The children of Israel are the Nubian Sudanese honoured by Abdullah Maher Sharifi Ansari.

The children of Israel are the Nubian Sudanese honoured by Abdullah Maher Sharifi Ansari.

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Title: The children of Israel are the Nubian Sudanese honoured by Abdullah Maher Sharifi Ansari.
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who were weakening the east and west of the land that blessed us, and the word of your Lord is good over the children of Israel, including the patience and destroyed what was making Pharaoh and his people and what they were living - customs 137) (and this Koran tells more to the children of Israel 27) Yes, this great Qur'an shows all the differences and misunderstandings, false history and facts of the children of Israel and all the religion of the worlds, and that the Holy Land, which God inherited to the children of Israel, is the land of Mount Tur years in the city of the name of Mecca in ancient Saudi Arabia and not in Palestine, as he said This is the great Quran. The researchers said: - Where the mountain, which will have a great deal at the end of time, where will go to Jesus, peace be upon him, Mahdi and Mahdia, it is said that Egypt in particular Sinai and another saying that in Sudan and the truth is unknown! I said based on the statement of the Koran God says and verification and investigation and research a lot that Mount Tor years Moses peace be upon him is a mountain in MRA in western Sudan and has the same specifications Mount Tur years. It is worth mentioning that the word "Aden" is a Hebrew word meaning joy. The Garden of Eden is "a garden of joy" or "a garden of pleasure," said the truth (and when we said enter this village, eat it where you want and enter the door prostrate and say a stop forgive your sins and we will increase the good - Baqarah 58 civilian) (and told them to inhabit this village and eat them where you will and say a stop and enter the door prostrate forgive your sins we will increase the benefactors - norms 161 Makiya) (and when we said enter this village - and inhabit this village .... It is absolutely the Holy Land which God Almighty inherited to the children of Israel honored, we have a house Physicians with the Prophet and Muslims accurately said, (the village) ... It is pointed out to show the home of the descent and Meccan verse also mentioned the village and the Holy Land (this village) ... in Surat civilian. The book of the Torah says to the people of the book after the story of the killing of Moses Klim God of the Egyptian man and his escape to the land of the debtor: In the middle of the bush and if the bush is burning with fire and is not burning, Moses said, I am inclined and look at this great sight what the bush does not burn, and the Lord saw that he had tended to look, God called him from the middle of the bush and said: Moses, Moses, he said then. He said: Do not go down here, take off your feet from your feet, the place where you are located a holy land and said I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob ... Now come I send you to Pharaoh and brought my people Israel from Egypt .. I will be with you, and this is a sign for you that I sent you: If you brought the people out of Egypt, worship God on this mountain, and Moses said to God, Behold, I go to the children of Israel, and I say to them, the God of your fathers sent me to you. What shall I say to them, God said to Moses: I am the being, and he said: So he said to the children of Israel, Being sent me to you. You and the elders of the children of Israel will intervene against the king of Egypt, and you will say to him, "The Lord has given us the Lord of the children of Israel. We will now walk three days in the wilderness and sacrifice to the Lord our God." ): Did you talk to Moses * When he saw a fire, he said to his family, Stay, I am a fire, I should bring you a socket or find a fire Huda * When he came Nodi, O Moses * I am your Lord, take off your shoes in the holy valley rolled up * And I chose you to listen to what suggests * I am God, there is no god but I worship me and pray for my memory. (When Moses spent the time and walked with his family, Anas by the fire) * He said to his family your mother Wa * I INST a fire for them to come to you the news or embers from the fire that you may Tstalon * When Otaha was heard from the beach right in the valley of the blessed spot from the tree that Aamosy I am Allah, the Lord of the Worlds). Let us examine these texts and details with precision both geographically and linguistically. Moses looked after the flocks of the flesh of a debtor priest in the land of the Midianites, and the Midianites, as they are said in the Torah, were the sons of the Sarari who Abraham pushed them eastward into the land of the sons of the East, while Isaac remained in the land of Canaan. In which Isaac grazed in the land of Canaan, that is, east of the land of the Canaanites. How can this be corrected with the picture that became the things in the Zionist forgery that made the Canaanites in Palestine, and the Midianites south of Palestine. The Sinai are all on the borders of Egypt and northeast of the Red Sea !!! The Messenger of God Moses was grazing in the wilderness of Median near Mount (Horeb), which is (Torsnin) Valtor is in the wilderness of Median and the east of the Canaanites, how can this be corrected with the fraud that made it in the south of the Sinai desert؟ When the Torah stated that God commanded Moses to go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt and walk three days to worship God and slaughter him on the mountain, it determined the distance between the land of the Egyptians and the mountain, which is the Tur, taking into account that the march is a pastoral march involving sheep and The young people also include women, men, elders and children, and they will not exceed forty kilometers at the latest. In addition, the Koran added another detailed description on the land blessed by God and reminded us that Moses was in (Wadi Tawa) when the Lord manifested him On the mountain on the shore of the right valley and this (Wadi Tawa) is this me Located north of Al Aqiq, the Kara Valley, which meets the Euphrates Valley east of Ghamid and Zahran, is still on the map of the region to this day in the Arabian Peninsula of Hejaz, and there is no other valley in the Arab world bearing this name. Jealous . - The meaning of phase years: The (phase) in the dictionary means mountain wooded. In the ancient Arabic (Toro) means: the mountain. As for the word (Huraib) if we open the Chaldean dictionary we would find it means: blackberry, blackberry, ruins, desolate. This is confirmed by the biblical text (the leg of the sheep beyond the wilderness until it led to the mountain of God And the angel of the LORD manifested him in the flames of fire from the middle of the bush, and if the bush was burning with fire, and it did not burn, and Moses said, Emile, and see this great sight, the bush does not burn, and the LORD called him out of the bush. The torch was a fire ... when Nodi came from the shore of the right valley in the blessed spot of the tree.) The Holy Quran used instead of Tur to be called "Sin Sin" in Al-Tur. Was it meant a mountain in the Sinai desert of Egypt as it is forgery today, even if we return to the biblical text؟ From the Greek Septuagint to Ancient Arabic with its various writings, we find that the word is (Toro Sini) and that the word Sini in the Chaldean Arabic dictionary is a plural name for masculine and feminine, which means blackberry, bush, and we do not need to emphasize that the accuracy of the expression in the Qur'an is Part of his amazing linguistic miracle, the Koran has mentioned the word (Sinin) in a formula The plural is attached to the formulas of the appendices by collecting the masculine masculine because the meaning of the plural is actually the raspberry or the wormwood. (Sinin) is the collection of (x) and (sinin) and means raspberry, and rarely used except in the plural only. (Tor Sinin) Quranic also means Mount Alaq and not Mount Sinai desert, as is the case in the forgery today, note that the desert in the Sinai hundreds of mountains and not one mountain. The (Wadi Tawa) means in ancient and modern Arabic Valley of fasting or fasting, which is in the holy spot of the land that (God blessed) before Abraham and after Abraham, including immigrant Bani Ismail grandparents Messenger of Islam Muhammad bin Abdullah to Mecca in the time of Adnan: It was in the history of Ibn Khaldun and the history of Tabari: Adnan news generated a number of children, the most famous and know them in their eyes contagious and Ak. The news has claimed that the stomach lived in the days of Bakhnasr, and that the preparation concluded to Harran when the king of Babylon attacked the people of Hsora. As for his father Adnan, Bakhtnasr met with those who met him from Hosur and others in the same race. Danan in his days and when he died Bakhtnasr came contagious from Harran to Mecca and found his brothers and his cousin have