Why some Arab Countries against the democratic transformation in Sudan؟ By:Musa Bushra MAHMOUD ALI

Why some Arab Countries against the democratic transformation in Sudan؟ By:Musa Bushra MAHMOUD ALI

05-20-2019, 12:59 PM

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Title: Why some Arab Countries against the democratic transformation in Sudan؟ By:Musa Bushra MAHMOUD ALI
Author: Musa Bushra MAHMOUD ALI
Date: 05-20-2019, 12:59 PM

01:59 PM May, 20 2019

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The Sudanese peaceful protest revolution of Nile Spring which was resumed and activated by civilian mechanisms on 19/12/2018 and assisted by Armed revolution organizations whom came to the existence in 2003-Darfur region of west Sudan when the War erupted between the government of Sudan and Sudanese Armed revolution.

The revolutions also recognized and pushed by some of opposition parties, human rights associations, youth,women groups (Kandakas) and civil society organizations.

Due taxation of freedom was paid by all those whom refused the governmental polices of injustice, marginalization, barbaric atrocities against the civilian of the states undertaken by irresponsible government elements to be led by Omer Albashir, former president of Sudan for unknown destiny.

People organized themselves, assembled in groups and participated in peaceful protest under umbrella of Sudanese Professional Association-SPA demanding for better economical and welfare methods reforms policies to enable them a live as financial situation being deteriorated, Sudanese Banks refused to release the withdrawal of their clients as instructed by the central Bank of Sudan, a kind of mistrust created among the nation and the government.

Government used several of scenarios as quick recovery programs but was failed due to lack of professionalism for leading the states Institutions as the intelligence philosophy adopted by the government to be used as fixed solution for the problems.

When the protesters discovered that no any notable progress being witnessed against their demands then changed their demands strategy and asked for the removal of President Al Bashir.

Government responded brutally against the protesters whom insisted to topple the dictator governor who has been in power for three decades without any improvement being given consideration in terms of basic access for human rights such as access for health facilities,Water,Electricity,educational facilities, the rights for participation in political associations, lack of basic infrastructures for the entire country apart from some of central blocks in the capital inside Khartoum, increasing of corruption and increasing of unemployment rates etc.

As a result of the revolution more than 97 person were killed, thousands injured, tortured, detained and hundreds reported as lost up to-date.

Protesters continued a head carrying out their scheduled protesting from station to another till 06 of April reached the General command of the Sudanese Armed Forces-SAF and handed-over an official Letter to the senior Military Officer requesting Albashir to step down from the power immediately for better civil government rule.

Five days later on 11/04/19 Albashir was stopped by some of Senior SAF officers headed by his vice-president general Awad Ibn Aouf .Albashir put under house arrest, then Awad declared military coup by naming his self as President and stated that Albashir was removed from power,he is no longer president to Sudan anymore and he is in safe haven under the custody of Military.

General Bin Aouf served as president of Sudan for a 30 hour and was removed at once due to declaring an emergency state and curfew for 06 Month.

He was replaced by general Abdulfatah Burhan and Mohamed Hamdan Daglo Himity the leader of Quick support Forces as known by Janjaweed militia in Darfur.

Both of the two leaders are accused as killers and genocides for the margin people in Darfur region,South Kordofan and Blue Nile State.

With some of reservations the people whom are in square of the general command of SAF welcomed the two undesirable persons in the marginalized zones to lead the transitional government council as known by TMC.

Regardless of the reservations some of the States embassies in Khartoum did some of diplomatic tours to the TMC, explained furtherly and urged them to hand-over the power for civilian government otherwise they will not be recognized, and support will not be provided too.

African Union Commission also did the same and dispatched the commissioner Mr.Musa Alfaki who has landed in Khartoum, held several of meetings with TMC leaders, the negotiations Leaders of power of Freedom and change declaration in Khartoum as well as some of opposition leaders to do so.

While refusal of accepting the transitional military council was on process and contrary we have observed and witnessed Emirates, Egypt and Saudi Arabia were out of that list in other corner,pro-supporters of TMC, not pleased for civil government rule which meant hidden agenda found out under the table of these three countries for the following reasons as per analytical:-

A-Sudan is rich by resources,it,s land still virginal and the only missing gap is to find Professional, technical and capable person to lead the country for better outlet for the upcoming years, this point may assist to discover all of the corruption deals being made by the previous government, renormalizing the relations between US and Sudan and negotiating for lifting Sudan from black list of States sponsoring the terrorism as marked by US, bear in mind putting an end to the prolonged economical sanctions imposed by US government 1997 which will help for exporting of Sudanese products to the International Markets and more imports will come to Sudan and will be flourished, therefore forming of civil government is not in their interest.

For Egypt:-

1-If the said forward action being taken Egypt will not be in position to exploit the Sudanese products to place trade mark on Sudanese exports and claim it as Egyptian products for exporting purposes as the Egyptian products totally rejected by EU States as well as other countries worldwide.

2-Politically President Abdulfatah Alsisi of Egypt is afraid of being removed by popular uprising like his partner Albashir if civil government rules Sudan besides that the chronic issue of Halyib Triangle and Shalatin terrority is not accepted by the Sudanese people to be dominated by Egyptians as the Land belongs to Sudan according to the boarders demarcations committee and proved by historical records as well

- Recently rich Oil fields were explored by Geologists meaning that some of dirty games and fake deals played against the afore-mentioned Triangle of Halyib between President Alsisi and Albashir to be claimed as an Egyptian Land!

For Saudia Arabia and Emirate-UAE:-

Both States are not supporting for political transformation in Sudan due to their afraid of withdrawal of Sudanese Forces whom are currently in the front lines fighting in Yamen for the so-called the tripartite alliance of Saudia,Egypt and Emirates

-Moreover the chairman of TMC and his deputy are they ones whom dispatched these forces for Yemen are fully responsible for (they own the shares Lion from this deal)! if they return will not be in their interest.

Based on that the Emirates and Saudia Arabi sent delegation to Khartoum since the early days of removing Albashir from Power chaired by Taha Osman Alhussien Sudanese by origin,holding Saudia Arabia Passport,the former secretary for President Albashir Offices and currently works as an Advisor to the Royal Palace in Saudia Arabia to stress on rendering an utmost support to TMC which was reflected in financing the council by 03 Miliars of USD.

Egypt also took some of steps by utilizing the influence of Alsisi who the Chairperson of AU for this term by is requesting an extension for TMC to stay long in addition to that Egypt sent Medical consignment to TMC as tactical way to shows support of Egypt to Sudanese nation incapsulated by hidden agenda to TMC.

- Afraid of low income for Saudia Arabia and Emirates investment projects in Sudan is one of the key factors for supporting TMC.

For theses reasons and other the forming of Sudanese civil government is not welcomed by some of Arab Countries.