From Diaspora Literature Today's subtitle is: A good man is hard to find!

From Diaspora Literature Today's subtitle is: A good man is hard to find!

09-23-2020, 01:06 AM


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Title: From Diaspora Literature Today's subtitle is: A good man is hard to find!
Author: Akram Hanno
Date: 09-23-2020, 01:06 AM

01:06 AM September, 22 2020

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From Diaspora Literature

Today's subtitle is: A good man is hard to find!

"A friend is known by the company he keeps"

My dearest friends, teachers, University co-lecturers and fellow students let me today to talk about an eminent figure whom I came to know him three years ago, where I was a lecturer at University of Medical Sciences and Technology (MUST); when I was talking to his classmate Dr. Zeinab Hassoun about UN interviews and how you can overstep them. She accidentally mentioned his name, since then l knew him verbally...
I also met him virtually in May, 2020, in the Sudanese Linguistic Circle (SLC) Platform "Summer's Seminars", where l am regular member there. He humbly sent me a Facebook friend request ... From that day on we incessantly kept contacting each other every so often. All of a sudden, he mentioned that he shortly lives in Jeddah (=KSA), where l currently reside.
I courageously took the initiative likewise he did; to ask him about his phone number then later, we scheduled a meeting which was held on July 10th at Haifaa Mall where we for the first time met, physically. Frankly, I was absolutely thrilled, having met with him.

It's truly worth mentioning that l came to know Dr. Mekki Bashir Mustafa Elbadri closely as a father ( father of three little birds and a son), a friend, coach and an author who loyally devoted his life for more than two decades to proudly and profoundly talk about his University lecturer and ex-supervisor as well Dr. Vivian Yagi; May Allah let her soul rest peacefully in the highest Paradise, for whom he singled her out for writing a biography of her life - from cradle to grave and from Paris to Omdurman, where she settled in there till she buried, fulfilling her big Dream. That I am recently reviewing it, per se, a credit for me. Moreover, and above all; he is a human whom whose personality traits can uniquely be found in a person in his status; a humble, noble man and kind of folk that you instantly like him. Additionally, his exuberant knowledge make him scholarly a modest man.

I kept his company for a four-day journey to Jazan, which was really as asset for me to know him up-close. It's said that: "We're all travellers in the wilderness of the world and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend". If I am no misquoted that is so true thus I found him and cordially gives what what gets. Furthermore, he is an easy-going, open-minded and extrovert, who loves meeting new people, gathering them and get them to know each other. He is a highly methodical person that ever met; truth be told.

I am also so lucky that he introduced me to many of his relatives, friends and acquaintances; namely, Professor Awad Ibrahim - Canada, Dr. Carolyn Benson - New York, USA and Dr. Ahmad Mahil - UAE, for whom l owe many due thanks and respect. As a matter of fact, he also introduced me to Toastmasters International therefore, l am indebted for him and of course, for everything!

Last but not least, I was in his farewell on his way back to the (Big Apple) NYC, which l bitterly accepted inasmuch as life goes on.

In the end, go well, stay well and stay safe, May Allah bless you and your family as well.

Akram Hanno

Jeddah, KSA
Sept 21st, 2020

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