COVID-19 VS SEPTEMBER-11 by Ismail Abdallah

COVID-19 VS SEPTEMBER-11 by Ismail Abdallah

04-04-2020, 02:33 PM


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Title: COVID-19 VS SEPTEMBER-11 by Ismail Abdallah
Author: اسماعيل عبد الله
Date: 04-04-2020, 02:33 PM

03:33 PM April, 04 2020

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World politics, economic and healthcare are administered by the conspiracy theory, regardless type, time and place in which tragedies occurred throughout two centuries, twenty and twenty first, and whoever played a role in these tragedies. Economic experts, political analysts and philosophers have been divided into two parties, in dismantling the components and ingredients of events in their efforts to investigate, disclose and pull the facts out of the mysteriousness which is hiding behind such events, normally one party is usually used to comply with the natural impression and reaction of human beings of nowadays, who are fully controlled by mass media and guided by the orientation of what is called new world order, the other party is always reacting differently relying on doubt and following the agenda of conspiracy theory.

In the case of the current worldwide spread of corona virus pandemic, there is one indication that emphasizes the claim of those who believe strongly in conspiracy related agenda, it is the overwhelming media coverage of this disease, which did a big job in convincing every single individual living on the surface of our earth, and persuading everybody that the globe never witnessed such a horrible disaster like covid-19, and in order to put a firm trap that can let the mind of everyone fall in, and deliberately force all people to believe the story, some international outstanding figures are involved in this scenario , like the British PM who has been exposed to the world media as one of those who are positive tested of covid-19 in UK.

The similarity between the two events (COVID-19 PANDEMIC and SEPT 11 CRISIS) is the importance of necessity and need of reshaping the global Economic, those in need of this rearrangement are both the two giants of world market competitors who are dying to take priority of the international economic leadership, though none of them has declared clearly what is the reality of this ghost (corona virus), and still the exchanged accusations between the two sides implies that a silent and cold economic war is going on, a soft struggle is leading the propaganda of this horrified creature which can’t be seen unless it is put under the eye of a microscope, the US currency (Dollar) fall down and the Chinese Yuan raise up is the best example of the emerge of this Corono-Phobia.

Social physical distancing, staying at home and combating social and religious traditions and values, such as forbidding shaking hands and gathering inside mosques and churches, all these obligations are the fundamental factors that encourage online trade and cyber businesses, the indirect impact of the precautions legislated by health authorities will change the daily individual behavior of buying and selling, at the end of the day one of these two struggling giants will gain the privilege of this change, and most probably the gainer will be that one who has already established a great inphrastructure for sustainable online trade, as long as this kind of business is taking control of the collective activities of people.

Soon after the breakout of Sept-11 crisis, the one who was behind that devastating destruction of New York twin towers appeared in the scene, US president at that time Mr. George W Bush declared his war against terrorism, then the real secret of the horrible crisis was disclosed, and the nations of the whole world understood why US led a war against those regimes, which were dominating the territories through which the oil and gas (power resources) is flowing to the international markets, at that time United States was facing potential severe economic crisis.

Declaring a war and changing international laws and legislations require an effective and convincing excuse, such as stating that a dangerous spread of a global pandemic is on the way, or using the mass media to horrify people and warn them about a threat that is targeting the international social security, it is called (Investing in human beings fear), a weapon that is used by leaders of businesses and entrepreneurs who lack morals.

Ismail Abdallah

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