From Quarantine and Diaspora Literature By Akram, A. A. Hann

From Quarantine and Diaspora Literature By Akram, A. A. Hann

06-15-2020, 01:39 PM


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Title: From Quarantine and Diaspora Literature By Akram, A. A. Hann
Author: مقالات سودانيزاونلاين
Date: 06-15-2020, 01:39 PM

02:39 PM June, 15 2020

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Notwithstanding, the dire, tough time that we are undergoing these days, we shall prevail because we are tougher and tough times never last. Therefore, in this dark tunnel there is a glimpse of hope; and that is why I am writing.
Initially, as a matter of fact, we are bogged down by Covid-19 and roughly, life has come to standstill. So let me point out some archaeological ideologies which are uniquely related to our present day. One, as I reckon, is “Les Mains Sales” written by Sartre. Here the question is, “What does the author want to convey؟” Think over ...
Secondly if, and it is a big if, we dig deep down to take a look approximately 5 decades ago; and went through the pages of “The Game of Nations”, Miles Copeland and Gates’, we recognize his dreadful prophecies 5 years ago on the media. Additionally, on Chomsky’s speech, “Who rules the world now؟” and ‘Covid-19; what is at stake؟ Why these elderly people؟ Were they intended to be gotten rid of؟ Was it purely, tremendously by chance؟ It is clearer than crystal that even a normal reader can go far beyond the scene and think critically to figure it out as well as realize that this world is being run by an anonymous CABAL. Henceforth, I hardly ever think that there will not be a WWIII or Cold War but a Biological one.
Thirdly, The Movies and its industry is also a vital issue to be tackled. You may wonder, why movies؟ What is/are their goal(s), purpose(s) and end؟ Let me give you some examples. Will you please make a solemn pledge to watch them؟ They are as follows: Contagion- May be from its name, you can predict what might happen. Another one is Avengers part 2. Last but not least is the Blacklist season Two- “We can overthrow states’ regimes within hours.” If I am not misquoted, are all these hints coming in vacuum؟ Do we merely watch them and never apply the elements of fiction in literature؟ This will terribly raise a question- “Who are the beneficiaries؟”
Eventually, thank God and thank you Covid-19 because now we know who we are and how weak we are. We learnt the lesson from different perspectives; mentally, morally psychologically and physically. I cordially wish we could submissively return.
In my conclusion, let me send my very best wishes to every single Muslim, in every corner of the world, who observes this Holy Month. Ramadan Mubarak to you all. Optimistically, we may have spectacular future ahead.
Akram, A. A. Hanno