Time to Start Demining By Al-Hadi Margan

Time to Start Demining By Al-Hadi Margan

09-06-2019, 03:15 PM

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Title: Time to Start Demining By Al-Hadi Margan
Author: Al-Hadi M. Margan
Date: 09-06-2019, 03:15 PM

04:15 PM September, 06 2019

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September 5th, 2019

As an engineer, I have come to understand the effects of unexploded mines and bombs. Land mines and bombs have the power to devastate the development and construction that many have attempted to implement within specific communities in Sudan. In order to restore peace and prosperity to the region of the Nuba Mountains and beyond, it is extremely important that we put a plan in place in order to demine lands and clean up unexploded ordnances. The development of the Nuba Mountains requires that we put in our time and efforts to clear thousands of mines; this also requires the expertise of demining specialists.

As members of the SPLM North, our plan is to clear most of this land to encourage development and production. In order to accomplish our plans, we recommend training for members, and this will take at least three weeks on the field; there is gear that must be worn during this training and special vehicles that can be used. In addition, mechanical robots, one of the latest demining technologies on the market, can be utilized to our advantage.Our mission as the SPLM North is to create a safe and peaceful environment in the Nuba Mountains by demining all areas in the region. We must bring about change by involving not only our members, but the citizens within the Nuba Mountain region in order to fight against the issue of demining. Once we eliminate the threat of mines and bombs in this specific area, we can then bring about the long-awaited peace needed by the people of Sudan.

Demining is not only a safety issue, but it also includes the issues of health and academics. Many people have suffered major, life-threatening injuries, including the loss of limbs, because they have accidentally stumbled upon land mines. Because they have suffered such injuries, they are no longer able to work, and ultimately cannot be as productive as they used to be; this leads to the destruction of productivity in Sudan. The SPLM North is determined to work hard to eliminate the unexploded ordnances in a short period of time, as well as allow people to move freely on their lands and practice their daily agricultural and grazing activities.