Early Elections, Couldn’t Agree More By Saeed Adnan

Early Elections, Couldn’t Agree More By Saeed Adnan

05-26-2019, 06:56 AM

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Title: Early Elections, Couldn’t Agree More By Saeed Adnan
Author: سعيد محمد عدنان
Date: 05-26-2019, 06:56 AM

07:56 AM May, 26 2019

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The Transitional Military Council’s decision of a transitional period of not more than six months, followed by general election, is none but the right decision the Glorious December Revolution called for, yet sadly side-lined by the Revolution Negotiators.
It exactly teams with what we called for again and again: a short transitional period crowned with general elections, and the transitional period in purpose is for preparing the juridical ground to correct the current constitution, or replace it, as to legitimise the process by which the old regime is constitutionally annulled, and to revoke the religious guardianship legislature invoking a violation of human rights statute, and the corruption legitimised thereby routed out.
What is needed of General Al Borhan, with the past regime being toppled in a public revolution, which is not legally abrogable by the peoples’ freedom rights, akin to their right to exercise dissent, with the power currently, presumably, under the custody of Al Borhan, is to show he has taken custody in a role of a custodian rather than a toppler of the regime, for all we know.
Now that the past regime is censured, there being a constitutional void, it is incumbent on General Al Borhan to administer the transitional period to conclude a proper democratic transition, the transition period being for laying of the legal grounds to allow start the process of exercising dissent via a legitimate democracy, void of distortion or latent censorship of civil rights.
This task commences with the appointment of the High Court and an issue of the civil rights document we referred to, to be paired with the current constitution which is to stay bound by it. It stands to annul any of its legislature that falls out of bound with any of that document, untill a constitutional assembly contravenes to approve or modify the constitution, while annexing that document to it to remain binding by civil rights, ahead of a referendum to decree the constitution.
Following the passing of the constitutional document, the political parties and bodies shall then be registered after a vetting regulated by that document, which shall be observed by the High Court, whereas noncompliant parties or bodies who built their ideology on fettering the right of free choice of others to be barred, including parties like ISIS, Islamic Liberation Party, Zionist Groups, Nazi affiliated Groups, etc.
That is not an easy task for the TMC, as there are many parties, including the fallen regime NCP, which certainly would not be prized with the elections as a festive cake, as it delegitimises their theological pre-eminence to stay on the same page as other contenders, whereby missing to tug emulate others on opinions and visions that appeal to the public, who exercise the right to reach out to who would fulfil their dream. Conditional, all would realise no one can aspire, nor another to promise to fulfil, a goal in violation of the other’s rights, that conflicting with a precept of democracy, on which the cogency of free choice is based.
Signing on with the protesters on bringing to account the attackers on the protesters and picketers who had not been in violation of the peace, may be indorsed. Equally should be the detaining of those accused of corruption or any other crime, and the seizing monies from suspicious or illegitimate source, till courts decide on them.
Similarly, the Attorney General’s investigation on present crimes, and the proceeding on keeping up the procedures that need to validate their legitimacy if and when the protesters or the TMC deemed necessary.
And because of the distrust that pondered amongst the protesters because of the contradicting statements of some of the TMC members, about keeping in custody of some of the figures of the ousted regime, together with the efforts of affiliates of the previous regime in air poisoning, it might be a lot wiser and deemed a more factual procedure to display photos of detainees from the ousted regime to calm the fret of the general public.
Also as there are pressures exerted by neighbouring countries hopeful to delve in shaping Sudan’s map to suit their own political or cult agenda, the TMC is expected to take a firm stand against that invasion; for Sudan has its own people to decide on what to deem fit to its own role and vision on what happens in the world to decree, and non but Sudan to decree, a stand it finds fit with its People’s aspiration.
This scuffle all Muslims indulged in, all over the Islamic World, extending from the times of the Big Sedition between Shiites and Sunnites, which neither side has it validated in Islamic prescribed law nor ethics, and which, thank God, Sudan had never been involved in before; this scuffle is the worst of religious relapse into heresy from diehard zealotry heritage from Arabs, which is relayed many times in the Message delivered to us in the Koran, and which Muslims took no notice of and their enemies of Zionists and Crusaders minded it. They succeeded in igniting its sedition in Iraq to aid the Zionists via the Neo-Evangelicals in America and Britain. Which also had a reciprocation by the Saudis and other Arab countries, till it bore fruits for Iraq’s disaster, and its seeds sown for destruction of Palestine, Syria and Iran, then Libya, then the fight between the kinfolk of Arabia, the Far East in India, Pakistan, Philippines and Cambodia; then in Africa, and now targetting Sudan and Egypt.
This country is to keep its distance from such heretic tug of war between Sunna and Shia, a heresy inundated by the Arabs via incorporating legislatures attributed to sources on the Prophet’s directions, which are based on hearsay, not consistent with Evident directions ordained in the Koran, where only solid evidence conversant with God’s Ordinances should be considered. Such tug of war does not fit in with our choice of the civil rights resolution, which places us in par with our rights to administer our own human relationships in justice, consistency and equality.

This essay is written in Arabic as
انتخابات مبكرة لا خلاف حول ذلك