joined the sects of Yemen (there) and married them)) The Harran is the center of the Aramean Arab tribe in the dark east of the Euphrates Valley (Thrathat) and Bakhtnasr is the agent of Babylon station And not the king of the central state in Babylon the capital. The land from which Adnan the great-grandfather of Muhammad bin Abdullah and his group emigrated to Mecca is the Holy Land near Wadi Tawa and the development of Sinin, where all the Arab prophets and the Israelites were sent before the mission of Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet Muhammad, when the Prophet Muhammad was told when Hit it (that is the land of your migrant). We conclude the following conclusion: Mount Tur Sinin is not in present-day Egypt, but Mount Blackberry in the Arabian Peninsula Hijaz Saudi Arabia, and therefore the migration of Moses, his group, the Israelites from Egypt to the land of Palestine is an alleged migration and false baseless and is a lie and misrepresentation. He said, "When Moses spent the time, he walked with his family, Anas by the fire. He told his family. God is the Lord of the Worlds - Stories 29-30) This verse shows us the home of Mount Tur years and the sacred valley folded which is east of the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and is exactly located in the village of Hudaybiyah west of Mecca Holy Land exclusively did not know in ancient history what is the name of the Arabian Peninsula Hijaz؟ Makkah was named as an old debtor, the Meccan Median, a place where Moses escaped and took refuge from Egypt's Pharaoh - Sudan is now the land of Nubia sensed silence and he worked for several years and married the daughter of the city Zipporah, the people of the debtor are the people of Moses Kalim God, built his cousin Ismail The son of Abraham peace be upon them and the name of the debtor means religion, a city of religion or religion and religion of religions, it was said in the books of the people of the book that the debtor is the name of the debtor Israel, actually owe, is the land of the House of Israel E Holy God, which is built by Israel to enter and where to devote themselves to perform the Hajj, a land that God gave it to the children of Israel honored. Al-Haq said (I am your Lord, take off your shoes, you are in the holy valley folded - Taha 12). This sacred valley is located today in the Saudi village of Al-Hudaybiyah, west of Mecca. The holy valley is folded because our Lord God showed Moses with fire and spoke to him, so Allah Almighty ordered him to take off his shoes. Moses Kalim Allah He came to the people of the ancient Arab city of Mecca holy land and married them and worked there for 10 years and was calling his cousins built the Arabs of Mecca to the religion of God Almighty Islam and here the statement of the Mahdi Mithani Moses Kalim God (and I was a minor in the people of the city recited them verses but Dispatchers - I was not next to Tur as our club but the mercy of t You have to warn some people what I am warning from you may remember - stories 45 - 46) and the context and what you are ... not to deny it is a word for emphasis, as we say the Sudanese Arabs in the language of the talk - what I was with you, I was with you. Al-Mahsa Al-Donglawi Al-Sharif Al-Ansari and one of the descendants after the Israelites built the house of the prophet Al-Ibrahim upon them prayers of God all (we are pleased with your tongue to preach to the righteous and foreshadow by some people - Mary 79). The blessed Rahman said the majesty and honor my love (and I was Taoia in the people of the city recited them verses, but we were sent - and I was next to the phase, as we called, but the mercy of your Lord to warn the people of the prognostic by you may remember - stories 45 - 46) said the right to Mahdi Expected messenger of God sent Moses in the hereafter that you were resident in the people of the city of Mecca by 7000 years invites them to the religion of God Islam ... You are not showing the signal of Surat Yassin, which is preceded by Nada ... O Moses and the Holy Quran, you are one of the messengers on the path This is a harbinger of the first vow - salaam al-yassin For the Almnzer shown is the Mahdi who will be succeeded by God Almighty succession in the land and is now Vbshroa O worshipers of God righteous, God said in the Koran and the Torah to the Mahdi - do not wish Ftzthar - and do not have fear and you are our security *** nor be safe by carrying honesty, Therefore, the awaited Mahdi is hidden and our prophet Moses said to God in the original Torah that is with me. And she taught me what was going on *** and I became knowledgeable, and the Qur'an showed, and my covenant was the secret of the secrets of her secret *** and she cried out. And the right for them because I have *** hidden place and invisibility preventive. He said that the holy site of the holy valley folded (when we came from the right valley beach in the blessed spot of the tree) that Moses, I am God the Lord of the worlds - stories 29) The tree described here has been described accurately by God Almighty our Prophet Muhammad It is a tree of allegiance Radwan in the village of Hudaibiya west of Mecca, came in disputes talk Moses *** In the sacred valley do not Tamara. I see the great verse called out *** and lied disobedient water water fire. He said the righteous blessed and exalted (may Allah be pleased with the believers as they pledge allegiance to you under the tree - conquest 18). The Holy Mount was here in the Hudaybiyah region of the blessed Saudi Arabia, which was lifted and landed in western Sudan, Darfur. And remained the sacred valley folded in the Hudaybiyah city of Mecca Saudi Arabia today, and tomorrow all hidden under the light of God apparent *** and God only in facts is valid. He said the truth (Taking our charter and lifting you above the stage, take what we have come to you strongly and remember what you may fear - (63)). Allah Almighty said: "We raised above them with their covenant and said to them, Enter the door to worship and tell them not to count on the Sabbath and take a heavy covenant from them." (Al-A'raf 171) (As we have chosen the mountain above them as a sunshade, It is Mount Tur which is plucking and plucking context The Arabic word is purely Sudanese and means extraction of something and remove it from the status and does not exist in the original position. At the last time he plucked the mountain and the earth and took off from the original place of divine power and flew in the sky. He flew from his place, the Holy Land of God. He developed the years of the Hijaz owe and has no presence in his native village of Hudaybiyah. Saudi Arabia, west of Mecca owes, and this is what you tell the people of Mount Mera that Mount Mera came from Mary Hijaz Mecca and landed in Darfur, western Sudan, good news to you, the people of Sudan honored. Jebel Mera al-Mustakin today in western Sudan Dar Fur is Mount Tur years Musa Klim Allah, a very beautiful sacred mountain, where the spirit and elevation is a great tourist attraction and the most beautiful natural area on earth, the Government of Sudan and the Ministry of Tourism and Arab brothers investors very fast investment in Jebel Marra area and the establishment of tourist hotels and airport to equip the area for tourists and visitors who will come to her from all countries of the world for pilgrimage and visit to see the Holy Mount, I heard a saying I do not know how true that the richest man in the world Bill Gheit American philanthropist owner of the famous company Micro Soft: And Pia and the Eternal City and Zeon is a mountain of Mour Tur years, and will migrate to them and spend the rest of his life, and Mount Tur years Mra is the holy Mount Zion of the sung to him a lot of singers of religious music singers, such as Bob Marley - Third World - culture and Prince Mohammed - The Heptones - The Abyssinians - The Mighty Diamonds… and all these famous artists have sung to the Mount of the Holy Mount Zion Holly Mount - it is the Marrah Mountains and all Christian scholars and religious intellectuals are looking for this holy mountain and most researchers and these western singers believe the mistake that Mount Zion in Ethiopia! This is a misconception: it is in Sudan and Sudan is the promised land and the land of most of the great messengers of God and the children of Israel honored prayers of God on them all, and Mount Tur years years Moses bitter it is the holy mountain that will go to Jesus Isa bin Mary and the Mahdi and their supporters Mahdia and the Mahdi will reside in his great kingdom. Phase years is the promised land in which the conquest of Muslims and praise God, Lord of the Worlds. There is a law of punishment of murder is found in the Bible Talmud to the people of the book prevents the Jews from the Mount of Tur (warning to every Jew touches Mount Tur fate stoned to death - Exodus 19-13) Is this conceivable O Eshkenazim Jews lost! You are not one of the honored children of Israel, you are agam climbers obsessed with the children of Israel Samar and black Nuba Arabs, this nonsense put