The Sudanese Uprising and Shiny Objects by Al-Hadi Margan

The Sudanese Uprising and Shiny Objects by Al-Hadi Margan

03-10-2019, 06:36 PM


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Title: The Sudanese Uprising and Shiny Objects by Al-Hadi Margan
Author: Al-Hadi M. Margan
Date: 03-10-2019, 06:36 PM

06:36 PM March, 10 2019

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It is has been more than 70 days since the start of the uprising in Sudan and the revolution is continuing in full force to achieve its main objective: taking down the oppressive Sudanese regime (“Just fall, that’s all”). However, the Sudanese government is using shiny objects in an attempt to distract the Sudanese people from the revolution; these include the initiation of rumors, the creation of chaos in certain areas, as well as the use of “divide and conquer” tactics to suppress the masses. A portion of the rumors that they have created are developing news about the death of prominent opposition leaders, and other rumors tell of meetings with some opposition leaders. The Sudanese government has also enforced emergency regulations in order to oppress the women of Sudan, and have imposed harsh treatment towards them; the government has also put them in jail for minor offenses. These tactics have been used on several occasions with the clear purpose of dividing the opposition leaders and distracting the people of Sudan from their mission. Despite the many attempts of the Sudanese government, the objective of the revolution is clearer than ever.
The Sudanese Professional Association (​SPA​) has created a map with the objective of organizing the Sudanese people, encouraging them to believe in themselves, and instilling the idea that they have the ability to form a new and better nation. ​SPA ​believes that the first step in building a new, prosperous nation is establishing the habit of cleaning and taking care of our cities, and has surrounded many of its efforts around this specific idea. The revolution automatically started the system of Environmental Health and Safety (​EHS​) that has allowed us to initiate the foundation for a basic infrastructure, which Sudan is currently in dire need of. To effectively further its efforts, ​SPA​ must creatively work with others on future projects and educate them in regards to the issues that plague the people of Sudan, as well as the means by which they can help alleviate said issues.
This revolution has not only taught us new ways of creating a better life for the many generations to come through the use of science and technology, but also that the power of the youth has the ability to accomplish progress in Sudan. Because of the efforts of groups such as the Sudanese Professional Association and the system of Environmental Health and Safety, the revolution has kept its momentum and has become a well-structured movement. We owe our thanks and gratitude to these groups, especially after the work they have done to ensure that the future of Sudan is bright.