Finally, The era of democracy and freedom in Sudan emerged By: Khalid Hassan Mohammed Samiltoud

Finally, The era of democracy and freedom in Sudan emerged By: Khalid Hassan Mohammed Samiltoud

07-08-2019, 11:17 PM


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Title: Finally, The era of democracy and freedom in Sudan emerged By: Khalid Hassan Mohammed Samiltoud
Author: خالد حسن سملتود
Date: 07-08-2019, 11:17 PM

00:17 AM July, 08 2019

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Sudanese people made great steps toward democracy and freedom when the first spark of revolution erupted to oust the dictatorial military rule of Omar Al-Bashir who was ruling the country with apparent iron fist and the country was mired in moral and financial turpitudes.
Ultimately the totalitarian regime of the Islamic movement was ousted with patent existence of inner traces of the National Islamic Front and the deep state national corrupt institutions. The Sudanese Professionals Association and its revolutionary affiliated wings fought the battle of restoring our national dignity and democracy and did fantastic job with gargantuan efforts to create the new Sudan where human rights are observed and respected, freedom of speech is easily granted to everyone regardless of the social, religious and tribal backgrounds. This historic revolution would have never succeeded unless Sudanese people inside the country and in diaspora had made great efforts to reverse the horrible situation and the unknow future of our country. The deposed regime and its proponents have been ruling this country with flawed policies amid rampant corruptions and moral turpitude where rule of law was absent, and economy was ominously crumbling. The regime was pursuing the policy of “divide and rule” preserving nepotism and fascism and was never forthright about the budget reports, concealing the facts and plundering large amount of funds to feed terrorism and killings in Darfur.
The deposed regime was allocating significant portions of funds to be distributed to the security and intelligence institutions solely for the sake of regime protection to remain in power forever! Flawed policies were being propounded amid soar relations with neighboring countries. The intelligence and security institution was merely a hotbed of gangsters and hitmen who were apparently oblivious about the high privilege of Sudan that should have been safeguarded, but they intentionally tarnished this privilege only to remain in power and subdue Sudanese people through recruiting more security personnel and implant them in the transportation centers and bus stations, muffling their voices and suppressing their simple rights.
Since 1989, the regime of the ousted Al-Bashir has been destroying the inherent social fabric of Sudanese people bringing its proponents and Islamists only to take over senior jobs in the military and civilian national institutions where the public fund was being embezzled day and night without oversight programs or accountability mechanisms and the National Intelligence and Security Service was the key leader of this horrible turpitude and was granted full power and carte blanche to interfere in the works of high courts interrupting and disrupting and mugging the credibility of both the Ministry of Justice and the Judiciary Authority. Our country was mired in full darkness grappling with serious perils that haunted the bright future of current generation of youth.
This revolution would have never been existed without the active stirring and action of the Sudanese Professionals Association and the Forces for Freedom and Change. They played pivotal role in organizing calendars for the protesters and sit-in leaders. They were the lynchpin of this historic revolution that successfully dismantled the last chain of dictatorship in Sudan and unseated a very criminal man in the state. Posterity will write this historic event in school texts in coming years and centuries.
Yet, still traces of the deep state that belongs to the former regime remain within the joints of the vital institutions of the state and have never been entirely wiped out. The next civilian -led government will be entrusted to undertake this function in order to completely wipe out all these malign traces. NCP “National Congress Party” will remain defunct, frailty and enfeebled and will never be entitled to run or contend in any elections. Even if NCP willingly desired to contend, it will lose all ballot boxes.