by you Satan and his sinful infidels infidels blew up. And waterfalls for the planting and fruit, Moses Klim God is the engineer who designed his stick Paradise Mount Tur years. He came to talk - Moses peace be upon him came out one day to monologize his Lord and then asked his Lord, saying: Lord show me how the weak takes the right of the strong .. God said to him Almighty go to such place ... On such day .... After the afternoon to see and learn ..How the weak take his right from the strong .. Moses went wherever his Lord ordered him to the place that he described him ... He saw a waterfall out of the mountain ... (must focus in the place where he described to our master Moses waterfall and water and mountain) Moses sat on it Peace is seen and insightful and contemplating, if a knight comes riding camel him want water, knight got off his ride and took off his belt, which was impeding his movement during the arrival of water and placed on the side of villages B of him drink water rider and washed off and forgot his belt, which he put aside .. And then came a young boy riding a donkey to the waterfall wants water to drink and then washed and when he wanted to leave his eyes fell on the belt of the rider who had forgotten the rider next to the water, the boy opened the belt if he is full After the boy went away a little old man came to the water to drink and wash and the Prophet of God Moses wants to earn and meditate and while he is also came to the knight who forgot his belt at the waterfall and quickly looking for the belt did not find him, asked the old knight Sheikh. Where's the belt you left here؟ Sheikh replied, I do not know and did not find a belt here, and while Moses wants here Knight months sword and beheaded the old Sheikh ... Moses was looking and wishing and thinking Moses said: Lord, this knight wronged your servant, the old Sheikh, his Lord said to him, Moses old Sheikh had The father of the knight was killed a long time ago, but the boy was his father had worked with the father of the knight twenty years and did not give him his right Valvars took his father from the Sheikh .. Ghulam took his father from the knight, and thus take the weak right of the strong and rich. The friend of Professor / Alaa Eddin Idrissi senior researcher in Nubian civilization and the head of the intellectual institution for the documentation of Sudanese civilization - As for the waterfall which has water, which described to our master Moses, the views of scientists and experts that it is Jebel Marra, which is the Holy Mount, which was mentioned in the Koran and many of the Torah Holy Mount Zion, it is Montenegro, the Holy Mount of Olives, which is called the Holy Book of the People of the Book. When I was working on a scientific search for Mount Mra, I got to know the Shartai-Bin Al-Zaeem, and I told him that Mount Mera is Mount Tur years of the holy Moses, and he told me from where you have this serious information, I told him inspiration from God, the Mount Mra is the same The specifications that God said in the Koran, he said to me ratified, and that the family of the ancient told him that the mountain bitter Mary came to them coming from the land of Mecca Hijaz Saudi Arabia in the old! This is also what some of the people of the book say in their books that the Garden of Adam was transformed and lifted from its original place and disappeared to disobey the people and Vsovhm them, the same descriptions of Mount Tur. 160 And the truth was said, `` And we cut them twelve tribes of nations, and inspired us to Moses; These verses indicate that Mount Tur years of Moses is a very large mountain with the eyes of the water struck by the Kalim stick to distribute the land of the mountain to the twelve tribes of the tribes to dwell in Mount Tur and germinate tillage and planting, which is the same descriptions of Mount once, a very large mountain with many eyes Come out of the stone and whenever you look up a Mount cities and find different tribes and people. The Saudis and the Arabs in the land of the Arabian Peninsula and some Nubian Arabs, the Sudanese Egyptians in the land of al-Mahs, Dongola and Aswan are the original Israelites and the twelve tribes honored the people of Moses, peace be upon him. The researcher and former lecturer at the Islamic University of Omdurman - Faisal Mohamed Ahmed, to the presence of the tomb of the owners (the people of the cave) at the top of Mount Marra! Saying that it confirms the truth of the description mentioned by the glorious Koran, pointing out to the existence of traces on some rocks indicating the existence of the four heavenly books Torah Zabur Gospel Koran in the same region, and he confirmed through scientific research to the existence of an original copy of the Holy Torah not misrepresented Mt. Families who assured him that the book is a legacy owned by one of their former ancestors. Mount Marra is surely Mount Tor years Moses Kalimullah and Mount Bani Israel lost, and I was the first to discover in my scientific research, and brought some of the stacks of the children of Israel to western Sudan and that the Arabic language spread in western Sudan in the ancient inhabitants of Mount Bera Israel Arabs black Moses people And brown. One of my friends told me that a woman from Jebel Marra told him when she came back to visit her family in Jebel Marra, the menstrual period stops when her stay in Jebel Marra stops and when she leaves, the menstrual blood comes back to her! There is a common saying that the elixir tree of life grows in the tops of the blessed Mt. (Lord Almighty said: "phase, and the book artifact, the parchment publication, House Ma'mur, ceiling raised, and the sea Almsgeor, the torment of your Lord of the reality of what his motivation" - phase: 1-8). (The Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him And he handed "the house of ours from Mecca"). The Surah of Israel built the Koranic Isra is a manifestation of Isra and Miraj Sayyid Musa Kalim Allah from Saudi Arabia Makkah Al-Masjid al-Haram to Al-Aqsa Mosque above the heavens, which is the house of the world and issued a statement of verses confirming that Allah Almighty and gave him the tablets and newspapers, which is the book of Criterion - the Koran is our master Moses came with him after the Torah prisoners to God and said Moses in the Torah - Srit Isra submitted Geloh *** I saw Bmaraja wonders of workmanship - and I am in you Isra *** imam because I am a star trail Balthreyh.otb The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is in Surat al-Najm, and he reminded us that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) once said to his companions: “Do you know what the house is built؟” They said: Allah and His Messenger know best, he said: “It is a mosque in heaven The Ka'ba, if it had fallen on it, or upon it, seventy thousand kings would pray in it every day, and when they came out of it, they would not return to the last thing upon which the land was upon Egypt. Holy Look God (enough of the Koran is enough - this is some of the Torah saying) and know full well that the Criterion has descended from the wall in the first newspapers to our master Abraham and Prophet Moses peace be upon him is a statement of the Almighty in ( Al - Ali - has succeeded from Tzki and mentioned the name of his Lord quarterly but affect the life of the world and the hereafter the best and kept and that this in the first newspapers newspapers Ibrahim and Moses). He said the truth (And when Moses came to our mikatna and his Lord spoke to him, the Lord said show me see you said you will not see me, but look at the mountain if he settled in his place will see me when the Lord made him to Dhaka and Moses fell shocked when he woke up said Glorified you and I am the first believers - customs 143) It was in the Holy Land at all Mecca and there is no holy land other than Mecca honorable, which is the land where the children of Israel refused to enter and said the people of the Jabalin tribe built the traction that built the rule of Mecca, built by Ismail Al Beit prophecy Abrahamic Arab and the Amalek evil Quraish rule the land of pilgrims in Mecca Mecca was a walled village with a paid door A money or a price to allow you to enter the door to make a pilgrimage like today, the Amalek built criminals criminals and wanted to kill our Lord Moses and struggled and fought our master Moses powers Secretary when God gave him the tablets for the ten commandments in Mecca, which was a retreat in the pilgrimage in Mecca for forty days (and Moses promised thirty The night and Atamtamha ten Vtmat Lord forty night Moses said to his brother Aaron Khalafni in my country and reform and do not follow the path of spoilers - usages. The Holy Land of God is the holy city of Mecca, which was dominated by the tribe (dragged) tribe of the Giants, who defeated the descendants of the Prophet of God, Ismail and took control of Mecca and conducted the rituals of pilgrimage for their own account. From the hand (tribe dragged usurpers) and when they feared and refused jihad for the sake of God to liberate the