JUST FALL, THAT IS ALL by Ismail Abdallah

JUST FALL, THAT IS ALL by Ismail Abdallah

02-06-2019, 05:30 PM

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Title: JUST FALL, THAT IS ALL by Ismail Abdallah
Author: اسماعيل عبد الله
Date: 02-06-2019, 05:30 PM

04:30 PM February, 06 2019

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The inspiration of Sudanese people’s popular uprising, has created an iconic revolutionary slogan, (TASGUT BAS), an expression that means (JUST FALL, THAT IS ALL) in our local Sudanese Arabic language , these simple and meaningful words has inspired the whole people of the country , and motivated them to insist and hold tight on their major demand , which is targeting the head of state and urging him to step down.
This wise expression has accumulated the heritage’s values , of Sudanese national resistance against previous military dominated regimes , and brought all the legacy of Sudanese freedom fighters , to the abbreviation of these two simple words “TASGUT BAS”, closing the doors in front of the useless compromisers and stopping them from implementing blackballing polices , which they used to practice in late years , also , this fascinating slogan has dragged down some pushy politicians and hypocrites , and let them witness a very embarrassing situation , and forced them to payback the price and cost of their blackballing behavior , as they were delaying in taking the right decision on the right time to join the protesters , and to be among the huge crowds of demonstrators who kept on shouting out loudly “TASGUT BAS” , especially the politicians who shared the power with the current regime of the dictator Omer Al-Bashir , indeed , only few of them had hardly resigned from the governmental posts , and hesitatingly released shy statements to the people through social media , declaring that they should no longer considered as a part of the league of a president who is still under prosecution and wanted by ICC .
The historical moment for a nation to free it’s self from the grabbing hands of a dictator, always takes place when the desire for change comes out of the thoughts of all individuals, and invades the hearts at this same historical turning point , just typical and similar to the echo of the remarkable event , which appeared in the scene in the month of December last year , when the intension of all people collectively united and broke out on one of the days of that distinguished month , then , the outstanding slogan of “TASGUT BAS” has come out of the determined will of people , that event had refreshed the national spirit in the hearts and minds of young and old citizens , and made them hope for a new stage in the history of their motherland , and the exclaiming voices of “ JUST FALL THAT IS ALL” has even reached the ears of children and young girls and boys , while they were enjoying the innocence of childish life , playing and chasing each other in open yards , around playgrounds and inside public parks saying (TASGUT BAS). It was an incomparable social movement, which revealed a noticeable indication of a comprehensive national awareness which seized the souls of all generations.
The impact of Sudanese popular uprising has influenced the common sense of some activists, from other countries across the world, as a reaction to this phenomenon which has been observed obviously in the complying solidarity of those nationals, when everyone got astonished while monitoring this popular uprising, then, afterwards they followed the rally of this significant Sudanese revolution. These civil and political activists who were mainly coming from morocco , U.S.A. and Europe , they have demonstrated and expressed their humanitarian support to Sudan’s people , and stood side by side with their Sudanese fellow protesters , carrying the same flags , acclaiming and yelling repeatedly “TASGUT BAS” , in a direct warning message sent to the dictator Omer Al-Bashir , admonishing him to pay attention to the screaming voice of his own people , and advising him to give a way to the young and new generation , in order to take care of the state sovereignty and lead the country out of this horrible mess.

Ismail Abdallah
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