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By: Saeed M. Adnan – London – U.K.
Opening Remarks:
I SOUGHT to convey some of what enlightenment God bequeathed on me to others who may appreciate it; I therein used to get trapped in hot-breath contentions, and, if I may say, it was a shock to some who found out how unconversant they were with what I was on about, that led some of them to doubt my very believes or intentions.
I thus stopped writing on those controversial issues, as disputes are usually hinged on the credits of arguments and the evidence they tackle. But now, even more than before, you still find some in our Sudan, posing as puritans, still depicting with aberrancy those who dare to solely judge via the solid evidence they obtain from the very wordings of the Quran,; most aggressively by what is called the Islamic Movements, wreaking havoc and losses in lives, land and most importantly through dominating aberrancy and corruption. Around us also the disdain of the remainder of the Islamic icons nesting, first in Saudi Arabia then in Afghanistan, and in the disgraceful ISIS and Boko Haram, and how their power of evil gave rise to similar ones as Zionism and Neo-Evangelicalism in the other heavenly faiths, all like the Islamic movement rearing outside the belief in the omnipotence of the One and Only God. They reared a huge army of Ultra-Right lineage, whence the Muslim Brothers chose to break out from their Charity organisation under their leader Al Hudeibi, to theological lineages of Sayed Qutb, giving rise to many extremist organisations spewing forceful search for power and earthly winnings; thus, they joined the ultra-right world groups. Thus, they are in an opposite platform to the World Order, which founded on the disapproval of exploitation, at the time of recognition of the right of decent existence of communities and countries, the lands to which they belong, and the begotten rights wealth wealth bestowed upon all by God to remain free and to enjoy; social justice as had been preached by all pure religions, not those contrived by man, stipulated in the very wordings of the Holy Quran Ordinances from God.
Ordinance is a testament of Truth, and Guidance is the mental assimilation of that testament via the power of our brains, and that is God’s way He showed us in His guidebook in various terms that urged us to THINK, speculate and conclude, revealing it in verses for the Prophet Mohammed, the last prophet, to deliver it to us in indisputable conveyance; a Message excelled over the past Messages to previous prophets that He deemed it secure by His stipulated promise. There is the constitution of the sole miracle God gave to Mohammed, His final Prophet, an everlasting miracle for all times, however advanced the minds are by light of science and knowledge from research. That meant the ability to decipher it will wholly depend on the mental progress of humans along their periodic progress and the affirmation of perception of acceptance of the miraculous over the stages of time, in a clarity of a time-bound revelation only, from past eras, which asserts to the new generation that no human would have been able to commit such a miracle or concoct one, a lasting evidence of its Godly origin, as God said ‘We have delivered the Scripture and We shall preserve it’ Sura 15, verse 9.
As God have ordered us to realise His creations and His abilities via His perfect ordinances in the Holy Quran, to mind what is conceivable by our short minds, like His perpetuation, His Will to create us, whilst we fail to conjecture the purposes, or ingest the mentally unconceivable by our limited vision, or for anything obeying His order for it to be from nothing; or the mentally impossible of how He can be the Outer and the Inner, the First and the Last, the Guide and the Deluder and Him being the Judge and the Justice. What wisdom could there be in creating the Universe to only reclaim it, to establish torture or create the devil, along our limited vision that is dependent on the limitation of the scope of our minds, where what we experience, for us is non-existent؟
God said He “and we simplified the Quran to recite, is there a reciter؟” Sura 54, verse 17, so that Quran is worded in Arabic, versed in standing rules of Arabic Tongue, and not via dictionaries later compiled or by individual interpretation, like critics and writers that flooded the world, or the media and the world wide web, preached in the mosques, and in the Guidance, interpretation and Fatwa Divans. They infer and interfere with the original script of the Quran, and take the opinion of the majority (and they call it ‘Al Jamaa’), whence speculation, assumption, or conjecture would not serve to decipher what a testament God chose to communicate to the mental capacity of individual human beings. Such attempts are a construe to the testaments that are meant to be taken from their tray upon their baking, through the platform of the Arabic Tongue, and cannot be further conveyed except via a testament of equal philosophy, e.g., the Prophet himself (PBUH).
Philosophy is the mental matrix of true belief, the light of the brain; and it is the guidance God bestowed upon us, or we gained it in earnest by our brainy effort, via enriching its findings by way of ingesting its verses and adhering to their true meanings we arrive to, personally, and not by interpretation given by somebody else, including this writing of mine, as God stated:
In Sura 3, verse 7, “there are testament verses, foundations of the Message, and ambiguous ones (to appraise for it a fit to a foundation testament in its meaning); that only the full bodied and studious minds would know God’s interpretations”
In Sura 4, verse 59, “ordaining the obedience of God and His Messenger, or Message (on Faith), and those you chose to rule you (on earthly and social issues – not faith), and in disputes seek arbitration in the judgement of God and His Message (via His Messenger if you can attend his audience to query, and not via hearsay conveyance from him), that being the best way to interpret His Verses”.