Holy Land and said to Moses with all the lack of literature and disbelief sinners go you and your Lord Vkatla! God forbidden the pilgrimage to enter the Sacred Country for forty years. The prohibition included specifically (the worship of the pilgrimage only), but they were able to liberate the Holy Land during the reign of King Goliath, when he killed (the prophet Dawood Khalifa God) Goliath King Goliath tribe king Dragged them in Mecca and liberated the Holy Land from the usurpers built their drag. The airstrip of prophetic messages, books, the first religious divine newspapers and the father of all the Arab prophets and the sons of Israel, Abraham, was in Sudan, and the ancient Sudanese Nubian language is the origin of all languages and we find many contexts of the Koranic Arabic origin Nubian, and that the Sudanese Nuba north is the origin of the Arabs, Sayyidina Ibrahim, Lot, Luqman al-Hakim, passing through Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and all his sons, Sayyid Yusuf al-Siddiq and his brothers, the tribes of Israel, honored his descendants to Moses, all of whom were from the north of the Nubian State of Kushite. The Sudanese Pharaohs are much older than the civilization of Lower Egypt by about 3 thousand years, anthropologists said that the ancient pharaohs of Nubian Koshi Sudanese, and there are some scientific explanations of the Koran assume that the first entry to ancient Egypt in northern Sudan today was during the reign of Joseph and his brothers sons of Jacob ( Israel) through Abyssinia humiliated that Joseph peace be upon him was sold in the currency of dirham, which was in Yemen and Abyssinia and Nubians and Kushites, as well as when they returned from the same road during the reign of Moses peace be upon him. Sayyidina Jacob and all his sons were in northern Sudan Kush Tassiti and you have added when they said Joseph brothers to our master Jacob Israel .... and Nimir our people ... It is the region of Ndmiri in Dongola, a country of people Jaafar Mohamed Nmiri former president of Sudan, a village existing to this day in All the prophets, including our father Abraham and all the children of Israel, were in this Sudan our right, but the devil and the Gaon party obscured the facts and evidence and alternated with disbelief and stupidity. Here we will restore the history of the origin of the Nubians Egyptians. . The Nubian Kushites are the chosen people of God, the honored people of Israel, who are favored by God over all worlds. They are the people of Moses, peace be upon him, as this great Qur'an and the books of the Jewish and Christian writers confirms. Al-Jafri, who was asked about the origin of the Quraysh, Arabs of the island, valleys and the Arabian Peninsula, said: Their origin is from Keith and Keith from Kush and Kush from the south of the valley. Al-Haq said (to say, but the book was revealed to two communities by us and if we were studying for the oblivious - cattle 156), this verse proves that this great Koran has descended on the tongue of two Arab people and they are the people of Sudan Nubian Cochin the people of Moses peace be upon him Israel honored all the worlds and the people of Arabia Arabia people of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And yes, the Koran came down with an Arabic tongue shown and we the people of Sudan Arab Nubians talking classical Arabic since the time of our Lord and our father Adam to our contemporary time and the Koran and the Torah have descended with a tongue Arab Sudanese indicated. The great expert in the Egyptian Nubian civilization / Charlie Bonnet: that the city of Kerma Nubian (meaning "Dikkil) or the Red Hill, and archaeologists have proved that the city of Kerma more than 9500 years old, and said that the fact unknown to the peoples and perhaps the people of the Nile Valley itself is that Nubian kings in northern Sudan ruled the Egyptians for centuries, and that the Nubian civilization is the first civilization to be established on earth, and the most ancient civilization witnessed in history is in the city ("Kerma" the capital of the Nile) and the capital of the first kingdom in the world as confirmed by the Swiss archaeologist Archology known in the European continent (Charlie Bonnet) This fact before the eyes of the TV camera The effect that the transfer of a large part of the remains of the Sudanese civilization, seems to be of pride in this civilization, which he became part of it, where he remained in Sudan forty years. Professor / Artoud Mohammed Osman King, a researcher in the Nubian language - Sheikh Prof. Dr. Hassan al-Fatih near God (may God have mercy on him) in his book values (Sudan Dar al-Hijratain) p. 13, citing the Torah that the prophets Abraham (peace be upon him) married two women from the country One of them is Hajar or Isma'il, and the other is Kator, referring to the first part. Ali Shariati in his book (Pilgrimage: Philosophy of Rite and Meaning). Nubians are the sons-in-law of the prophets Abraham (peace be upon him) and the uncles of Abu Arab Arabs Arab Ismail (peace be upon him). They have pride in this relative brother-in-law, and they have all the goodness of that honorable maid. There are 243 pyramids in Sudan, the oldest of the pyramids of Egypt and Cairo and is well known that all the statues of the pharaohs in Egypt Cairo are black Nuba, and the Sudanese Nubian Pharaonic civilization in the south of the valley is the oldest and most ancient civilization established on the face of the earth, and Messi is the name of Moses in the old Nubian meaning meaning native, Wild Sen means Nubian Si - water and remote means the holy water of God, and Scott means Nubian Su code and means water rocks, a region of gondolas in northern Sudan to the south of Lower Egypt In which he was crucified Magicians pious Muslims who believe that our master Moses, peace be upon him and have descendants in the trunks of palm trees. Our professor and the great researcher in the Nubian language and ancient civilizations / Al-Khair Muhammad Hussein, the Nubian language and the Holy Quran: Ibn Attiya says: These words are originally a lexical but used by the Arabs and her carriage, it is Arab in this way has been Arab Arabs, which descended the Koran some tongue mixing with other tongues In the travels and journeys of Quraish and travel traveler bin Abi Amr to the Levant and travel Omar bin al-Khattab and travel Omar bin Aas and Ibn Al-Walid to the land of Abyssinia and travel Asha to the confusion, the Arabs did all of this Ajazza changed some of the lack of letters in Haujert to ease the weight of Ajmha and used in the notice and interlocutor Here even the right course was Arab, and signed the statement, the Arab ignorance of what, Vkjhlh including the language of others, as Ibn Abbas did not know the meaning of Vataraly otherwise. * The words are: - Mishkat: Means alcove Phase: The mountain The sponsors: the weak and Ethiopian Kassoura: The Lion-Ethiopian Dusk: Cold-stink-Turkish Kastas: Libra-Roman Shale: stones and clay - Persian language Right: Sea - Syriac Enlightenment: the face of the earth. He added: I will mention some of the Nubian words in the Koran, which was used by the Arabs at the time, has been the author of research in the science of the Koran Dr / Manna Al-Qattan the origins of these words to Persian and Abyssinian and it is true that Nubian origins, and because the Nubian language, although it contains human history, but neglect The deliberate pain experienced by officials in the north and south of the valley was sufficient reason to ignore others with the secrets of this language, and this was evident in the work of many writers and researchers refer the ancient Nubian nomenclature to other civilizations that emerged after the Nubian civilization at various times. Here are some words of Nubian origins in the Koran, including: - Ksoura: Almighty said (as red environs escaped from Ksoura), which consists of two syllables, arc: and means the bottom of the throat, ie the front part of the neck, and url: means clinging to any catch with jumping Kossurl is the name of a predator in Nubian. • Hatta: The Almighty said in Surat Al-Baqarah (and say Hatta and enter the door prostrate) Hatta means barrier Nubian It means the same meaning in the Koran, when it is said Nubian (Aki Mirnh station) means: between me and you barrier. • Crisp: The Almighty said in Taha by the words of Moses peace be upon him (and amazed by the sheep and me other purposes) Crisp means: Stand for the animal Nubian and mean the same meaning in the Koran. • Basa: The Almighty said in the incident describing the horrors of the Resurrection (and the mountains Basa Bas): Bas means the act explodes and fragmented Nubian and in the Koran means fragmentation and explosion. • Tor: Almighty said in the same surah (Afritam fire that Torun) Tor: Calls the act ignites and the name of the bellows machine used by the mourning to blow the fire and that Nubian in the north and west, and in the Koran the same meaning ie: Tqdon. • Qurati: The Almighty said (Korra appointed me and yours) Qurti Nubian means: