From Quarantine and Diaspora Literature (2) By, Akram Hanno

From Quarantine and Diaspora Literature (2) By, Akram Hanno

06-21-2020, 01:36 AM


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Title: From Quarantine and Diaspora Literature (2) By, Akram Hanno
Author: Akram Hanno
Date: 06-21-2020, 01:36 AM

02:36 AM June, 20 2020

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The Remaking of the Educational Ladder
“A word is known by the company it keeps”, “Sow a thought and you will reap an action, ...” Ralph Waldo Emerson
After being catastrophically, destructively destroyed which was meant to be so but, it is staggeringly being survived or brought back to life by a new recruited army of administrators to remake or rehab it from those who climbed the ladder, reached the peak and then took it with them to cut off new climbers.
Over the past three decades, the national education system in Sudan was moribund; but thanks to Allah and those who are running this beloved country! Things are getting back on track.
Nonetheless, the country is undergoing extremely severe, tough time. We can call it “Stagflation.” Which means increasing the salaries is a double-edged sword per se, but I reckon that it is proportionately, roughly fair enough for educators, regardless of their qualifications (primary, secondary or tertiary). As a matter of fact, they deserve far better off.
On the other hand, having looked with the bird’s eye view at the social and economic wellbeing of individuals in our country, I feel it is dramatically below the poverty line. So, from this perspective, we have to measure it using the two indicators of living standards, which adherently related to salary increments.
The first one is the GDP per capita- which means people have more to spend on goods and services. I believe that this is the best suited indicator to our current economy. Nevertheless, the second one is substantially different from the previous one. However, it is worth mentioning that HDP- which is an alternative measure of living standards has three components (Healthcare, Income levels and Education). I intend to talk chiefly about the education component- which portends that the higher the average years of schooling, the greater degree of human development.
All in all, we do appreciate the Right Honourable Hamadok’s Transitional Government on the tangible improvements on the increase of educators’ salaries. However, we urgently appeal to the Ministry of Finance not to solely depend on the government’s subsidy to increase salaries and wages, but to consider available modalities of curbing the hyperinflation throughout the country as well. Otherwise the salary increment as such will be meaningless.

In my conclusion, let me single out the government with these tremendous efforts to better life, particularly, education (the Sudanese National Curricula). Can we dream that one day our universities, namely UoK, will re-compete with the high-ranking universities around the world؟ Will it sooner or later come true؟ There is a call for us, therefore; we, this generation; we ought to answer this call! It is actually high time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!