The Approval of the Election Law Amendment for the Year 2018 by the National Congress Party Assembl

The Approval of the Election Law Amendment for the Year 2018 by the National Congress Party Assembl

11-24-2018, 02:47 PM


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Title: The Approval of the Election Law Amendment for the Year 2018 by the National Congress Party Assembl
Author: Mahmoud A. Suleiman
Date: 11-24-2018, 02:47 PM

02:47 PM November, 24 2018

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The Approval of the Election Law Amendment for the Year 2018 by the National Congress Party Assembly in Sudan is a clear violation of the Constitution

This article comes against the backdrop of the illegal and shameful decision taken by the Muslim Brotherhood Movement's parliament in Khartoum to amend the constitution to allow Omar al-Bashir to run in the so-called 2020 elections despite expiration of his legal legitimacy to run for the alleged elections. The National Shura Council of the National Congress Party (NCP) regime has met in Khartoum and approved Al Bashir as its presidential candidate, in spite of a restriction to two terms by Sudan’s Constitution. Al Bashir’s nomination for a third term followed amendments made by the NCP to its own constitution first, and then by the current more serious step of amendments made to the 2005 Transitional Constitution of Sudan.
The people of the Sudan are in a state of deep anger, wondering as to what achievements Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir has made during his arbitrary rule, which lasted for nearly thirty lean years for the Sudan other than wars of attrition, disease, poverty, hunger, corruption, looting of people's wealth and worse of all forcing the people of the country in the Southern part of Sudan to secede. Bashir, unashamedly wants to continue in power for another period of torment and destruction of the citizens of the country. Omer al-Bashir is considered the most failed head of state in the twenty-first century in the world and does not deserve to go for re-election to restore the torment for the people of Sudan who originally suffered woes of oppression by the scourge of the ruling regime of the Muslim Brotherhood's Masonic Global Movement in Khartoum.
The incident of an amendment of the constitution of the country to make room for an incumbent President, who has already ruled for two consecutive presidential terms and wants to rule further, although the constitution does not allow, cannot pass without addressing it with a view to expose and deter the perpetrator by all the possible means. This is a duty and an obligation for every citizen who is caring for his/her legitimate rights and the rights of his/her Motherland.
The ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) has tried hard to reproduce itself and stirred up and afresh the ongoing chronic Sudanese crises to legitimize the policy of empowerment by passing the law of the 2020 elections through the parliament owned by Omar al-Bashir, his followers and entourage illegally. Furthermore, the current election law reinforces its totalitarianism and has done away with the defunct so-called Wathba dialogue which earlier aborted sustainable peace in Sudan. The (NCP) regime electoral law came with no surprise for the Sudanese people who are sick and tired of the decisions imposed on the people of Sudan issued through its shredded media outlets trumpet. The NCP regime president's showcasing will result into more struggles of the people of Sudan for the sake of the liberation of the country from the clutches of oppression and tyranny that lasted for three centuries, which was characterized by corruption, failure, and the perpetration of the most heinous crimes committed against the Sudanese civilian citizens. The approval of the sham electoral law by the regime is nothing but lack of transparency, integrity and the inevitability an abject fraud. The parliament passed its election law for 2018 by a majority of 430 members in the midst of a wave of applause. The opposition forces boycotted the session, protesting the passage of the law without any consensus according to the recommendations of the national dialogue. The President of the Republic has the right to appoint the president and members of the Electoral Commission after consultation and consensus with the political forces to be approved by the National Assembly. The law called on the Civil Registry Department to complete the registration of citizens who did not register or complete the national number well before the elections. These are all words on paper and have no presence on the reality in which marginalized people of Sudan live. It is nothing but a fait accompli. Can the perfume seller change the smell of what has been damaged by age-related effects؟
Despicable Statement of Omer al-Bashir Omar al-Bashir said in his latest statement that the safest decision taken since he came to the rule of Sudan is the establishment of the rapid support forces led by Mohammed Hamdan Dugulu famous Hamiditi! It is ironic that this bizarre characterizes us with this despicable statement.
It is not expected that the Sudanese citizen to feel reassured of the integrity of the elections held by Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir, who was recently quoted as saying his latest statement that the safest and the best decision he has taken since he came to power is the establishment of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) led by Mohammed Hamdan Dugulu, more famous as Hamiditi! It is ironic that this bizarre character still remains ruling the Sudanese Nation despite his despicable statements, three decades on.
Therefore, the Sudanese Opposition components, both civil and armed reiterated their refusing positions regarding the election law amendment, which was passed today by the well-known mechanical majority of unelected deputies of the National Congress Party (NCP) and its associates, does not represent us, does not reflect the will of our people, and we are not party to any elections under it. It is noteworthy to refer to the fact that the Ninth General Congress of the Sudanese Islamic Movement (SIM) has supported the nomination of President Omer al-Bashir for the Presidency of the Republic for another Term in Office as a Presidential Candidate in the Elections of “Twenty-Twenty”, calling for the adoption of legal and constitutional procedures to amend the 2005 Transitional Constitution, which provides for the presidency of Two Sessions Only; Bearing in mind that the 2005 Constitution is based on the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) aka, Naivasha Agreement which was an accord signed on Sunday January 9, 2005, by the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the Government of Sudan (GoS).
Omer Bashir’s amendment of the National Constitution to legitimise his illegitimate existence on the helm of the country is nothing but one of the boring neverending series of the ruling regime in the Sudan to strip the citizens’ acumen to rob their legitimate rights. The amendments to the Constitution have been met with criticism from both within the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) and the opposition. Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir, who has occupied the Presidency since the 30th of June 1989, is a fugitive from the international Justice and indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague in the Netherlands and wants to remain in power for life to avoid being apprehended and handed over to the Court for trial like those who have been indicted on any counts of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The rigging of elections and the amendment of laws in favor of the heads of the totalitarian regimes is something that is reprehensible but the rigging of elections and the amendment of laws in favour of the heads of the totalitarian regimes is something that is reprehensible but it is widespread particularly under military dictatorships akin to Sudan under Omer al-Bashir.
Leon Acton "Lynn" Westmoreland who is an American politician and the U.S. Representative for Georgia's 3rd congressional district from 2007 to 2017 and the 8th district from 2005 to 2007and a member of the Republican Party has been quoted as saying: “The greatest threat to the constitutional right to vote is voter fraud.”

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