joy, and we have already mentioned in the name of Qarun in previous episodes. • Decency: is the table or the seat of the mud, the Almighty said (when the Lord demonstrated the mountain made him Dhaka and Khrmosa shocked). We have already mentioned extensively in previous episodes when we explained the meaning of Totel Taka. • Edda: The Almighty said in Surat Maryam (you have come something Eddie) Oddi: scandal and shame means Nubian. • Awan: He said in Surat Al-Baqarah (verse 68) in describing the cow of the children of Israel (it is a cow that does not impose or Bakr Awan between that) Awan: origin in Nubian (time): It means the stage or period, and the year in Nubian is (Jin - • Samdon: Almighty said in Surat al-Najm verse -60 / 61- (laugh and do not cry, and you Samdon). Samdon: Nubian means: drunk, and the name of them: Samid: sugar. • Arabic: Origin in Nubian (Arribu) and means: clear and clear and apparent. • Ajami: origin in Nubian (Akumi - Agumi) means the act ruminating, but his name is: Amid - Agumeed) It is ruminating and the implication is: It is not clear any vague, and it is known that ruminating is done internally in ruminants. Rho: The word is mentioned in Surat Al-Dukhan (verse-24) in the verse (and leave the sea hostage they are recruited by drowners) and the interpreters said in its meaning: leave the sea quiet and quiet as its body after Moses struck with his stick they claimed that (Rahwa) means: quiet quiet and obtuse It is true that the word (Rho) is a Nubian word meaning: jogging, and the Nubians call it on a certain type of walking animals, which is between high speed and slow (colloquially: Jaka) and said: Rahwani) also. Here I must clarify to the readers that the above mentioned Nubian words were used by the Arabs besides their Arabic words and therefore came down the Koran. ** Note that the majority of vocabulary with Nubian origins in the Koran are contained in the wall that is related to Moses and Jesus peace be upon them. (Israfil capturing) means the trumpet and also means the flask, (Ophel) means the blower, and the overall meaning of the trumpet blower. • Mikael: (Maki) an act by expressing the collection of dates fruits at harvest, and the general meaning is: collector fruits. • Azrael: origin (Israel) and means paralyzing the movement, and Nubian when it is said (Egen Adarkon) meant that the scorpion poison was able to make it does not move and became a dead, and here I want to clarify that all the names that end with the suffix (El) belong to the Nubian language That El is a tool of the name of the actor in Nubian. (11 Book of Exodus - Moses said to God: «Who am I even go to Pharaoh, and even the children of Israel out of Egypt؟» 12 And he said: «I will be with you, and this will be sign to you that I sent you: when people come out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain» - 1 and then journeyed from Elim. and came all the congregation of the children of Israel to the wilderness of Sin, which is between Elim and Sinai, on the fifteenth of the second month after they came out of the land of Egypt 2. Exodus chapter 16). (In the third month after the children of Israel came out of the land of Egypt, on that day they came to the wilderness of Sinai. 2 They journeyed from Rephidim and came to the wilderness of Sinai, and encamped in the wilderness. Then a large part of the children of Israel moved east to Saudi Arabia with Moses, who lived under the rule of Pharaoh, who ruled Sudan at that time and was called Sudan in ancient Egypt (ie Upper Egypt) as is known. And the Holy Land, which God inherited to the children of Israel is Saudi Arabia and had a mountain of years in the holy valley folded and not the Holy Land is Jerusalem in Palestine or Sinai Egypt Bbth as this great Koran said to the children of Israel enter this village ... it is Mecca Saudi Arabia Today, a sign indicating the place of descent of the two verses Makiya and civilian. A friend of Nubian Mahsi, from the village of Biden, told me that the people of his town celebrated Ashura every year to cross the children of Israel, and Pharaoh perished in the sea. And his people to the people of Israel, and stopped by the Muslim community and told them that this is a decoy and resemble the Jews! This is definitive scientific evidence that the Israelites are the people of northern Sudan Nubian Kushites and were retaining some of the many Israeli traditions and customs until recently in our time, and that there are many songs of Nubian heritage and Sudanese cities mentioning the name of Moses peace be upon him and the names, news and travels of Israeli women. This asserts that the researcher in the Nubian civilization, Dr. / Asaad Ali Hassan: - Saying: The Torah tells that the children of Israel have been wandering in the land of Sudan, Egypt from one region to another until they reached the promised land, the Torah has recounted the names of many Sudanese Nubian areas they went through During their journey and in the following paragraphs, some of them reviewed: After God drowned Pharaoh and his army in the right, Mary beat the sister of Aaron and Moses Duff joy with survival and victory, and the reality is today that the area on the opposite side of the Hebrew called (Mary Butt): Nubian: the land of Mary Or Mary's area. Exodus chapter 15 (The prophet Mary, the sister of Aaron, took the tambourine in her hand, and all the women came out behind her with tambourines and dances .. And Mary answered them: Sing to the Lord, it is magnified. The Nubian region of Kushite in northern Sudan is still preserved to this day on the language and culture of ancient Nubian Pharaonic .. According to the Torah that the children of Israel passed on that area during their journey - Torah - travel verses 33 verses 5-6 (the children of Israel) And they departed from Silence, and encamped in Itham, which is on the edge of the wilderness. (Exodus 12:37) The children of Israel traveled from Ramesses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand men, except the children. (Obot) area west of the city (Ibri) in northern Sudan, verses verses 43-44 (Then they traveled from Phonon and encamped in Obot .. Then they traveled from Obot and encamped in the eyes of Abarim). (The mountains of Ibri) in northern Sudan (Then they journeyed from Elmon Diblatayim, and encamped in the mountains of Abarim before the prophet.) The city of Sinar tells the Bible that the word of Israel is in the journey of Barabiah. So, the wilderness of Sin is pronounced in Nubian like this (Sinar). (33) Then they set out from the sea of Soff, and encamped in the wilderness of Sinn, and departed from the wilderness of Sinn, and encamped in the stream of Israel. African birds do not rise much from the earth when they fly "chicken valley or squid," the Torah in the book of Exodus - chapter 16 verse 13: (It was in the evening that the quail climbed and covered the camp and in the morning was falling dew around the camp) and the Koran says In Surat Al - Baqarah verse 57: (And we kept the clouds on you and revealed to you the aphids and amusement These are scientific evidence mentioned in the Israeli Bible Torah confirms that the children of Israel honored originally came from the North Arab Nubian Sudan. The Pharaoh Musa Nubi from the north of the current Sudan and his mother from the people of the Nuba Mountains Tira Pharaoh soldiers were mostly from the people of the Nuba Mountains strong pace and there is a very old archaeological painting inside the Pyramids of Giza in Lower Egypt engraved decree by the people of the Nuba Mountains black Africans wear the same Nubia pace and knock The archaeological painting confirms that the pharaohs in Egypt and Sudan are the people of the South Valley to Central Africa and the name of Sudan in the old is Egypt and the pharaoh the tyrant criminal has erected himself a god worshiped and Pharaoh of Israel built the Sudanese Nuba Arabs north and this is evidence For the Koran, where Pharaoh said (O people, is not mine King of Egypt and these rivers run from below me - decoration 43) It is known that in Lower Egypt (Lower) there is one river, the Nile River, but the many rivers originating from the south of the valley are found in the land of Sudan (Upper Egypt) Pharaoh ruled to Central Africa, home to the headwaters of the Nile and many rivers, this verse confirms that Pharaoh Moses is Sudanese and ruled Sudan today, Egypt is old, because all the cities and villages passed by the children of Israel before they arrived To the Promised Land Saudi Arabia is a Sudanese cities today and has been mentioned in the Torah What we have mentioned. There were no historical and archaeological scientific evidence recorded about the occurrence of the story of Moses and Pharaoh in Lower Egypt recorded by the great Koran and the book of the people of the book, the story of Pharaoh Moses happened in the current Sudan and not in Lower Egypt as confirmed by the mention of the Torah books of the Sudanese cities in the silence of the North Pharaoh's palace was on the banks of the Nile in the land of Al-Muhass in