Who will pick up the pieces.. if something went wrong By. Salim Abederhman Dekin

Who will pick up the pieces.. if something went wrong By. Salim Abederhman Dekin

07-05-2019, 05:27 PM

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Title: Who will pick up the pieces.. if something went wrong By. Salim Abederhman Dekin
Author: سليم عبد الرحمن دكين
Date: 07-05-2019, 05:27 PM

06:27 PM July, 05 2019

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It’s very hard to predict what exactly will happen next, interm of what is going on between Forces for freedom and changes and Transitional Military Council. This turmoil become aggravate from bad to worse, due to access deny by military junta to the Sudanese people demands. But military junta its excuse based on consensual government of all political forces in the Sudan to ensure that the success of the transitional period. But this is not what forces for freedom and changes as representatives of the nation as whole did not buying that. The world doesn’t a band the Sudanese people, but rather the world is apprehensively watching, what exactly the military junta next step would be. killing peaceful protesters in their hundreds, this is definitely is war crime against humanity. No one will get away with it. International community needs to see the transitional is over as soon as possible. If the military junta refuse to acquiescence to protesters demands, by handing over the power to civilian- led authority, the international community will not come for rescue of the Sudan economic development. How ever African union and other international bodies have renew their pledge not a banded the Sudanese people, while the transitional military council hand over power to forces for freedom and changes. The world still in states of chock interm of what was happen on 3 of June 2019 when Rapid support forces known as Janjawit militiamen led by Hammtti opening fire at peaceful protesters in sitting in which 165 people were killed and 200 others were injured, all this happen when they are calibrating Eid the end of holly month of Ramadan. This is unprecedented massacre in Sudanese contemporary history against peaceful people in sitting. Rapid support forces have had commit horrible and trouble crimes and massacres all over the country, and other atrocities against Ethnic groups in Darfur. This militiamen known as Janjawit are notorious criminal gangs the world had ever seen. Rapid support forces killed thousands of men, women and children’s in Darfur, also thousands of women and young girls have been rape, and also destroy homes, business, live stocks and farms. This militiamen known as rapid support forces destroyed main two armament groups movements in Dar fur such as Sudan Liberation Movement led by Minni Minnawi the other one was Justice and Equality Movement led by Dr Khalil Ibrahim 2000 to 2011, than his brother Gibril Ibrahim took over up today. But what happen in Ndjamena the capital of Chad, between two armament movement leaders and Hammtti among them the Chadian president Idriss Deby, chock not only their on people who paid heavily invoice since the war broke out in 2003 until no more fighters on ground, because Rapid support forces finish them up. but also the entire world, it was unbelievable, unforeseen at all. Even the blood of heir people who killed by rapid support forces doesn’t dry up yet. They rushing to shake hands with their people murder and rapes to cheering him up. Minnawi and Gibril they just betrayers. Sudan is in turning point. For three decades the country has been presumptuously rule by wicked Islamist regime the Sudanese people have ever seen. But, I am personally hold the Islamist sectarians responsible what have had happen to the Sudan since independent 1956 up today. Again I renew my call upon the Transitional Military Council to handover the power to Forces for freedom and Changes to form civilian government as soon as possible, any delay could lead the country into blood shed. No body wants to see that happening. I completely disagree with a new deal, between Military Junta and Forces for Freedom and Changes. There is no guarantee as long as Rapid Support Forces still controlling every street, bridges and every walk of life. This militiamen did not understand the meaning of Human rights, never hear of Declaration of Human rights 1948. Sudan is still very dangerous as long as this Rapid support forces still patrolling our cities. We will see only time will tell.

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