Behind The Scene of the Gulf; Mohammed bin Zayed and His Intelligence Team by Tariq al-Shammari

Behind The Scene of the Gulf; Mohammed bin Zayed and His Intelligence Team by Tariq al-Shammari

09-25-2017, 07:56 PM


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Title: Behind The Scene of the Gulf; Mohammed bin Zayed and His Intelligence Team by Tariq al-Shammari
Author: Tariq al-Shammari
Date: 09-25-2017, 07:56 PM

06:56 PM September, 25 2017

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Recently, published an article revealing behind the scene of the Gulf. The article shed light on the intelligence and security team of the crown prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed.

The article introduced Mohammed bin Zayed as the key player in the recent developments in the Gulf region and listed the three main advisers of his team.

Sheikh Tahnoun, advisor to the National Security of the United Arab Emirates, is the key person in Mohammed bin Zayed’s think tank who has extensive contacts with influential figures in Arab countries and attempts to develop the UAE’s lobby in Arab countries by carrying out economic projects. Mohammed Dahlan is one of the influential figures of Sheikh Tahnoun.

Ali al-Shamsi, deputy Secretary-General of the SNSC, is responsible for building a widespread security infrastructure throughout the Arab world. The United Arab Emirates today has extensive relations with telecommunications infrastructure companies as well as the intelligence services of the CIA and Mossad. Faisal Al Bannai is one of the mainstays of Ali al-Shamsi whose long term objective to be able to hack into any mobile device throughout neighbor Arab countries remotely and trace any mobile device installed by Emirati intelligence services.

Turki al-Dakhil, the General Manager of Al Arabiya Television News Network in Dubai, is one of the main media figures linked to Mohammed bin Salman, and is also closely connected to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Muhammad bin Zayed. The friendship between Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed is indebted to al-Dakhil. Many analysts believe that al-Dakhil and Mohammed bin Zayed do the math in the UAE, and the results of their calculations are being implemented through the lobby of al-Dakhil in Riyadh by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia.

The article concludes that the Gulf strategists in America and Europe believe that Mohammed bin Zayed is the key man behind the scenes of the Arab region's developments. “The appointment of Mohammad bin Salman as Saudi Crown Prince” and "Elimination of Mohammed bin Nayef" have certainly took place with the powerful security influence of Mohammed bin Zayed. The Qatar crisis and the subsequent coup failed by Turkey and Iran's intervention in support of Qatar was one of the most complex security plans of Mohammed bin Zayed. A noteworthy issue to be also mentioned is that the coup or a widespread security measure for the day of the death of Sultan Qaboos in Oman is one the silent plans of Mohammed bin Zayed.