northern Nubian Sudan, where God ordered the mother of Moses peace be upon them to put her child Moses in the coffin and throw it in the river until it reaches the palace of Pharaoh, which was located on the banks of the Nile for saying (Exalted) To your mother what is revealed 38) Thou shalt cast him into the ark, and cast him in the day, and let him be thrown into the coast by the enemy, and the enemy of him who was crucified upon me, and the enemy of him who was crucified to him, (39) Inspiration and study of the believer told me this is the palace of Pharaoh Moses because it is the only Pharaonic building on the coast of the Nile in the area of Al-Mahs silence where he was born and the prophet Moses peace be upon him. It is known in the palace of Pharaoh, the son of my father the world. It is known that Pharaoh Moses Nubian has erected himself a god worshiped at that time, his palace is also his house and the temple was said that Pharaoh Moses has ruled These are descriptions of a solid temple, which suggests that it is the palace and temple of Pharaoh Musa, which is located on the coast of the River Al-Yam, (the village of Salb is located on the left bank of the Nile River, 231 km from Wadi Halfa in the area of One of the most important monuments is the Temple of Amun, which was built during the reign of Amenophis III The sandstone temple. The most beautiful periods of Pharaonic and Nubian art appear and the temple consists of a corridor, four main rooms and the Holy of Holies. After the corridor, there are statues to the sides of the temple and reception rooms and a large door to enter the first room where depicting the life of the king and his family and members of his entourage, and in the room there are drawings showing the peoples under the king and statues of prisoners of hands tied in the north and put Asian countries. In the south, African countries are subject to it and the columns in the second room differ from the third room. The fourth room is one of the most important rooms, where there are 24 beautiful columns, which wrote the names of the countries that were subject to the rule of Amenophis III At the end of the temple we find the Holy of Holies)) I saw with my eyes in a solid temple at the top of one of the columns inscribed the face of King Tutankhamun was said to have come The temple in Almhs. It is said that the Temple of the Crucifixion, built by Pharaoh Amenhotep III in the 1400 BC, as a dedication to the great Egyptian god Amun the god of Karnak ... This is not true, it is older than that. The impact of a solid temple is that it has been destroyed, collapsed and the rocks dispersed from it and the pillars and thrones were shattered as if a huge machine had been broken and those buildings were broken into destructive stones and rocks published in the area which is a statement of the Almighty. Assertive Qur'anic evidence suggests that the Temple of the Crucifixion is the Pharaoh 's palace, which was brought up by the prophet Moses Kaleem (PBUH) in Sudan. The first and the children of Israel are counterfoil Arab tribes Nubian Sudanese deployed in Sudan and the Arabian Peninsula and the Arab world and embrace the identity and the descendants of the prophet Abraham, who are descendants of the offspring of those We carried with Noah )oatina Moses the Book and made it guidance for the Children of Israel not to take the from Doni agent descendants of Noah with us that he was This verse confirms that Abraham was a follower of Shia, religion, and offspring of Noah (peace be upon him), and that of his Shiite Abraham, the Safat 83) (and we called Noah, let us be blessed). Gibbon - and saved him and his family from the great distress - and made his descendants are the rest - and we left it in others - peace on Noah in the Worlds - I'm also benefactors We recompense - it is one of our faithful - and then drowned the others - Saaffaat 75-82). Allah the Almighty said to the children of Israel (then we gave you the ball on them and extended us with money and sons and made you more repentant - Surah Bani Israel, Israa 6). We, the Sudanese, our identity is the identity of the children of Israel, this is not ostracism, but is a great honor, an honor built by the sons of the prophet Jacob built peace be upon them. According to the Torah in chapter 17 - that the Prophet Jacob peace be upon him traveled to Scott Almhs and built himself a house and put to the cattle umbrellas so called the place Scott, a Nubian city to date in Almhs north of Sudan. Professor Hassan al-Fattah, a relative of God, says the wives of Abraham, Hajar and Sarah, are the two Sudanese Nubians. Wahb bin Mnbh said that Mrs. Hajar, the wife of Abraham or Ismail, peace be upon them was Nubian brown skin and was the daughter of a Nubian minister and was not his servant or ongoing or secret as stated in some false bogus flimsy, but was from the people of good descent and the choice of mankind. Akrama said Lukman al-Hakim was a prophet of the prophets of Israel. His origin was Habashiya. It was said in many hadiths that he was named Lukman ibn Sarun, and God gave him wisdom and prophecy. God's prophet David, peace be upon him, came to hear from him wisdom, saying that he died and was buried in Ramle. The name of the prophet Abraham the original Nubian mentioned in the Christian and biblical books is the conclusion of a name derived from the context concluded and concluded in Arabic and the conclusion means in the classical Arabic serious - Covenant - agreement - Egypt - the inevitable - the final judiciary - irrevocable final judgment - and God said The Almighty (or made an order, I am Mbrmon - decoration 79) and says the original Torah (and God spent a final *** *** to God is serving what is ordered). He said heel inks. After the landing of the ship on the Judy and dry land dispersed Noah's sons across the globe, Ham headed south until he reached the Nile River and went along with him until he reached the area called Nuba land. The descendants of the Nubians, the Copts of Egypt and the African races of the understanding of the garrison tribes Almighty said (and saved him and his family of great anguish. And made his descendants are the remaining - Safat 77). It is well known in history that Ham is the sons of Kush Nubian and Kush Nimrod and falsely attributed to the Sumerian civilization of Iraq Nubian protector is the tyrant king who threw our master Abraham a boy in the fire to kill him as well as the owner of the civilization of Spa and Queen Balqis is Kush himself! If the civilizations in the countries of Yemen and Iraq even Mecca, a lot of lying and fabrication is known and known that Ms. Hajar Nubian mother of the Arabs and her son is the first human inhabitants of the valley in Mecca, if all are the identities of Kuchi Sudanese Nubian, the history is forged and meddles and a satanic switch changer contradictory shown. This is the statement of the original Holy Torah, and a witness of the children of Israel Ha'im Ali like him that he came from God and lied by two mystical methods (the method of proof in Sudan - Muhammadiyah and Desouqiyyah in Egypt), the book of syrup is the original Arabic Torah stolen from us or the proof The Pharaoh built the proof and built the Pharaoh and the Baath and all the Pharaoh sinners thieving biblical and disbelieve them and made them Kgra and prostitutes among them Vtbak your hands, O proof proof of anguish does not manifest your day in the fire of hell resting the liars of religion and the signs of God and the Lord of the worlds Hd witness of the children of Israel to like him and believed that God does not guide the wrongdoing people - Ahqaf 10) The book of the original Torah exists today in Sudan and I directed it and revealed the Holy Torah are similar systems of saying with the Koran descended to the prophet Moses peace be upon him in standard Arabic Within our heirs, we are the Koranji family of the Prophet Muhammad and the Israelites built the first blessing honored Abrahams. The Almighty said to the children of Israel (Atamron people on land and forget yourselves and you recite the book, do not reason - Baqarah 44) The identity of the children of Israel today they became Arab Muslims recite the book in Arabic Koranic revealed a Koranic statement on the identity of the disappeared children of Israel and who are today We are Sudanese Nuba We speak the classical Arabic language since the time of Adam as we speak today and no Arab came to us from the Arabian Peninsula and taught us the Arabic language. The Nuba people of Sudan have a semi-Arab identity and speak classical Arabic and their Nubian language in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. It is known that the wife of Abraham, Mrs. Hajar is the mother of the Arabs and Ismail, the grandmother of our master Muhammad peace be upon him is a Sudanese Nubian and Luqman al-Hakim is a Nubian Sudanese origin and I know that the Arabic language first appeared in Sudan and then spread to other neighboring countries Abraham, peace be upon him and the sons of Israel, the Sudanese honored. And the Holy