Is Sudan doomed to slide into total chaos؟؟؟؟ by Adaroub sedna onour

Is Sudan doomed to slide into total chaos؟؟؟؟ by Adaroub sedna onour

06-25-2020, 07:14 PM


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Title: Is Sudan doomed to slide into total chaos؟؟؟؟ by Adaroub sedna onour
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 06-25-2020, 07:14 PM

08:14 PM June, 25 2020

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Itis apparent that the broad-based alliance ,which was formed in the aftermath of the flash crash of the notorious tyranny of the deposed gen. Omer beshir ,which is ruling Sudan today, has missed the mark, as far as bringing about peace and/or achieving any of the goals which the revolting masses demanded were concerned؟in fact , it became crystal clear that, the inconsonant and flaccid alliance ,made up of groups of every description , didn't have anything in common other than removing the regime to subrogate it ,which provoked a nation-wide anger and frustration ,which has now reached a boiling point, and threatens to rock the boat, judging by the vow made by members in the ruling -alliance,who urged their partisans to take to the streets(end of current June) to , believe it or not , rectify the allegedly derailed revolution( the ruling alliance failed to curb the rising by-the-day consumer goods prices )This is a glaring evidence that the ruling-alliance is a dysfunctional , unharmonious and absonous cacophony ,which should ,soonest possible, be improved and/or, preferably,be removed. Because , people lost hope.... and have no relish to put up any longer with this weak alliance , which has evidently no significant strategy in place ,designed to save the country from sliding into uncontrollable regional/tribal affrays ,which have all the ingredients of spiraling outside sudan, and attract neighboring countries ,which are,now, openly meddling in Sudan,s internal affairs؟ This potential threat of a possible foreign interference is evident , in eastern Sudan , and to a lesser extent, in western Sudan. But then again, the blame should squarely be put on the dysfunctional interim government, which components push upatriotic , mysterious and conflicting anti- people agendas.for instance, the government , knowingly, consented to negotiating with the reminants of the toppled tyranny,who are now passing by the entities of (leaders of eastern Sudan؟؟؟)despite there being no war or unrest in eastern Sudan , Which flared tribal clashes that claimed innocent souls. All sincere and rational calls demanding to exclude the peaceful east from the futile peace initiative ,sponsored by the so-called juba forum, fell on deaf ears؟ The A begging Q is ,if war-torn South Sudan is, at any rate ,at all qualified to bring peace to it's former mother-land؟؟؟ Of course some sort of quick-fix could be concotted, and a superficial peace-agreement signed hurriedly, but then what؟ What eastern Sudan are we talking about ,and who these reminants are expecting to preside over , if they possess no land and have no popular support -base, other than their fellow refugees residing in towns؟؟؟؟
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