In Sura 7, verse 53, “Beware Ye improper conjecture, as on the Day correct interpretation arrives, they regret their sin, and request to have another opportunity to do it the right way, knowing they are none but losers”.
In sura 10, verse 39, “they disbelieved what they had no knowledge of, just like the ones before them, and see what end they sought”.
Also in sura 2, verse 286, “the distinction of what a soul wins (from God through licencing or via any form of mercy or prizing), and what it earns by effort (while seeking to obey His ordinances), where the wins could be prizes or punishments (depending on how it observed His ordinances, by proper interpretation paying attention to the verses: sura 17, verse 15, sura 54, verse 17, sura 54, verse15).

Book No. 1
And now I will begin my search with this investigative research on the verses of the book to help direct the human minds to concentrate on and envisage the depth of His words in their full Arabic Tongue platform meanings, as testament, every time our brains are more capable to perceive, to prove to us what God ordained us to know and what to follow, and at the right time; His own wisdom He chose to address our minds through in stages along the life of man, thus renewing the evidence of His miracle to bestow peace upon the souls of the new generations through the Godly ordinances. I do that hoping I succeed to continue, so we achieve the error-free interpretation of the verses of the Holy Quran and the Testament they convey.
AND I START IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, to examine some verses from Sura Yaseen (Sura 36), where some verses look to bear no philosophy or ordinance, but aim to display a miracle meant to evidence that the mind only can discover its essence in due time by virtue of the human mind learning by time to decipher what secrets the verses hold, which could not have been embedded in the early Quran by a human being, thus the Quran is none but God’s words. Nobody could have conjured such a rich informative context, decipherable only when the minds much later grow to the level the ordinance needs for deciphering, every time, which makes it a time entwined miracle.
NOW, we are going to examine the evidenced reality of the race between the night and day, and the sun and the moon in the verses: Sura 36, verses 37 to 40.
As we said before, a testament is arranged by God to suit our minds every time while they grow, to decipher, making it a time bound new messenger with a miracle to support His Message of Quran via the one and last Messenger, Mohammed (PBUH), by way of hiding its secrets to reveal at each stage in human life that God Ordain, by virtue of knowledge that enlightens the minds, a power He stated in Sura 55, verse 33.
Sura 36, verse 40:
Miracle 1: The Sun is not envisaged to catch the moon
If, the sun, someone is watching, one would hypothetically, not trace light reflected from the moon on earth during the first quarter of the moon cycle around earth, as there will be none, viz. complete darkness (we call on earth new moon or Blue Moon); in a short time it appears a narrow crescent of sunlight reflected on earth at sunrise. This reflected sunlight on earth by the moon reflects away from the direction of the sun (because of the angle of projection of sunlight on the moon, and its alternating projection on earth, parts away from it in the same angle). The moon remains on the same side of the sun and begins to appear as a Waxing Crescent on earth, to complete its first quarter cycle, as First Quarter Moon. It then begins its Waxing Gibbous phase, staying most of the daytime of earth until its setting (and even to near midnight at the end of its second quarter cycle), which commences on the opposite side of earth to the sun, rising just before midday to the east. It continues to rise on afternoons up to twilight, and its moonset keeps moving from midnight till it is a Full Moon at dawn. It then starts diminishing continually in size, rising immediately after sunset and setting after sunrise in its third quarter when it becomes a Waning Gibbous just after its second Halfmoon phase, whence it sets late morning. It continues as a Waning Gibbous till it becomes a Waning Crescent, rising just after midnight, towards sunrise, until it sets late morning, moving towards midday and afternoon to the end of its final phase, or Fourth Quarter, to start a new cycle in a new Blue Moon. (follow up the phases in the moon cycles diagram).
Thus, by taking the Quranic verse that the moon is referred to as the disc of light on earth from the moonlight, we conclude an evidence it is in an orbit between the sun and earth, which also indicates there are two discs of light from it, one on earth, that cannot be seen from the sun, and one on the sun that cannot be seen from earth. Thus God showed us a fact we would not have known except lately when science helped us to visualise it (that the sun cannot catch the reflection of the moonlight on earth) as though that light is escaping from the sun that is chasing it from above, by virtue of their their orbits, and which not the Prophet (PBUH), save anybody else, had any way to know of it.
Miracle 2; from the same verse: “And neither the night overtakes the day”
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