Torah I have descended in Mecca in Arabic and I am with me the book of the original Arabic Torah and recited a lot of Nmazjha Haem, and said the right of the Israelites Arabs, the people of the Hijaz in the time of the message of Muhammad (people ask you to descend on They are a book from heaven. They were asked Moses greater than that. They said, 'Show us God' s voice. '' Mecca, Medina, and all of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula. In response to the false claim of the Jews that the Arab land of Palestine, God has given them! First, the Holy Land, which God gave to Abraham and the Israelites, the people of Moses, who are honored, are not Palestine at all. The Promised Land that God has given to our Lord Abraham, and the children of Israel and all the prophets, is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Mecca. Peace be upon them for saying (and we saved him and Lot to the land where we blessed the worlds - Prophets 71) (and we inherited the people who were weakening the east and west of the land that blessed us and the word of your Lord was good to the children of Israel, including patience and destroyed what was making Pharaoh and his people 137) (Solomon the wind is a storm running to the land where we blessed us and we were all knowing - Prophets 81) As well as our master Solomon and his father, David, are from Mecca, the blessed land as said this great Koran, which does not speak of passion at all﴿ People in Abraham for those who followed him, and this prophet, and those who believed and God and the believers - Al-Imran 68 ﴾All that is mentioned in the holy city of Mecca and Saudi Arabia. The Jews of the Great Ashkenazim Kharijites Khagajk usurpers of the Arab town of Palestine under the pretext of unjust and false and false demonic stupid false denial, that God Almighty gave them this land Palestine because they are after the children of Israel! God did not mention the disbelieving Jews of the ancient dawn of those who altered and changed the Jewish religion followed by the Jews and Christians of the lost today, except in the form of vilification, cursing, infidelity and plots of the situation and distortion and polytheism of the divine religion and one after the cursed sex ie [cursed tree in the Koran God has cursed them with their blasphemy to monkeys and pigs (Say: Can I tell you that humans are rewarded by God, who is cursed by God and angered against him and made them monkeys, pigs, and Abdel-Taghut, those evil place and misguided for both way - Table 60)﴿ Cursed those who disbelieve from the children of Israel In the tongue of David and Isa, the son of Mary, that which was rebellious, and they were assaulted. Because the Jews do not have the intruders of Aleppo, Aleppo, Ashkenazim, or any blood relationship in the lineage of the Israelites. In the heart of Asia, which paved the way for his struggle with bloody wars in about the first century BC towards Eastern Europe, where he established the Kingdom of the Khazars and were pagans worshiping the male. According to Max Margliot, the largest Jewish community in Europe was formed in the northern homeland of the Rhine, where a group of nomadic Hebrews who had left Palestine following one of their defeats and mingled on the way to Europe with Syrian and Anatolian elements, landed in the northern basin of the Rhine. A large number of the inhabitants of this region, the religion of the Hebrew expatriates, and after a period of time they branch and went to other countries, some settled in Poland, others in Europe and others settled in Russia. "The modern Jews are inferior to the Aryan race, to the Semitic race," said Ambrose. "They are a religious denomination characterized by social and economic characteristics, and have been joined by people of all races and people of all ages." Abyssinians, including Germans with German facies, and Tamils - Black Jews in India, including the Khazars who belong to the Turkish Caucasian race, and it is impossible to imagine that Jews with exquisite face and blond or chestnut hair with clear blue eyes that we meet in Central Europe have blood links to the Promised Land Israel, or the Jews of Palestine. The ancients. Jewish writer Arthur Costler followed in his book The 13th Tribe. The origins of the Jews of Eastern Europe, who call Ashkenazim - the majority of the Jews - I return it to the people of the Khazars - the Jews - (Caspian Sea) who do not belong to any connection to the ancient Jews. The few Jews who lived in Palestine during the Ottoman rule were descended from Sephardic Jews living in Spain in 1492, and most of the Jews who lived in Arab countries originated either in the Arabs or in the Berbers of North Africa who were Jews. Thus no Jewish race of today can belong to the biblical Hebrews. Thus, the vast majority of the world's Jews today are descended from the Mongol people - the Khazars - especially since the original Jews belonging to the twelve tribes of Israel in ancient history have lost their traces. According to Arthur Costler, anthropological evidence agrees with history in rejecting the popular belief that there is a Jewish race descended from the biblical tribe. The evidence presented in the preceding sections supports the strong argument made by those modern historians, whether Austrian, Israeli or Polish, who have proved - Their independence - the vast majority of contemporary Jews are not of Palestinian origin, but of Caucasian descent. In his letter to Rabbi Hasdai ibn Shabrut, who served as prime minister of the Caliph of Cordoba, Yusuf confessed that he and all his people had converted to Judaism, and that they were not of Semitic origins. He is the ancestor of all Turkish tribes. * Lord Moyne, the British Minister Plenipotentiary, says that the current Jews were not descendants of the ancient sons of Israel, and they have no right to reclaim the Holy Land the land of Palestine. Lord Moyne made this statement before the House of Lords on 6 June 1944. On 9 November of the same year he was killed by two Stern Jewish gangs while on a visit to Cairo. In around 720, the pagan kingdom of the Khazars became the people of self-proclaimed Jews, and King Bolan became the first Khazar king in the same year to be called a Jew by conversion. King Bolan's new religion was later dedicated to the official religion of the Khazars. Since then, only a so-called Jew has been able to ascend the throne of the Khazar kingdom of those who claim to be Jews. Like many rulers of other pagan peoples in Europe, where the practice of worshiping the man's penis was recognized, King Bolan ceased his long resistance to monotheism, as it had become the official religion of the Khazars. King Bolan also forbade the worship of the man's penis, this dirty form of sexual decay, which was long practiced as a religious cult ... He washed away the great lie of the evil scam that has never been recorded in the entire history of mankind, the brains of the Christians of the United States of America, to instill belief in it. The deceiver that those who claim to be Jews everywhere in the world today are descendants of the ten tribes lost in the history of the Old Testament, according to the myth of dispersion in the four corners of the earth. Indeed, those who claim to be Jews, historically descendants of the Khazars, make up more than 92 percent of all so-called Jews everywhere in the world today. The Asian Khazars, who established the Kingdom of the Khazars in Eastern Europe, called themselves Jews of conversion and conversion in 720 CE. They have never set foot in the Holy Land in the history of the Old Testament. This is an indisputable historical fact that supports the world's most famous scientists, anthropologists, archaeologists, theologians, historians and scientists in every field of scientific research, who specialize in the subject of Khazir yesterday and today's Jews. The arguments, which undoubtedly prove the facts and figures that emerge beyond this issue, emphasize that at least 92 percent of all those who claim to be Jews in the world today, descend from those who have been known as the Jews of the Khazari dynasty historically. These renowned scholars also provide facts and figures that confirm that the remaining 8 percent of the self-proclaimed Jews are descended from the ancient Bedouin pagan population of Africa, Asia, and the Mediterranean basin, who converted to the cult of Jehovah 17 centuries before the conversion of the pagan Khazars in 720 AD. Worship the man's penis to worship Jehovah. In the book of the Great Jafr of Sayyidina Imam Ali Karam Allah his face - Woe to the Arabs of the men of the Caspian Sea ... (They mean the sedition of the Jews of the Khazars. Sayyidina Imam Ali Karam Allah face and knows among the sedition of the Jews Khazar Ashkenazim usurped our Arab land Palestine arguably shrewd) ... On the burning of the mosque, takes water from the Roman Sea and hates the rum, if not the noise of the trumpet fills the ears of people and pictures of the clouds landing to the people in their homes Vsedkon sedition and louder The flag of the