Sudanese Uprising by Hadi Margan

Sudanese Uprising by Hadi Margan

02-18-2019, 06:40 AM


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Title: Sudanese Uprising by Hadi Margan
Author: Al-Hadi M. Margan
Date: 02-18-2019, 06:40 AM

05:40 AM February, 17 2019

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We have been watching the people of Sudan revolt against the oppressive regime, lead by Omar al-Bashir, since December 18th, 2018. And yet, this is not the first time that we have seen anything like this; similar events have definitely occurred in the past. One instance, for example, is the French Revolution, a well-known uprising that began in 1789. This specific revolt was partly a direct result of unreasonable spending at the hands of King Louis XVI, the monarch of France at the time. Because of King Louis’ unreasonable spending habits, the country of France faced bankruptcy, which lead to the imposition of heavy taxes. The citizens of France, fueled by their anger and frustration towards the oppressive French regime, organized themselves, and eventually overthrew King Louis XVI and condemned his supporters.
The French Revolution, while historically prominent, is not the only instance in our world’s history where citizens decided to revolt against their oppressive governments; the fight against apartheid in South Africa is another example of this phenomenon. The country of South Africa has had a gruesome history in terms of its race relations; time and time again, the black citizens of South Africa were forced to adhere to the racist policies regarding segregation imposed by their white leaders. Under these circumstances, many of the citizens of South Africa felt it was time for a change that would ensure that equality and freedom were bestowed upon every citizen of South Africa. Because of the efforts put forward by the citizens of South Africa, equality for all eventually became possible.
It is unfortunate that history has repeated itself yet again, especially since it is happening in our great nation of Sudan. Our people are struggling because of the ridiculous policies that have been imposed by the regime under Omar al-Bashir, which has been in power for far too long. We see now that our people are stronger than ever, and can no longer bear the burden of this regime; they are out in the streets, every day, protesting for a better life for themselves, as well as the next generations to come, despite the obvious consequences. We hope that their efforts
will soon pay off and lead to the end of the suffering, poverty, and injustice that has been imposed by the Bashir administration for all of this time. Our people deserve a better future than the one that seems to face them now, and it is time they take it.