The US-sanctions, ultimatum draws closer, but Sudan’s regime doesn’t care a jot؟

The US-sanctions, ultimatum draws closer, but Sudan’s regime doesn’t care a jot؟

07-04-2017, 04:28 PM


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Title: The US-sanctions, ultimatum draws closer, but Sudan’s regime doesn’t care a jot؟
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 07-04-2017, 04:28 PM
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04:28 PM July, 04 2017

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It was apparent from day dot, that the US-sanctions imposed on the Sudanese tyranny will produce no effect on the arbitrary regime, which has no obligations, whatsoever, towards its people, while it preserves the country’s public money to ensure the prosperity and well-being of the ruling junta and its allies and affiliates and spends lavishly on their security. That, perhaps, is why prominent figures loyal to the regime and unconcerned by the sanctions kept saying, righteously, that the sanctions would only harm the people of Sudan not the regime. In other words, lifting and/or maintaining the US-sanctions is not the regime’s agenda or priority. But, in fact, the unscrupulous regime is maliciously depicting the sanctions as a bone of contention with the USA and uses it to incriminate the united states, by portraying it as being the initial cause of the suffering of the Sudanese people by imposing the sanctions..And, thus, squarely blame it for all the crises that have been happening since this tyranny seized power 28 years ago؟ Today, the arbitrary regime is betting on the lifting of the sanctions to catch on to any benefits it may bring along with it ,as it is now running short of revenues .the situation of the oppressed people ,totally abandoned by their government, is hellish beyond imagination. Education is a luxury only few out side the ruling -class can afford. The health system is near breaking point, if it hasn’t collapsed already (cholera is spreading at alarming rates all over the country, and the only governmental response is by either ,giving it the name of watery –diarrhea or under-reporting the fatal epidemic altogether؟) the regime is visibly fatigued of the unwinnable civil war and lawlessness in its remote regions . People grew weary of gestures and inapplicable shallow promises, which robed the regime of any degree of creditability. But the regime’s biggest worry of all is that internal unrest coupling with external factors to shape into sudden outbreak of demonstrations. In fact , the US-sanctions is a god-sent gift to the isolated regime of Sudan, because ..Lifting the sanctions will benefit the regime and its supporters, because they control and run the country’s economy..Likewise, it will not bear the consequences and suffering of the hard up masses, if the sanctions are maintained, but would capitalize on that to blame the United States for all the problems of Sudan, although it inflicted them on the poor and helpless masses؟ It is a pretty thorny issue dealing with such a wobbling, unreliable and arbitrary regime ,but the USA has thrown its weight in Sudan following a multi-pronged strategy aimed at achieving a gradual dismantling of the regime and focusing on engaging with the young generations ,not the now ruling out law and anti-people tyranny or the corrupt and impotent post-independence political parties . Iam delighted ,on the personal level , that America will now concentrate on the root-causes of the problems in our country ,which is along-awaited and a much-needed first-step in the right direction ,or at least ,to be precise, this is the first impression I got ,when I was privileged to listen to a few high-ranking Yankees and cowboys recently.
Adaroub sedna onour.