Antichrist is building from a They have to show the Arabs by meeting them on their vanity and failing the Arabs from their right until they are enslaved as the man excludes a slave. Under every stone, God has brought them together a stone upon them. The heads of the Jews will smell two boys whom God carries on them, how they will. They emanate from every mountain at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which created Muhammad, peace be upon him, the best of mankind. Until the humiliation of Abu Salam comes out, and the humiliated humiliation of Satan and the inevitable humiliation without God by the elves, and before them the kings disappear, the people thought they were immortal. The best creation of God Muhammad peace be upon him, a work of Mohammed fills the ground p Do not share as it was filled unjustly and unfairly. If you see the man before him who built the illiteracy has drowned in the sea Vtoh on his head until the last breath of him Vohlh who created love and acquitted the breeze if there is only one of them for the prostitution of our house Keda, and for the religion of God Almighty evil only know and remain silent and at the time announced United Arab Emirates and Astnfroa people of science and the owner of the pen and mute what science Tjichon people. However, know that before him patience and ordered bitter and blood flowing Al-Aqsa Mosque and young people with their hands stone beaten like rain, and conquering the children of Adam Ichkb blood with the heads of the Khazars and the Jews of the Arabs are pure astray, turn the case, and approach the moon scrutiny of the parts, and revealed the cover. The star appears by the Orient and your moon shines as a month and a night completely, but you know that before it is confident in ferment and fear in the Nile and start war or temptation in zero and death and kill your mosques day decorated and your hearts of faith devastated only from God's mercy and evil from under the sky few scholars do them Fatten them and return if it is found that you see repentance and know that if you obey the owners of the black flags wire you the platform of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him Vtdoaetm of deafness and discerned from the dumb and enough supplies arbitrariness and demand and renounced the heavy weight of the necks and God is not removed from the father of mercy and the difference of infallibility And will teach those who wronged any m The heart of the overthrow. The most salient features of the Islamic solution to the question of occupied Palestine are the facts, evidence and evidence that the Ashkenazim Khazar Jews are not following Israel at all, and all lawyers, lawyers, activists, scholars, politicians, Arabs, Muslims, and free revolutionaries support the Palestinians. The oppressed and continue the struggle to resolve the Palestinian-Zionist cause by working with these bright arguments and proofs that have no argument to deny the right of Arab Palestinians to their country Palestine. All the people of the solution and the contract must raise to all the world, human rights organizations, the United Nations, the President of the United States and all Americans and their ambassadors all over the world these great arguments that confirm that the Ashkenazim Jews have no divine religious right nor the legitimacy of convincing mental rights to occupy and usurp the Arab town of Palestine. Until today to kill and shed the blood of innocent Palestinians oppressed. You are the Jews of Ajam and Ashkenazim, the origin of the Jews of Aruban Khazar. Your country of legitimacy, which you must evacuate and refer to, is in southern Russia, and you are not in any way of legitimacy and legal entitlement to occupy the land of the Palestinian Arabs with rage and the false pretext that God has given you the land of Palestine because you are from Israel! This is illusion! You are not after Israel built Samar and black Sudanese Nubian Arabs, as shown here a lot of arguments and evidence and real religious evidence from your travels, O people of the Book and the Great Quran, the honored Israelites are these Arabs today in all the Arabian Peninsula to the land of the Fertile Crescent Palestine Arameans dialogues and North Africa, South Egypt and Sudan Nubians. All the Jews must be untouchable and their ancestors are Palestinian Arabs, especially all the Ashkenazim Jews, to evacuate and leave immediately from Palestine and return the usurped land to its Arab Palestinian people, and desist from the act of unlawful prostitution, pharaohs, injustice, coercion, murder and extermination of the oppressed people of the oppressed people of Palestine. Otherwise, there will be anger in you from God Almighty who does not like injustice or corruption in the land, or you say we are a victorious crowd! Because it stands with you ignorant Gawashm American Christians oppressors؟ You will defeat your gathering with the Americans and Tolon Aldber! The right Ablj and the facts in my hands *** If we meet the parties are defeated. It was a decisive matter and has no return, and will suffer the scourge and agony and destruction in the unjust America because you do not support the oppressed and stand with the oppressors of the Jewish oppressors tyrants against the innocent Palestinians oppressed, which is witnessed and recorded by history and all the world, Fire and copper do not win - Rahman 35) (O you who have given the book believe in what we got certified for what with you before we blur the faces Vnrdha on Adbaraha or curse them as the curse of the owners of the Sabbath was the effect of God - women 47) (did not see how much we have destroyed before them A century we have enabled them in the earth, unless we are able to see you We poured heaven upon them, and made us rivers run beneath them, and we destroyed them with their sins and created them after them for another century - cattle 6) The people of the book, in this era of late time will come to you again see the resurrection of your messenger and those who claim his love and obedience to our Lord Moses Kalim God is a warning to all worlds is the truth sent our Mahdi expected successor of God Almighty complete succession says everything was, The great Torah and the original Torah, which showed me a lot in the book, Moses peace be upon him is sent Almthadi Mahdi a Sudanese Muslim Nubian Abitm if you agree, and will rule us and rule all the land justly and Islam will destroy all the oppressors and corrupt in the land and the kingdom of Satan and his jinn sinners Wei Khayyam and the companions of them take away several theorists agents of our Lord and angry and cursed their faces monkeys and pigs unclean ugly paralyzed؟ Moses Klim God is the Mahdi Almighty Elijah came and you, O worlds this time Blessana does all the miracles that boggle the minds of the worlds of the jinn and mankind because he is the successor of God, Lord of the worlds in the earth. Who will judge the Ashkenazim, the usurper and usurpers of the evacuation of Palestine and return Palestine to its Palestinian Arab people by peace or by force؟ Destruction and strong winds will bring you cockroach in which lightning burnt and burns down in you and indignant faces of all stubborn and mighty Caxax darkness of unclean pigs unclean and old will be returned. There is no god but Allah, and is a Mighty, the Wise. He said the prophet Moses in the Torah - Vghebrel Michal profusion Ezre *** in the discharge of my soldiers are under my command - Ttauni property Paljod and villages *** and all women with Kaf terrorize Solta.vanma ordered him to say they were Veken Mandate and succession Mahdi expected strong Secretary. My friend Dr. Dr. specialized in the treatment of cancer and Professor / Alaa Eddin Idrisi - writer and great researcher in Nubian civilization - that the Torah in the Nubian language of the prophet Moses peace be upon him and the second after the Arabic language means - belly or soles - arwa - Awar means God guide or Rais guide - and actually The context of the Torah in the Arabic language means the pun or guidance. The Torah means the God of the subcontractor and the messenger of the subcontractor, or the prophet of the subcontractor. The name of Moses means in the Sudanese language Nubian - Mo Jayh from Amin Moyh and came from the word Majesty Amon until it reached the water of life, and the language of the Nubian Nuba Musa means - C - meaning water water - and water came meaning Moo and Moon and even in the English language means water and sea Moses means the God of life, as long as there is a worldly life, there is the name of Moses, the Immortal PBUH, and Taha means the son of the immortal God. I said - Yes sincerity of the professor / Alaa Eddin Idrissi in the statement - where he said that Taha Ta Z son of God immortal God Awabn pure immortal - of the meaning of the prophet Moses, peace be upon him wanderer (Say that Rahman was the first born, I Abidin- Zukhruf 81). Written by / Rabbi Scholar and preacher and Islamic researcher and Chairman of the House of Islamic Scholars / Abdullah Maher Sharifi Ansari.