What are the steps to be followed after the formation of the new government in Sudan؟

What are the steps to be followed after the formation of the new government in Sudan؟

09-13-2019, 07:17 PM

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Title: What are the steps to be followed after the formation of the new government in Sudan؟
Author: Musa Bushra MAHMOUD ALI
Date: 09-13-2019, 07:17 PM

08:17 PM September, 13 2019

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By:Musa Bushra Mahmoud Ali-13/09/19

It has been a challenging task for the newly appointed Prime Minister of Sudan Dr.Abdallah Hamdouk to work with his partners of Force of Freedom and Change Declaration-FFC besides the sovereign state members [civilian and military] to work together in forming the new cabinet .
Despite the systematic obstacles being made by elite elements of FFC in Khartoum whom intentionally refused to consider the marginalized zone issues of [Darfur,Blue Nile,South Kordofan as well as East Sudan region] as it was also in the days of the founding fathers of [Aljalaba state] which was responsible in the delay of forming the government for so many days. Nevertheless, some notable progress has been observed and some hope restored as evidently seen on 08/09/19 the birth of Sudan after the completion of the selection process for the ministers whom were officially tasked to perform their responsibilities freely.
It might be too early to predict the outcome of the performance of this newly appointed cabinet. Hence, only time will tell the true intent of this newly formed civilian government.
What challenges await the new government؟
Due to massive destruction of the entire system of the state by the former government of AL Bashir since 1989 to 11 April 2019 it is expected to face extra ordinary challenges such as: the re-settlement, re-habilitation and re-construction of Sudan which is a very hard game to be played unless they get full support from all the parties.
What are the steps to be taken ahead؟
In order for the new cabinet to be effective the followings steps should be paid much consideration: -
(a) As long as the achievement of comprehensive peace is the main agenda of the constitutional matrix, an endeavor for peace accord must be the first step to be taken in order to move ahead.
Peace agreement should be based on the entire satisfaction of all parties without ignoring any of the revolutionary fronts bodies as well as non-revolutionary front members [General Abdelaziz Alhilo and comrade Abdelwahid Nur in addition to those who deviated from their original movements and built their own factions].
(b) An urgent jurisdiction body must be formed to conduct the persecution of those who committed crimes against Sudan and its people [NCP Elements and others] they should all face a fair trial.
(c) Freedom of expression should be granted to the media and persons as well as the right to criticize all government personnel thereby assisting in building the country.
(d) Immediate stop of any illegal, arbitrary arrest, detention, torture, cruel and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment against any citizen and stop the abuse of power on all levels.
(e) A new system of equal citizenship should be established to avoid any kind of ethno-centric tribalism or special treatment for or against any group of persons.
(f) Removal of tribe names and indication of geographical regions from all the state documents and treatment should be based on citizenship basis only regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity or social component.
(g) A law should be established to serve as a deterrent against any person or group of persons who are caught selling Sudanese Passports to Foreigners such as: Egyptians, Palestine’s, Syrians and citizens of other Nations.
(h) Security apparatuses must be dissolved, disarmed and re-formed in accordance to a new professional system so as to allow all Sudanese to contribute and serve for the sake of those interested in serving.
(i) Rapid support forces should be re-structured to be directly under Sudanese Military command Forces.
(j) The government should maintain a good relationship with all Nations and States including Israel in accordance to Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, an international agreement governing treaties between states-1969.
(k) Open investment opportunities bearing in mind the appropriate reward to be awarded to the best sudanese investor in the country.
(l) Designing of attractive programs that will foster the return of Sudanese whom are in diaspora to benefit from their experience to join hands with the government in creating a new Sudan with modern concepts with unique dimensions.
(m) The government should focus on building basic infrastructures as well as engage in projects that will assist in the development of marginalized regions.
(n) Open free trade stations between all boarders of Sudan and allow full access to its citizens to exchange their products with their partners in line with the rules and regulations that governs the boarder’s commerce.
(o) Look forward to re-uniting both Sudanese states [Sudan and South Sudan] based on further discussion with South Sudanese if they can accept to be under one country by granting them a self-governance system [confederation] as a kind of trust building for 6 years while monitoring the situation in order to take appropriate and adequate decision.
Do we need to support them؟
As citizens we have full responsibility and moral commitment to control, facilitate, monitor and follow-up their activities and report any shortage to the concerned bodies for better performance and advise for right actions to be taken on time.

May God bless all of us.