Camel Domestication History Challenges Hebrew Bible Narrative by Tarig Anter

Camel Domestication History Challenges Hebrew Bible Narrative by Tarig Anter

08-09-2017, 03:51 PM


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Title: Camel Domestication History Challenges Hebrew Bible Narrative by Tarig Anter
Author: Tarig Anter
Date: 08-09-2017, 03:51 PM

03:51 PM August, 09 2017

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Domesticated Camels Came to Israel in 930 B.C. Centuries Later Than Bible Says

[The dromedary, or one-humped camel is mentioned in the Bible 47 times. Stories about the Jewish patriarchs—Abraham, Joseph, and Jacob—include descriptions of camels as domesticated animals. For example, Genesis 24:11 says, "And he made his camels to kneel down without the city by a well of water at the time of the evening, even the time that women go out to draw water."]

[Newly published research by two archaeologists at Tel Aviv University in Israel shows that camels weren't domesticated in the eastern Mediterranean until the 10th century B.C.—several centuries after the time they appear in the Bible.

While there are conflicting theories about when the Bible was composed, the recent research suggests it was written much later than the events it describes. This supports earlier studies that have challenged the Bible's veracity as a historic document.

The biblical angle wasn't the focus of the recent research, though, just an after-the-fact observation. The study, published late last year in Tel Aviv: Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University, concerned the introduction of domesticated camels at copper smelting sites in Israel's Aravah Valley.]

Source: Richard Dawkins Foundation

[The dromedary was probably first domesti­cated in southern Arabia around 3000 B.C.
Of the estimated 17 million camels of the world, 15 million are one-humped, and the vast majority of these (12 million) are found in Africa, especially in the five neighboring East African countries of Somalia (5.4 million), Sudan (2.9 million), Djibouti (0.4 million), Ethiopia (0.9 million) and Kenya (0.5 million). The rest are mainly found in Asia.]


Camel Domestication History Challenges Biblical Narrative, Bible and archaeology news, By: Noah Wiener date: 02/07/2014

[“And for her [Sarai] sake he [Pharaoh] dealt well with Abram; and he had sheep, oxen, male donkeys, male and female slaves, female donkeys, and camels.”
— Genesis 12:16
Camels play a major role in the Biblical narrative of the patriarchs; the animals are mentioned over 20 times in Genesis alone. However, a recent publication by Tel Aviv University (TAU) archaeologists Erez Ben-Yosef and Lidar Sapir-Hen suggests that camels were not domesticated in Israel until the end of the 10th century B.C.E. This would place Israel’s first domesticated dromedaries during the period of the United Monarchy, centuries after the Genesis narratives. An American Friends of Tel Aviv University news release suggests that “this anachronism is direct proof that the text was compiled well after the events it describes.”]
For the full article go to The Biblical Archaeology Society

Most probably the dromedary, or one-humped camel, was first domesticated in East Africa which had the largest population and oldest population; and from there it went to Arabia while trading with Yemen.

This issue provides one more evidence about the lack of historicity of the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament. When tales fail to provide a single scientific evidence for more than 3400 years this is the strongest proof that they are fiction made out of thin air.

There are a lot of logic and common sense in new hypotheses to replace the falsehood of the present narrative working against corrupt and ignorant churches, politics, and academia and surly truth will prevail.
Abraham went to Egypt and he didn't notice the Pyramids!; large population of nomadic herders surviving in a desert like Egypt!; wandering in Sinai 40 years!; no records in Egypt who recorded even the number of cats!; staying for 430 years without leaving a single grave!, or borrowing both ways between languages!; failing to identify a single Egyptian king they lived under his rule during 4 centuries! and much more.


The Old Testament must not rely on the Hebrew Bible because it is clearly unreliable and written with political intentions and goals. The Hebrew Bible is definitely not a book of faith, truth, history, or holy.
The Refuge of Israelite 1876 -1476 BC is most probably was in Abyssinia (ancient Ethiopia) and not Kemt (ancient Egypt). And, the Exodus was across Bab-el-Mendab "the Gate of Grief/Sorrows" and not across Sinai.

This will make the ancient Israelite pure Yemeni Arab tribe. It will also challenge the story that Abraham was born in Ur, Mesopotamia (ancient Iraq). This will also cast doubt about the claims which state that the Arabs and Israelite are Semitic, while the Canaanite were Hamitic. But the most important doubt is on the Biblical legitimacy of the modern State of Israel.

Surly The Abyssinian Refuge hypothesis is much more logical and closer to the truth than the The conventional Egypt hypothesis, and The Arabia only hypothesis.

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Best regards
Tarig M. M. K. Anter, Mr.

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