this short transitional period, however, our transitional government can lay down the grounds for said dreams and expectations concurrently with its efforts to pave the way for the forthcoming stage of democracy and parliamentary government.

Our newly born democratic system will flourish and grow if we agree to accept the will of majority, and at the same time, respect the views of the minority.

Taha Daoud
November 03, 2020